Breaking News: U.S. lost 62,000 jobs (and so did my District)

The U.S. jobless report for June is breaking front page news everywhere today.

WASHINGTON - Employers cut payrolls by 62,000 in June, the sixth straight month of nationwide job losses, underscoring the economy’s fragile state.

Of course, that's not news at all to folks in North Carolina's 8th District where we've lost 62,000 jobs ourselves since Robin Hayes took office.

In fact, if there's even anyone in this bellwether District that never saw this recession on the horizon, it's my opponent, Robin Hayes.

Hayes said the national economy is on the rise. "The economy around the country is very, very strong. Growth continues."

Can you even imagine?

NOTE: Sent to the front page by Dan B. Happy 4th of July.

State Senator Julia Boseman

Candid one on one interview with WECT-TV 6 in Wilmington NC.


Frontpaged by James. If any of you are following the situation in Wilmington with Senator Boseman, you've already seen first-hand the Anatomy of a Smear being perpetrated by allies of the Dark Side. Well worth watching, even though you have to sit through a short commercial.

Weekend wound up

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I love when I get to post a Weekend Wound Up on Thursday morning, especially since the clients I write for are closed today! And just in case you need a place to celebrate tomorrow, you're welcome at my house. The shindig starts at 4 and wraps at 7. It's a potluck (with barbecue and sweet tea provided). Bring a side dish or a dessert, your bathing suit, and maybe a lawn chair ... hope to see you here. Address is Four-fifty-one Lakeshore Lane. Chapel Hill.

Flaming liberals, moderates, conservatives, Libertarians, unaffiliateds, whatever, you're invited! The 4th of July is one day we can share our common ground in freedom.

3rd Anniversary of Robin Hayes Insisting Saddam Hussein was Behind 9/11 Attacks

When you live in or around North Carolina's 8th Congressional District, you will sometimes hear that Robin Hayes is a nice guy. What you never hear is that Robin Hayes is a really bright guy. While it is difficult to single out the dumbest thing the man has ever said, we can narrow it down a bit and this week we celebrate the third anniversary of Robin Hayes' claim that Saddam Hussein and people like him were involved with the attack on America on September 11, 2001.

Wednesday Morning Open Thread 7/2

Earlier I pledged to be part of the movement to counter the right's attempt to demonize Michelle Obama the way they did Hillary Clinton. You can imagine what my inbox looks like as alert after alert fills the box. Most of it is positive and I've read some of the most wonderful posts about Michelle Obama. I'll cover some of those later today.

Here's something that caught my eye from the LA Times.

Polling in NC: presidential race is a dead heat, but Senate race is troubling

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Public Policy Polling confirms what we already knew--North Carolina is in play presidentially. However, news from the Senate race here isn't quite as encouraging.

On the presidential side, McCain only leads Obama 45-41--just one point over the margin of error. Barr gets 5 percent. Note, this is a Democratic polling firm--but as with the last poll from NC, from a Republican polling firm, there's virtually no good news for McCain.

On the Senate side, however, Liddy Dole appears to be pulling away from Kay Hagan. She now leads 51 percent to 38 percent ... and the trends suggest Hagan's got some work to do.


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