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Votes against Key Domestic Priorities for North Carolinians

Last night North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole voted to slash billions for vital domestic priorities in the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services and Education spending bill. Dole voted for a motion that would have cut $9 billion from the appropriations bill that funds research on cancer, diabetes, and heart disease as well as programs such as Head Start, Pell Grants and the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

“Elizabeth Dole is willing to give George Bush a blank check to spend billions of dollars in Iraq, but refuses to meet our commitments to provide quality healthcare and education here at home,” DSCC spokesman Matthew Miller said. “With this vote, Dole proved once again that her misplaced priorities are out of step with North Carolinians.”

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Running On Empty

When your gas tank hits empty it usually means you have about 8% of your tank capacity left, enough to get you to a gas station allowing for a few diversions. If you kept your tank at "empty" all the time you couldn't get very far without totally running out of fuel and couldn't take care of much business. It would be imprudent. Even cash strapped drivers put an extra $5 or $10 worth of gas in the tank to make sure there's a cushion to get to work, take care of the kids and,run errands.

The John Locke Foundation wants North Carolina counties to run on empty.


NC Dems and Mountaintop Removal

Update: Still no word from McIntyre or Etheridge. Please call them and see if we can get them to take a position on the Clean Water Protection Act (HR 2169.) Thanks!

The Clean Water Protection Act (HR 2169) would reverse the Bush Administration’s 2002 decision that the toxic “waste” created by mountaintop removal could be defined as “fill material,” and recklessly dumped into our water ways. This practice has already destroyed over 1200 miles of American headwater streams, and eliminated access to safe, clean potable water for many communities. The CWPA (HR 2169) currently has 107 co-sponsors, and a lot of momentum. But we need more to get out of committee and onto the floor.

We have 5 of 7 Democrats from NC onboard, and we need to know if Bob Etheridge and Mike McIntyre are “wit’ us” or “ginst us” on HR 2169. Please ask.

If you have a moment, please see if your Congressman is a co-sponsor, and take a moment to call Etheridge (202-225-2731) and McIntyre (202-225-2731), politely but forcefully asking that they co-sponsor the Clean Water Protection Act (HR 2169), and take a stand against mountaintop removal.

A quick report on our NC Dems and mountaintop removal below…

Rendition, Blackwater, Katrina, Torture, Guantanamo, Iraq, Abu-Ghraib, Uncontrollable debt, suspension of Habeas Corpus, etc.

Politics in America has always been a “them” and “Us” sort of event. We have so many different outlooks and avenues of expression and thought. Political philosophy, social engagement, citizen responsibility to government, as opposed to government obligation to its citizens, political correctness and how it effects our societal morays and values is today, as always, wonderfully debated and the list goes on; yet somehow those differences have helped to make us the great people we are, which has in turn forged the social Democratic miracle America still is today.

Opposing thought and spectrums, with a shared love of county, liberty, freedom and rule of law have been the hallmark of American political discourse. We all love this county and our opposing thoughts, with few exceptions, have never really challenged that principle.

Double Feature: Pope Squabble Spills Into Courts

Alert reader Max the Dog pointed out today that Art Pope is in the news again, this time airing dirty laundry in yet another family feud.

Jane Forbes Pope, who married into one of Raleigh's most affluent and politically influential families, is not entitled to inherit $50 million from her deceased husband's estate. In a nine-page order, Jan Pueschel, clerk of Wake Superior Court, ruled that Jane Forbes Pope, who was married to John W. Pope Jr. for four years, will not receive half of her husband's money that was transferred to a Pope family foundation after his death in March 2004. The Popes own Variety Wholesalers Inc., which runs discount retail stores across the Southeast, such as Roses and Maxway stores, with an estimated $800 million in annual sales.

Raleigh lawyer Stuart Dorsett, who represents Jane Forbes Pope, said they would appeal the clerk's ruling to Wake Superior Court. Jane Forbes Pope challenged the actions of her brother-in-law, Art Pope, a Raleigh lawyer and former legislator, and sister-in-law, Amanda Joyce Pope, who moved the funds out of a family trust to the foundation after John Pope Jr. died.

He Who Can Do No Wrong

Mr. Art Pope, admired around these parts as the Puppetmaster (parody, satire, public figure), has apparently given one of his old adversaries an offer he couldn't refuse. The Dome has the story:

Former NC Rep. Stephen LaRoque of Kinston has apologized to former state Rep. Art Pope of Raleigh, who he had accused of buying legislators by pouring money into contested Republican primaries, Rob Christensen reports.

First off, let me congratulate Rob Christensen on getting the names right in his piece. After bungling (and not apologizing) a mention of NCBlue instead of BlueNC this morning, he's apparently sharpened his reportorial skills. But beyond that welcome bit of accuracy, the intrigue in the Pope-LaRoque saga gets really interesting.

McHenry and Delay together again

tomandpat.JPGYeah, McHenry was hanging with Tom Delay at the opening celebration of Tom's new company, First Principles.

I guess voter fraud and financial improprieties are all the rage for the DC party-goer.

And ceegars.

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