Open Thread - Site Burp Edition

Some days BlueNC should come with a warning label. Here's the one for today: Don't panic! We're having site burps.

One community member temporarily was blocked from posting comments. Nothing had been done on our end to restrict this user. We checked the account and it was fine. We're left blaming it on site burps. The problem solved itself from what I can tell.


I have a love-hate relationship with the Internet. I love it because it connects me to people and ideas that span the world in more ways than any of us can imagine. I hate it because it can reveal in me a dark edge that I don't much like. (Plus it's terribly addictive and is distracting from my fiction-writing.)

That same duality exists for me at BlueNC. Things can be bubbling along beautifully and then all of a sudden, meltdown. I hate it when that happens, and it's been happening too much lately.

Call in to stop Cliffside Coal Plant Expansion Thursday Nov. 15

On November 15th, make your voice heard by calling and telling Governor Easley and Jim Rogers that renewable energy is the future of NC and not "clean coal." Why? Because the future of North Carolina depends on it.

Contact the Governor's Office:
Phone: 1-800-662-7952 valid in North Carolina only; (919)733-4240, or (919)733-5811
Fax: (919)715-3175 or (919)733-2120

Contact Duke Energy Office:
Phone: (704) 594-6200 (Corporate Office)
Jim Rogers Direct Line: (704) 382-1087
Email: (Tom Williams, Policy/Energy Efficiency/Environmental Media Relations)
Fax: 704-382-0199

Congressman David Price Asks, If Not US than Who?

The New York Times reported today that F.B.I. Says Guards Killed 14 Iraqis Without Cause

Federal agents investigating the Sept. 16 episode in which Blackwater security personnel shot and killed 17 Iraqi civilians have found that at least 14 of the shootings were unjustified and violated deadly-force rules in effect for security contractors in Iraq, according to civilian and military officials briefed on the case.

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Earlier this year, Congressman David Price, a Democrat from the NC 4th district pushed a provision that was included in the Defense Bill. The bill provides more “transparency and accountability in the government’s use of armed contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan.” The Price provision would strengthen this bill and enable Congress with the ability to provide more oversight of these contractors.

Today on WUNC radio, Catherine Brand interviewed Congressman Price about the letter he sent to Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice asking for further inquiry into the incident. ( listen to the full interview here ) In the interview, Con. Price asks, “ If it turns out that Sec. Rice is not able to prosecute this case, do we cede jurisdiction to the Iraqi courts? We’ll be credible only if we have some way of bringing these people justice. Assuming that the investigation will provide that this is a prosecutable case, if not, the problem remains to be addressed at a later date…..If it turns out that they are not subject to US Civilian law, what are they subject to?”

Congressman Price ended the interview with this opinion, “If the investigation does reveal that the Blackwater contractors were in the wrong what will happen? In the past they would be fired and expelled from Iraq, this is not good enough for this case. The Iraqi government is asserting itself by saying we’re going to take charge of this. It doesn’t play into the suspension that these contract personnel are trigger happy, been shooting up crowds of civilians. Unfortunately reinforcing that narrative has the potential to jeopardize our mission and our troops.”

US Navy In-Digestion

The path taken by the US Navy for its proposed Outlying Landing Field in North Carolina is strewn with lies, missteps, deception and stupidity. But if you thought the Navy had learned anything from its years of incompetence, you'd be wrong. The Daily Advance has the story.

Despite the buildup for an announcement this week, the Navy might not be ready to reveal Thursday what sites should be considered further for a pilot training field, officials said Tuesday. For weeks, residents of counties across northeastern North Carolina have been waiting with bated breath for Nov. 15 — the date Navy officials had indicated they would announce which of 22 sites in Virginia and North Carolina are worthy of further study for an outlying landing field.


A Navy admiral has told a state commission studying potential OLF sites that he must present all of his information to the Secretary of the Navy by Thursday. But it is unclear how long it will take Navy Secretary Donald Winter to digest that information, and when he will be making an announcement, several Navy spokesmen said Tuesday.

Digest the information? What the heck does that mean? Is Winter going to all-of-a-sudden rule certain sites out of bounds for political reasons? And why does the Secretary of the Navy get to know what the Navy's planning when We the People are kept in the dark about the potential destruction of a big part of our state?

I truly don't get this at all, but it gets even worse because the governor's study group appears complicit in the back-room scamming.

Building a New North Carolina

Today I am launching a new webpage called Building a New North Carolina. I wanted y’all to be the first to hear about it. The page is going to be dedicated to highlighting new initiatives that I will pursue as Governor as well as some I have already been working on as Lt. Governor.

Check it often because I will continue to release installments throughout the campaign. You should also visit my new Flickr and YouTube pages.

First up is Rural HOPE. It’s an initiative I helped create as Chair of the Health and Wellness Trust Fund. It will help our state’s 56 rural hospitals be better equipped to provide quality health care to patients without forcing them to travel hundreds of miles.

I look forward to your thoughts and questions.

Take care,

Facts on HR 4156

Fact Sheet on H.R. 4156, Orderly and Responsible Iraq Redeployment Appropriations Act

As The War Continues in its Fifth Year, Congress Has a Critical Choice:

  • Endorse the President’s 10-Year War With No End in Sight, or
  • Hold the President Accountable, Requiring Redeployment of Our Troops to Start within 30 Days of Enactment with a Goal for Completion in One Year

Congress Won’t Provide A Blank Check; Instead Is Holding the President Accountable

Harry Taylor

Harry Taylor formally announced yesterday that he is running for Congress in the 9th District. He'll compete against Ross Overby for the honor of sending Sue home. The Charlotte Observer has the story.

Democrat Harry Taylor, hoping to tap into the international notoriety he won after scolding President Bush in Charlotte last year, launched a campaign for Congress on Tuesday.



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