Dear Jerry

Dear Jerry Meek.

I'm sorry. I owe you a big apology, and this is it.

Last week I criticized your comments in a report about the possibility of Rick Glazier challenging Larry Kissell in an NC-8 primary. Whether my criticism was valid or not, the post spun out of control. You were attacked unfairly by people who should be (and are) your friends. That was wrong.

I can't imagine all the challenges you have to deal with in your role as the Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party. Between the steady stream of bad news coming from the Legislature, the warring factions within the Party, and the incessant attacks from Art Pope's Puppet Brigade, you have your hands full - and the last thing you need is a bunch of crap from BlueNC.

I'm sorry it happened and I hope you will forgive me for my role in starting the frenzy. You are doing a great job and I, for one, am here to support you in any way I can.


James Protzman

PS. This is my personal message to Jerry. I have disabled comments because I don't want to have my apology turn into another debate. Anyone is welcome to write their own post, of course, and say whatever they wish.

How can you tell when Francis Duh Luca is lying?

He is sending out emails on behalf of the Puppetmaster's local version of Americans for Prosperity.

Some lawmakers want the budget to include an increase in the existing statewide transfer tax and/or permission for local governments to adopt local transfer taxes. This ploy – to hide this unfair home tax among the complex and lengthy language of the state budget – is not right.

Waaaaaa. Mean old lawmakers. They actually want to put revenue plans in their oh-so-complicated budget. And as to the and/or in Duh Luca's statement, the Puppet is full of crap. I'm not aware of any legislator who is trying to push through a statewide tax. It's all local option, all the way, to my knowledge.

How would she know?

If you've ever spent time trolling through North Carolina's right-wing Republican websites, you've probably noticed one common thread: there's no discussion. Whether you're visiting this god-forsaken hole, or the inbred cousins of the Locker Room, what you find again and again and again is absolutely nothing. No interaction. No sharing of ideas. No debate. No creativity. No camaraderie. No nothing.

So when a mealy-mouthpiece like Linda Daves takes issue with a good healthy debate here at BlueNC, you'll forgive me if I wonder out loud if she has any idea what actual interaction looks like. The truth is, old Linda wouldn't know an intelligent discussion if it bit her on the butt. All she needs to do her job is a phone call from Puppetmaster Pope. He'll tell her what to do and what to say, and like the good Puppet she is, she'll march forth echoing the free-market anti-tax talking points that are burned into her brain.

UnReal Estate

E430 MercedesMoney Buys Power

The NC Association of Realtors reported new spending of $128,771.20 for lobbying expenses in the month of May, bringing lobbying spending for 2007 to $494,886.36

What Would Angie Drive?

The NC Realtors campaign against local funding options features an alleged average homeowner "Angie" driving a red pick up truck. In real life "Angie" has been spotted in west Raleigh tooling around in a shiny black Mercedes-Benz E430 with cream leather interior, a 2002 model that retailed around $50,000. Not exactly average.

The N&O writes about Elizabeth Edwards' "catfight"

And I write back.

I had a beeee-ooo--tiful rant all ready to go last night when this site's inexplicable inability to coexist with Internet Explorer caused it to go bye bye.

But the article in the Sunday paper was SO bad that I have to point it out again, and let you know what I wrote to Peder Zane.

Put it this way, when the N&O cites Carter "White Hands Ad" Wrenn and Professor Andrew "511,500 Pope Dollars" Taylor on the subject of political comity, well, we got a problem...


This week's column (sorry again for the late posting here) is about the state's backsliding on health issues and a little recap of the Merritt story.

World over, if there is any consistent symptom of a sick society, it’s the infant mortality rate.

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what state health director Dr. Leah Devlin said when she announced a rise in the numbers a couple years back:


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