Funding OK’d for barracks repairs just in time for Military Families First Weekend

It's sadly indicative of not only the current administration, but the prior near decade of complete Republican control over all government agencies, what it takes for any "progress" to finally happen for the average working American. It's tragically no different for our hard working military, in spite of all the "support our troops" rhetoric from those that do anything but...


Today is the Armed Services' Military Spouse Appreciation Day or Military Families First weekend as it's known in my District which includes Fort Bragg, where the Army just approved $2.9 million to fix the substandard living conditions.

A Rose by any other name ...

So what is a name worth? Well, for me it was worth the 130 votes I didn't get Tuesday night. If you look in the Person County phone book you will find that a certain eight to ten last names run for several columns. Mine is not one of them. Name recognition is a key in voter decision making, and I just didn't have enough of it. The other gentlemen running for county commissioner have deep, multigenerational roots in the county, and a little more than two months just isn't enough time to introduce yourself to nearly 13,000 democratic voters.

Thank you so much! Let's give Elizabeth Dole those Ruby Red Slippers!

Thank you so much -- to this entire community -- for your interest in the U.S. Senate race, and your commitment to making BlueNC a place for dialogue on the issues and the importance of this election.

I am obviously so happy to have emerged from the strong field of candidates as the nominee, but I'd be remiss if I didn't thank Jim, Duskin, Howard and Marcus as well. Throughout this process I’ve become a better campaigner and, I believe, more prepared to take on Elizabeth Dole.

Russ Feingold is Looking for his next Progressive Patriot

The primary is over and it is time to move on to the next phase. We have to get our Democrats elected. This means raising money. Russ Feingold started his Progressive Patriot Fund during the 2006 cycle. Larry Kissell was in the running, but other Democrats in much larger districts were able to garner more internet votes. Let's change that this cycle.

A page turns....and thank you from Jim Neal

Firstly, I want to again congratulate Senator Hagan on her nomination as the candidate to beat US Senator Dole in the 2008 senatorial race. I have told Kay that she has my full support and encourage you to work hard on her behalf.

To the staff, volunteers and bloggers who made our campaign so vibrant I thank you. We were a lean organization running a 21st century grass roots campaign. We took almost 20% (about 250,000) of the votes cast despite our lack of resources and the fact that nobody in NC had a clue who Jim Neal was 7 months ago. I am very proud of each and every person who volunteered their time and contributed to our campaign.

Open thread: B-b-budget

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Chris Fitzsimon at NC Policy watch has a concise preview of the upcoming legislative session and the fuzzy fuzzy budget picture.

It adds up to a challenging session for lawmakers, who will be meeting with one eye focused on their own re-election campaigns and in the shadow of a gubernatorial race that is almost certain to include misleading and simplistic rhetoric about budgets and taxes.

NC: First to Give Education, First to Take it Away?

In 1795, the great state of North Carolina opened the first public institution of higher learning.

In 2008, we may become the first state to take away access to post-secondary education from an entire class of people.

Yesterday, Attorney General Roy Cooper's office issued an advisory statement that says our state's community colleges and universities should close their doors to the children of undocumented immigrants.

The AG's statement is based on the same kind of moral reasoning that southern states used to withhold public education from blacks and women. It uses a tenuous interpretation of federal law to exercise a state's rights argument, knowing full well that this state will not give undocumented immigrants the right to an education.

The North Carolina Progress and Sustainability Partnership

One thing I think we can all take away from this primary election is the pivotal role that PACs play in the selection of our leaders. Whether you consider them a conduit for corporate manipulation or an essential tool for collective bargaining, they represent a powerful element of our system, and simply cannot be dismissed or ignored.

In a recent discussion, captsfufp made some observations:

After dark

Thanks to everyone for the spirit of civility and generosity on display today. I was madly disappointed at some of the outcomes, yet I see no choice but to redouble my efforts to help North Carolina find its way toward a more progressive future. Got any suggestions?


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