Carter vs. Foxx in NC-05: Closest Race in the State!

Finally, some data to back up all the arm-waving, coat tugging and jumping up and down that we in the Carter campaign have been doing since the primary! Brother Tom Jensen from the PPP interprets this weeks' Democracy Corps poll:

The closest Congressional district in the state is the 5th, where Virginia Foxx leads Roy Carter 48-46. I really hope the DCCC and other folks take the pick up opportunity in this district seriously. There are races on the Red to Blue list that based on the data I've seen are less winnable than this one.

So, Sarah Palin, you STILL think that abstinence-only is working?

Fine, Sarah Palin, we can keep all the candidates' children out of the critical public eye but where do you get off using your sons (the one in the military and the infant with down syndrome) as shining examples of your parenting and virtue all while your berating the media for so much as reporting on your 17-year old daughter's pregnancy?!

In truth, I really think it's better to keep the politician's kids out of it but this just highlights the incredible hypocrisy surrounding this campaign, their policies and, apparently, Palin's entire life!

The Computer Science of Change

Last night I attended an event with a local Barack Obama field organizer. The event was a collection of precinct leaders from Southern Chapel Hill and the question being addressed was "how do we work together". The answer was electrifying. Having spent a little time volunteering for the John Edwards campaign and having just touched on the databases there, I was really impressed with how the Obama campaign is managing their field campaign. In fact, I went into the meeting thinking I had a good idea for how we could turn out our vote in my precinct and left thinking that I am going to do exactly what the Obama campaign wants me to - and here is why.

McCrory <3 Palin

Is there nothing Myers Park Pat McCrory won't say to suck up to the right wing fringe? If he truly thinks Sarah Palin is a "great choice" for vice president, he's scarier than I thought.

“I think Gov. Sarah Palin, a former mayor with a background of cleaning up state government, is a great choice for vice president," Pat McCrory, the mayor of Charlotte and Republican gubernatorial candidate, said in a statement.

Sarah Palin: Cut, Kill, Dig and Drill

Cut, Kill, Dig and Drill. We can probably add deny to that list of words used by the director of Alaska's Wildlife Alliance to describe Sarah Palin.

Environmentalists have nicknamed Palin the "killa from Wasilla," a reference to the small town where she formerly was mayor.

"Her philosophy from our perspective is cut, kill, dig and drill," said John Toppenberg, director of the Alaska Wildlife Alliance, maintaining she is "in the Stone Age of wildlife management and is very opposed to utilizing accepted science."


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