Safe Slope Regulations Rejected in Western North Carolina

The landslide probability maps for Buncombe, Macon, and Watauga counties show stark landscapes: steep mountain terrain at certain risk of slope failures. Much of this land, if investigated for stability, would be classified as unsafe "no build" locations. Currently residential development on these hazardous mountain slopes is receiving no more oversight and regulation than a Florida flatland subdivision.

Facing South on the robo-calls: Smoking guns?

Thank goodness Facing South is doing the media's job by digging into the scam and dirt behind the outbreak of robo-calls in recent weeks. Here's the story, from Chris Kromm:

Facing South has confirmed the source of the calls, and the mastermind is Women's Voices Women Vote, a D.C.-based nonprofit which aims to boost voting among "unmarried women voters."

PACs are Good. Just ask North Carolina's elected Democrats

We have had conversations on BlueNC about branding before. James is pretty much an expert at it.....or darn near close. We've talked about how Republicans built a negative brand around the words "liberal", "Progressive", and "Democrat" and back in 2006 we even discussed how we wanted to work to build our own positive brand around the word "Blue". This is why I"m surprised to see so many here buying into the right wing branding of the term "special interests". If you recall, that's a term they linked to liberal or Democrat to help brand it as bad and some folks here have bought into it hook line and sinker.

Rev. Wright: 15 minutes of illuminating fame

I can't believe the MSM has spent all this air time on a pastor who isn't running for president. Oh, OK, yes I can. Since Obama "divorced" Wright in the press conference yesterday, my question is whether the bar for the media will move even higher. His former pastor's ego was obviously bruised from the (quite frankly, sensitive) rebuke of his past comments that he received from the presidential hopeful in Obama's A More Perfect Union speech.

Some of what Wright said at the National Press Club was clarifying and on point:

Maybe this dialogue on race, an honest dialogue that does not engage in denial or superficial platitudes, maybe this dialogue on race can move the people of faith in this country from various stages of alienation and marginalization to the exciting possibility of reconciliation.

Other parts added nothing positive to the dialogue showed a public unraveling of the id. Wright felt dissed, and took it before the cameras, damaging his own credibility -- and he either doesn't seem to realize it -- or care.

I see clips from the NPC appearance and wonder what's next -- Rev. Wright lobbying for additional 15 minutes of exposure to "play the dozens" with Barack Obama? I'm sure the media would be down with that too. And that's because they never dig deeper to see what's really beneath the surface.

Orr on economic development

Our friend from across the aisle, Bob Orr, wrote a good op-ed piece on the business of economic development in the Charlotte Observer today.

In addition, if we make it easier for existing North Carolina companies to grow and make North Carolina an ideal environment for start-ups, our economy will be successful. We have spent millions trying to lure the next Google here with tax credits and payoffs. I don't want the next Google to be lured here; I want it to be born here.

Yard Sign Violence

So I snapped this pic with my phone this morning as it was the third shredded one I ran across while leaving Greensboro to head to work this morning.

Now I’m an old-tymer. I am well aware that yard signs are the most common victims of campaign violence. However, I was concerned when we received a phone call from a concerned voter who stated that there were Ovittore signs in a closet at an early voting site.

And the investigation begins.....

Easley uses gay slur to praise Clinton

Yesterday Mike Easley endorsed Hillary Clinton. No surprise there, since like her, he is a "right of center" Democrat. What did stand out was in the course of his endorsement he decides to praise her while using a gay slur.

...nothing I love more than a strong powerful woman." Easley concluded his remarks saying Clinton -- "makes Rocky Balboa look like a pansy".

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