G.K. Butterfield Set to Become Chief Deputy Whip

fped and added a photo of Rep. Butterfield. - RP

I just ran across this bit of news about Congressman G.K. Butterfield in "The Hill." Evidently he's on the verge of being appointed to a significant post in the house leadership.

Merry Charismas

It's nice for people whose world is so well ordered that the significance of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ can be reduced to compiling lists of stores that are are naughty and those that are nice. If you don't say Merry Christmas expect a lump of coal from Raleigh's Called2Action and, the American Family Association:

...it has now become politically incorrect for Jesus to be seen in public on His birthday.

Some Christians ask, "What's the big deal? Why make such a fuss?" We must all wake up to the fact that there are Americans today who, like King Herod, are troubled at even the mention of Jesus' name; and they are doing everything in their power to publicly eradicate His memory. If they can do that, they can have the Gospel condemned as so-called "hate speech".

This is a significant battle in a much larger war... let's all do our part by helping to Keep Christ in Christmas!

The 2006 Do's and Don'ts of Christmas:

We will be compiling a list of which stores do include Merry Christmas, and which stores don't.

Well, I'll Be Damned

We yelled, screamed, commented on their posts, emailed, wrote our own blog posts, called, flailed our arms about, then yelled and screamed some more. We still failed to get their attention until the very last minute.

Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post gives his first look at the top ten most vulnerable House races for 2008. We might need to go leave comments on his blog post at WaPo, but it won't be to yell or scream.

According to Cillizza in his typical Friday "The Line" post:

North Carolina's 8th District (R): For several cycles, Democrats spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to unseat Rep. Robin Hayes (R). Who would have thought that Larry Kissell (D), who was almost entirely ignored by national Democrats, would come within 329 votes of ousting the incumbent? Kissell conceded the race to Hayes earlier this week but immediately announced that he will run again in 2008. While Kissell will surely have more money this time around (he raised $450,000 for the 2006 race), Hayes will also be paying much closer attention. The central North Carolina district has a Republican lean; Bush won here by nine points in 2004.

While I've posted his entire commentary on the race we will all be working to win, he has 9 others listed. Please go visit, read and leave him some love in the comments. I don't always agree with Cillizza, but he needs to know when he gets it right.

Open thread: Woe is me.

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A few minutes ago I finished writing a long entry about the junior Puppet named Chad Adams who is holding down the fort this Friday at the John Locke Puppetshow. Adams has written a silly little piece of nothing about how great South Carolina is because it has a 6% tax rate, while mean old North Carolina has a whopping 7% tax rate to do the "same job." Yeah right.

I had even assembled a boatload of US Census data to underscore the lunacy of Adams' claim. For example, NC is 22nd in teacher pay, while SC is 27th. And the NC high school graduation rate is 67% while the SC rate is 53%. I even had data for infant mortality, physicians per capita, violent crime rates (SC is highest in the nation) and more.

And then the site somehow logged me out and I lost everything. So sad. But I did manage to salvage my closing paragraph:

I'm glad the Puppets continue spewing forth this kind of nonsense. Because with every lame "report" and every instance of intellectual dishonesty, they solidify their reputation as ideologues, leftovers from the heyday of the Party of Greed. Keep it coming, Puppets. You're ever-so-surely working your way toward irrelevance.

It's just lazy people that are uninsured.

Of course, it's just those lazy welfare mom's that don't have health insurance. It's good for nothing slouches that don't have work, don't look for work. THEY are the people you want to cover with your expensive Universal Health Care, with my taxes.

Bzzzzt. The welfare mom myth. The lazy drag on the economy myth. I've said it before, I'll say it again.

The uninsured? We used to call them the Working Class.

The Southern Strategy and The Permanent Republican Majority

Remember the new conservative coalition that was to provide a "permanent Republican majority?" Today that pipe dream is mostly associated with Karl Rove, but originally it was envisioned by Richard Nixon as the fruit of his Southern Strategy. This strategy was supposed to retain the party's traditional Northeastern and Midwestern conservative base while reaching out to Southerners disaffected by civil rights and the role of Democrats in the demise of Jim Crow. It was designed to meld the Puritan tradition of small government and individual responsibility with the historical sense of loss and grievance that infected the South.

Two stories, one conclusion

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This morning our own Southern Dem dissected the Party of Greed meltdown over who will replace the inept Ferrell Blount. The source of her information was this story in the Charlotte Observer which was written by Mark Johnson.

The Raleigh News and Observer's Under the Dome section this morning also covers the story, this one written by Rob Christensen and Andrew Curliss.

I must admit that I fully expected the two stories to be identical. The coziness of the papers, which are now owned by the same corporate parent, is unnerving. And it would have been easy for management to settle for running the same story in both papers. But they didn't. There's good and different information in both.

NCGOP No Likey Dole and Burr

This story in The Charlotte Observer is too funny for words....but I'll give it my best shot. It seems that Republican Senators Dole and Burr have tried to delay the vote on Ferrell Blount's replacement because they don't like the list of nominees.

Guess what, Liddy and Dick, we don't either.

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