Open Thread for the Madness

Are we due for an open thread? I don't know. But, I can't find anywhere else to post the madness tidbits I keep finding.

First, our best hope for 2008.

Second, for A.

President Bush responded Monday to a Supreme Court ruling by ordering federal agencies to find a way to begin regulating vehicle emissions by the time he leaves office....but White House press secretary Tony Snow said Monday that the president’s position has not changed. “The market-based approach seems to work,” Snow said.

Yeah, hence the Supreme Court ruling saying "Hey! Your way isn't working!"

Third, neighbor and friend makes it to the Today Show.

Fourth, is the end upon us?

Fifth, my to-go cup of coffee leaves me feeling like a bad environmentalist and beyond that, it leaked scalding-hot Joe all over my hand.

No Time for Laurels

Crossposted from NC Consumers for Biofuels

Tomorrow at 10am, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Small Business, and Entrepreneurship will be hearing Senate Bills, 1272, 1277, and 1452. It is important that we contact the members of this committee and urge them to support these bills. I understand with the lack of notice, that individuals who prefer snail mail will be left out of the loop, but that shouldn’t stop the rest of us from contacting the Senate.

Pat McHenry Roommate and Aide Indicted for Voter Fraud

McHenry's been running a boarding house for wayward boys it appears. This is all over the interwebs, but I'll point you to two very fun sources for more on our favorite Karl Rove sockpuppet.

Check out Pat Go Bye Bye for some background you won't find anywhere else.

Pam is all over this at The Blend.

Money Quotes after the jump.

UPDATED: New map to Puppetshow!

Veteran BlueNC readers know the Art Pope Puppetshow, but some of our more recent visitors have emailed me, wondering what the heck it's about. Well, I'm happy to provide this latest map to Show, as well as a few choice links to give you a flavor for how it works.

Just think, if your daddy had left you a fortune, you could have your own Puppetshow, too. You could get yourself a hold of some state legislators, a newspaper or two, a S'preme Court judge, and maybe even a candidate for governor! All for the small price of only $300,000 a month. To my knowledge.

Thank you, Rob Schofield

One of my favorite political writers in North Carolina is Rob Schofield, who is a big cheese at one of my favorite think tanks in North Carolina, NC Policy Watch. Yesterday, Rob wrote a piece that should be required reading for anyone concerned about public education in general, and sex education in particular.

The catalyst for Rob's excellent work was a recent column by the N&O's resident Puppet, Rick Martinez. As I've written on many occasions, Martinez is a class-clown the newspaper apparently keeps around for cheap amusement. His wife is a staffer at the John Locke Foundation, and most of his stories trickle out in full alignment with "reports" issued by other minions at the Puppetshow.


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