Reckless, shoot-first drunks @ $1000 a day

There are a lot of resolutions being kicked around for how to deal with our growing problem of mercenary armies. And all of them fall short in the final analysis.

My response is to create a new law:

No contractor working on behalf of the United States Government shall be armed while fulfilling his or her duties.

Everything else is a toothless half-step that doesn't really address the issue. And make no mistake, the issue is badly in need of addressing.

One thing the United States is still the best at

Despite our nation's back-sliding on so many fronts, there is one area where we clearly remain a dominant force in the world. We are the undisputed leader in the god-damned business of arms dealing. And I use the term 'god-damned' quite literally.

The United States maintained its role as the leading supplier of weapons to the developing world in 2006, followed by Russia and Britain, according to a Congressional study to be released Monday. Pakistan, India and Saudi Arabia were the top buyers.

Aren't you proud to be an American? Not only are we fighting our despicable wars with outlaws and mercenaries, we're also arming our future enemies so there will be plenty of work in the future. How cool is that?

The Pope Foundation Proves its Ineptitude

According to Under the Dome, The Pope Foundation is out with another one of its "studies" criticizing American higher education for failing to study enough of what Pope determines to be important.

This time, they are correct, though not in the way they intend. The report proves that the scientific method and investigative report writing need to be taught to legions of conservative thinktank denizens.

Final Fundraising Push for Kissell, Adame & other NC Dem Challengers

The presidential candidates are busy maxing out their donors and making it hard on all down ticket candidates to raise money in the process. That's why I'm appealing to you one last time before the end of the quarter to help the challengers in our North Carolina congressional races. I know the incumbents are having a hard time raising money as well, but they have far more contacts and larger donor bases, so I will leave them out of this particular plea for funds.

North Carolina's 8th Congressional District

Rob Christensen

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Who knows what goes on in the mind of a veteran reporter who has to crank out stories day after day, week after week. But whatever is going on in the mind of Rob Christensen, it's pretty damn sad.

As you may remember, Christensen's column last week was an ode to the Legend of Liddy Dole, filled to the brim with all her talking points and spin. There was no legitimate reason for the column, no news hook, no immediacy. It was just Rob Christensen at this worst, being played like a fiddle by our very senior Senator.

This week's column is even worse.


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