NC-11 Republican Train Wreck Continues

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAshvegas caught the final post at the Henderson County GOP website.  Dennis Justice, who says he's run the site for seven years, has had it with disgraced former Congressman Charles Taylor's coy antics, and he's quitting.

"Effective immediately, I am resigning as webmaster of the Henderson County Republican Website."

NC-11 Republicans, so long held together by Charles Taylor's lumpy glue, have spun apart in recent months. With the prospect of facing a popular one-term incumbent, the Republicans have fractured into Stompers, Takeoverers, Taylor acolytes, and anti-Taylor rank-and-file. There's so much sniping going on in public and private that it can be hard to keep up. Thankfully, Mr. Justice gives us an insider's look into their self-inflicted suffering:

I will, under zero circumstances, vote for Charles Taylor if he is the Republican nominee for Congress in 2008. His insulting non-answer to the party when expressly asked whether he would run or not against Congressman Heath Shuler is not acceptable. Congressman Shuler had entered the race in July 2005, and certainly we should know by now if Taylor would run. Several possible candidates with gravitas are considering running and are held hostage out of respect that is honestly not deserved, much like Brett Favre holds the Green Bay Packers hostage the last four years hinting he might retire, but never actually committing.

Privette to Daves: Screw You.....but I'm willing to pay

Heh heh....Robin Hayes' boy, Coy, has flipped his finger at Linda Daves and most of the other Republicans in the area according to the CharO. You'll recall yesterday I mentioned that Daves had sent Privette a letter asking him to resign his elected position.

Coy has declined.

The NCGOP released Daves' letter. In it she said:

Is Les Merritt Playing Politics With His Position?


August 31, 2007

Contact: Kerra Bolton, (919) 821-2777, ext. 216

Republican State Auditor Les Merritt Shows No Shame in His Partisan Game

RALEIGH -- Republican State Auditor Les Merritt once again shows his partisan stripes in ousting a political challenger and then lying to cover it up.

Beth Wood, a 10-year veteran, gave last week her 30-day notice to finish pending projects and train her replacement.

But after a newspaper article appeared earlier this week about Wood’s intentions to run against her former boss, one of Mr. Merritt’s top aides told Wood not to return to work.

Wood, a Democrat, was also locked out of the building and denied access to her personal belongings.

Daves Urges Privette to Resign, Robin Hayes Silent on Issue

I wish Republicans would just stop having sex......outside their marriages. I'm tired of having to hear about it. Every time I turn around there's another "I'm not gay" male Republican having sex with men, a closeted gay Republican having sex with very young men, a heterosexual Republican hiring a prostitute or Joe Boylan feeling up the youngest Democratic legislator in Raleigh in an attempt to demean and belittle her.

Florida murder/suicide's NC ties

Robert Jason or Jason Robert Drake, former Marine or former Army Guard, is coming back to NC this weekend to be buried in Rutherford County. Police allege he shot two friends and then himself last week in Orlando, Florida.

One of the victims, Ralph Gonzalez has been associated with Republican dirty tricks for years, helping Ralph Reed defeat Georgia Senator Max Cleland, and smearing Democrat Clint Curtis to send ethically-challenged former Florida State House Speaker Tom Feeney to Congress.

And the North Carolina Conservative reports that they're both have professional ties to our own Patrick McHenry


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