Elizabeth Dole: "Our Love of God" is at stake in this election

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole has joined Robin Hayes and Virigina Fox in running a divisive campaign intended to pit neighbor against neighbor here in North Carolina. According to Dole it isn't just her seat in the Senate that is at stake. She told supporters in Nash County on Sunday that,

It’s not just to save this seat; we are trying to save the values that we care about in America. We’re trying to save honesty and integrity and hard work and personal responsibility and love of family and love of God. That’s what this is all about, and it’s a serious time.

That's right. According to Elizabeth Dole if Democrats win there will be no more honesty or integrity in this country.

Patrick "Duke" McCrory's Conflicts of Interest

Pat McCrory is still Mayor of Charlotte and only in January "quit" his simultaneous full time job with Duke Energy to run for Governor. Duke Energy PAC gave McCrory $4,000 the same month and $4,000 this July [7/23/08 according to FEC reports]. McCrory still will not disclose the full extent of his financial relationship with Duke Energy and related businesses.

McCrory once went to Washington, in 1997, to testify, as Mayor, against EPA clean air regulations for the Charlotte area that would have cost Duke Energy $600 million.

Again in 2007 McCrory spoke on Capitol Hill at a hearing of the Committee on Energy and Commerce. McCrory talked about climate change and advocated for "clean coal" and nuclear power, both beneficial to Duke Energy. He addressed the hearing as Mayor of Charlotte and Chairman of the U.S. Conference of Mayors Environment Committee. He did not state that he was also an employee of Duke Energy even though his boss addressed the hearing the very next day.

Yesterday the NC Democratic Party issued a press release with more examples of Pat McCrory's conflicts of interest with respect to Duke Energy and his role as Mayor.

Open Thread: These folks would have voted early.


BAGHDAD, Iraq (Jan. 30, 2005) – Iraqi citizens stand in long lines outside a polling station in Baghdad, Iraq, today. Millions of Iraqis throughout the country are participating in Iraq's first free election in more than 35 years. DoD photo by Master Sgt. Dave Ahlschwede, U.S. Air Force.

Note the apparently armed men on the roof protecting the polling place. Yeah, they were willing to risk death to vote.


About BlueNC

Lifted from a comment by Robert P.

Unlike Under The Dome, Talking about Politics, or even Daily Kos - no one here is paid to be involved with politics, it is a labor of love. In fact, almost all of us here have many other commitments that are much more important than either blogging or politics. When something is not discussed or talked about it is probably because James is in a meeting, Betsy is running voters to the polls, and the rest of us "front pagers" are at work. There has never, in all my recollections, EVER, been even a single email between us about an issue and whether or not we should talk about it. This blog just doesn't work that way.

Captiongate Ends - McCrory Blinks, Captions Ads

(Cross posted from The Poison Pen Register)

Thanks to a bad back sprain and a sinus infection (a combination from Hell) I've been out of commission for the past month. I've not been able to keep up with politics and had given up on any answer from Pat McCrory regarding the lack of closed captioning of his TV ads. One can imagine my surprise this morning when I saw McCrory's TV ad with closed captioning. At first, I wondered if I was seeing things, perhaps a left over hallucination from 3 weeks on pain pills and sundry medications. Upon doing a double take, yes indeedy, Pat has finally closed captioned his TV ads after nearly a year of neglect now that election day is one week away. I'm still waiting for the Earth to freeze on its axis and careen out of orbit. Surely Judgment Trump will blow.

Junior Johnson endorses Obama

Richard Petty is not going to like this:

Join me in supporting Barack, My family and I have given this election a lot of thought.

Our country is in a rough spot, and we're going to need some serious change. There's only one candidate ready to deliver it -- and that's Barack Obama.

Every day I talk to someone else who's never voted for a Democrat, but now they're voting for Barack Obama. They realize that Barack understands what we're going through here in North Carolina. And they're ready for change.

So I've made up my mind, and I'm ready to get involved. I know that I could never have won a race without my pit crew, and I know Barack can't win this one without us.

Can you sign up to volunteer this last crucial week?


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