The Asphalt King is at it again

According to the Blue Ridge Now news:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Fred Smith kicked off a 100-county barbecue tour in Western North Carolina this week. The state senator said the tour is an effort to listen and learn about issues and concerns affecting the people of North Carolina.
Smith grew up in a Raleigh orphanage, where his mother was a housekeeper and his father worked as a teacher. A successful businessman and attorney, Smith started his political career as a Jackson County commissioner and is now a three-term state senator.
He touts his experience as a businessman and said the governor must be fiscally responsible. Smith said the Legislature, which is controlled by the Democratic Party, has grown government 20 percent during the last two years, taking too much money from taxpayers.

There he goes with the orphanage spiel again. Poor Fred can't bring himself to stop trying to get sympathy for almost being an orphan. And then there's the "taking too much money from taxpayers" rhetoric. How come Fred never explains that his own damn businesses take tens of millions of dollars from taxpayers to do road construction every single year?

Unilateral Approach To Multilateralism?

Do you remember back in high school when someone had painstakingly planned a social get-together, only to have some debutante decide at the last minute that she wanted to also have a party on the same night? Of course it was petty, selfish and narcissistic, but everything's fair in love, war and popularity contests, right?

While it doesn't surprise me that our silver spoon-fed Executive would think along these petty lines, especially in light of the exclusivity he and his administration have operated under from day one, there are some get-togethers that need to be attended by all, and not watered down in one-upmanship.

Follow me down below the digital fold for a minute. You can go to the other party later.

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NC Republicans in Congress Not Conservative with your Tax Dollars

The Winston Salem Journal has a piece up today about how North Carolina's 13 members of congress utilize their office budgets. First sentence:

WASHINGTON - Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-10th, bought a flat-screen television for $2,020.

So, Patty Mac says he is using his television for live town halls. I thought the in thing with the Republicans were the tele town halls which use the telephone, not the television.

The Puppetshow Glittery Lie Machine

. . . one thing you could do would be to spray, essentially, glitter above the poles. This is something that volcanoes already do every once in awhile, and it does cool the earth. It’s something that would probably be a lot less expensive than the vast reductions in energy that would be required to reduce carbon dioxide. emphasis added

Oh. My. God. It's the start of the Glitter Wars!

Another letter from Congressman Price

Congressman Price's response to my inquiry about impeachment was fully unsatisfying, but I'm like a stubborn old mule sometimes, so I also wrote about another of my big frustrations: the outsourcing of Bush's war in Iraq. Here's the response:

Thank you for contacting me about our government's use of private security contractors in theaters of conflict. It is good to hear from you.

Walter's PAC-ed

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If you go to the website for Lieutenant Governor candidate (and NC State Senator) Walter Dalton, the first thing you see is a big old banner proclaiming that "Dalton Breaks Fundraising Record" - with the following press release:

Senator Walter Dalton, Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor, today announced that in the reporting period ending June 30th, he raised nearly half a million dollars, surpassing the fundraising totals for all previous candidates for Lieutenant Governor at this point in the campaign.

Dalton, who announced his candidacy in mid-March, collected over $474,000 from January 1st through June 30th. Most significantly, over 95% of the funds came from individual contributors, with more than 600 people donating to the campaign. Additionally, 97% of the money raised came from sources inside North Carolina.

I can't believe it....Congressional Unanimity in North Carolina?

Well, Almost! Would you believe that all (but one) of our Congressional Representatives voted the same on a recent Amendment to the the Farm, Nutrition, and Bioenergy Act of 2007? First, I couldn't believe that Republicans and Democrats would actually agree on something, and then I started to wonder why. Follow me below the fold for the details...

Your parents matter.

I've gotten more and more into the tech and happenings in social networks, so I came across this video through my scobleizer feed. Don't know what that is, don't worry. The point of this post isn't really about the tech, it's about the kid. You know what, I could have been this kid, lots of people I've met could have been this kid - if they were born in Silicon Valley. As a parent, one of my goals is to give my kids every opportunity, not everyTHING, but every opportunity. Where I grew up it was all about sports for kids, football, baseball, yadda, yadda, yadda. I don't want my kids to grow up that way, they want to do art camp - cool. This summer my son did lots and lots of science camps and he was OKAY about it, but not crazy. His best friend on the other hand is a natural-born scientist. I hope he follows that. If my daughter wants to become an artist that is fine, a fashion designer (she has loved shoes since age ONE) that is fine, a doctor, great. Recently, we had a conversation about why there were no women on our Presidents placemat and she decided to become President. I, of course, am fine with that too. The only thing I won't let her do is date, but other than THAT!!!

I think we can all learn something from this video and that is that kids can do more than we give them credit for, in other countries kids my son's age are already speaking two or three languages for instance. Anyway, here is a video introduction of a kid that I don't consider "inspirational", I consider him....introduced. Introduced to the world at large.


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