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NOTE: Answers are paraphrased, not verbatim.

8:56: Wrapping up.

8:53: I would not cut funding for combat troops in Iraq – once they are there they need funding. Going to war should have never been done the way it was - we've underplanned it, underfunded it, and underexecuted it.

8:47: Question: What are your priorities on the international front? Hagan: Nuclear weapons, North Korea, Iran. We’ve sort of forgotten about using our allies. We need to rebuild our standing in the world – but we also can’t be the 911 service for the world.

8:43: Question: Coal-fired power plants Hagan: We need to look at our energy portfolio. In North Carolina, we’re a growing state. You don’t want to wake up one morning and not have power. NC has some of the dirtiest coal-fire plants in the nation, we’re working to clean those up and we working towards doing that. You have the brains in this room to figure out how to make this work. We need to have a good environment so that you all want to live here, but we also need power.

8:41: Question: What policies do you think Dole will attack you on in the general, and how will you prepare for that? Hagan: I’m going to be looking at her record too!

8:40: Question: What do you feel about NCLB? Hagan: Problem is we haven't funded it. Also need to avoid teaching to the test.

8:39: Question: People seem to say that Jim Neal has a lot of progressive support. How are you going to balance running against that progressive support and a conservative Republican at the same time? Hagan: I read an article that said that, I think it interviewed about two people. I’m working to earn the support of all sorts of North Carolinians, and I am confidant I will be able to do that.

8:37: Questoin: Would you agree not to take lobbyist money? Hagan: I don't think that would be practical. I'm taking PAC money right now - will not be able to afford much airtime if I don't. I support public financing. We've improved recently, the My vote cannot be bought.

8:34: Question: How do you plan on beating Dole in November? Hagan: I have a good record. May not be able to match Dole in fundraising, but we have energy.

8:27: Question: What is your stance on immigration? Hagan: We need to secure our borders. We need have a work visa program. There is no way we are going to deport 12 million people, though - and remember that these are hard-working people. Don't approve of unfunded federal mandate to divert local police resources to pursue immigration cases - that's the federal government's job. Would want to look at the bills more closely before declaring support for any speciifc pre-existing bill.

8:26: Question: Do you support gay marriage? Hagan: I do not support legislation ammending the constituion to ban gay marriage. I do think people should not face discimination in the workplace, and I also support hate crimes legislation.

8:22: Talking about college education. Says Learn and Earn program passed recently in state legislature, allowing students to spend two years at community college and then transfer to public universities tuition-free (given certain conditions), is new but will be a very important program going forward. Wants to increase Pell Grants and introduce a refundable college tax credit.

8:11: Carrie Hagan, Kay Hagan's daughter (and student at UNC-Chapel Hill), introduces her mom. Talks about being asked about policy positions on the drive home, not knowing how her mom manages to do all that she does.

8:07: Playing the video clip from KayHagan.com; talking about the importance of registering to vote now to be eligible for the primary.

7:57PM: We're about to begin the discussion here at Chapel Hill with U.S. Senate Candidate Kay Hagan. Stay tuned....

Elizabeth Dole in Trouble

Elon has a new poll and you're going to love it. While most people are satisfied or highly satisfied with how Dole is doing her job and approve or highly approve of her as their senator, they don't plan on voting for her in November.

Yep. Liddy's in trouble.

When asked if they plan to vote for Dole, 24.8% flat out said, "NO!" and 37% said yes. Of the remaining respondents 14.2% said it was too early to tell and 22.5% said they were not sure.

Public Health: Outsourcing Mental Health

Today, the Raleigh News and Observer started a series on the sad state of Mental Health “reform” in North Carolina. The 2001 plan was to move care out of central State Hospitals into local communities and have private providers deliver much of the care. This reform was poorly planned, poorly executed, and most telling, went forward with too little oversight.

Sunday Morning: Elizabeth Dole and Zombie Reagan

Elizabeth Dole came to Asheville yesterday to meet with the who's who of western NC politics. I was unable to attend due to my lenten vow - Don't end up in the same room with Elizabeth Dole and Carl Mumpower.

Senator Dole, who claims she's a relevant candidate for Senate this November, presented her stances on taxes, national defense, immigrations, and economic stimulus. She did this by rhetorically fellating the gipper:

AC-T: “No question about it, I mean, he [Ronald Reagan] would want to make the tax cuts permanent, and they should be made permanent,” Dole said. “He would certainly want to continue efforts on deregulation ... and he’d also be urging us to look at the national defense. Why? Because we had a procurement holiday for a long time during the ’90s.”

Despite the skyrocketing deficit, shocking regulatory failures of the Bushies, and the largest defense budget in the history of the universe, Dole tells us that the Bush policies would have been a hit with Ronnie and Nancy.

How's your Sunday shaping up?


Recently Duke Energy received permission from the State of North Carolina to build a new coal fired power plant in Cliffside, North Carolina. Despite the facts that this new plant could be a major polluter of CO2, mercury, and evaporate 21 million gallons of water each day. You can find all the details here on NC Warn's website.

50 State Blog Roundup - 2/22/08

Rick Renzi's under indictment, Sue Myrick gets caught with her fingers in the cookie jar - possibly legally, Patrick McHenry has questions surrounding just about everything he does, John Shadegg can't make up his mind. How many more Republicans will get caught up in legal or ethical controversies prior to November?

One way to stay on top of this is to follow along with the state blogs. We're discussing our congress critters and their shenanigans long before it hits the national scene. Stop by. Check us out. You too can be the first to know.


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