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Let's agree that Tuesday is the expiration date for all of this. Its time we paid more attention to the boring parts. We can love each of them, we can rank them in order of who would be best to share a beer with. But if the last eight years is any indication, that kind of thing shouldn't be the only criteria we use.

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Virginia Foxx: Hypocrite of the highest order

Via email from the Wicked Witch of the West, under the title: Bi-partisan legislation is the best hope for 2008

While there were nearly 1200 votes in 2007, very little was accomplished and what was accomplished came in the flurry of activity at the end of the session. Partisan posturing sucked the oxygen out of the legislative air and plenty of good compromise legislation languished in 2007. I am returning to the 2008 session with much hope that this year we can focus on the needs of the people of the 5th District and America and work in a bi-partisan fashion.

Representative Foxx, I hereby and officially call bullshit on your press release and your long-standing record of divisive partisan voting. Just in case you can't read, from what I can tell, you voted in a bi-partisan fashion exactly 8 times in 2007 (two were motions to adjourn) and not once in 2005 when the Party of Greed was in control.

How I got my @johnedwards.com account.

I'm enjoying life.

NOTE: I started this diary back in December. As you will read below, I was volunteering full-time with the Edwards campaign. However, unless you've worked with a Presidential campaign, you really don't know what "full-time" means. It means that there really isn't an extra hour or two laying around to write a blog post if that isn't your job. It means two or three hours of sleep a night. It means...the best time of my life!!!!

Many of you might have seen my pro-JRE diaries at Daily Kos. "The year we stole a Christmas Tree" was popular recently. Maybe some of my John Edwards Mashup diaries from earlier in the year. Or, maybe some of you might know me from the things I focused on before the 2008 election, like MRDD, the original Scientist Registry at Daily Kos, or health care. In fact, after 2004 I really thought my entire focus would be on North Carolina issues and North Carolina races. Not the Senate or Congress, I was diving into the weeds of the legislative races. I even wrote a series of diaries about it at BlueNC. But, along the way something happened.

US Senate candidate Jim Neal drops by for an interview - and baked ziti

It's not every day that you land an interview with a candidate for the U.S. Senate, and the chance to have one come to your home to do it is probably even more unlikely, but that's what happened yesterday. Jim Neal, who's ready to unseat Senator Elizabeth Dole, came by. As most of you know (unless you've been under a rock), Jim is the first openly gay candidate to run for the U.S. Senate. I naturally have a particular interest in this race, since my blog covers national LGBT issues, but the fact that I'm based in the Tar Heel state and a NC native, it's all doubly important to cover this campaign and its significance.

Jim was on a packed Saturday schedule. In the morning he attended a political candidate grilling by the N.C. Association of Educators, and after leaving our place, he hopped on a plane to Miami for a fundraiser, so I'm glad he was willing to take a few hours out of the day to do this.

If we build it, will they come? UPDATED

UPDATE: After posting this yesterday, both campaigns have responded with an enthusiastic "yes" . . . which is very exciting! Now we have to work out the details.

Please use this thread to share your ideas about how to make the most of our opportunity to host Richard Moore and Beverly Perdue here at BlueNC. Robert's comment below has some interesting thinking. Please weigh in right away. We want to lock this down in the next couple of days.


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Lynching is not funny

Let's see, he says that maybe not so many people will turn out to review a government action next time if there's a lynching and only some people want him to resign? And there's a council member that didn't think he meant any harm by making a lynching joke. Then there's the 'Oh gosh this might upset the antique trade' comment.
Clueless, racist or both?

Some residents are calling for the mayor of Selma to resign after he made a comment about a lynching at a town meeting – a comment the mayor says was only an unthinking joke.


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