Wrap on the Raleigh Obama Town Hall

(Click here for replay of 4/17 PHB CoverItLive blog of the Obama Town Hall.)

Below are my thoughts about the event, along with some photos and video.

The setting.

The Barack Obama Town Hall event at the Kerr Scott Building on the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh was fairly intimate affair in comparison to rallies held in large venues. I got there around 10:30, and we didn't get in until around 11:30 as the Secret Service and local police took all press gear (laptops, cameras, etc.) and screened it.

There were about 1200 ticketed attendees; all assembled in an orderly fashion and socialized as it was a pretty long wait before things got started (1PM). The crowd was very diverse -- a lot of young people, and a surprising amount of the over 50 set of all colors. The volunteer staff was plentiful. Many VIPs -- state and area officials, as well as the local black political intelligentsia, were up front near the podium.

Morning Post

Spring's back BTW. Must plan weekend.
• Piedmont Farm Tour is this weekend. C'mon ya hippies.
• Top story in this week's Citizen is word of a big Obama rally in Cboro
• Speaking of rallies, here's the traffic report for today's.
• Superdelegates Watt and Price go for Obama. There's talk that so will most of the Dems in the delegation, 'cept Schuler.
• Moore and Perdue are fixin' to debate, uh, somewhere


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