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We've all learned not to expect much from the "experts" at the John Locke Foundation, but today's story in the Carolina Journal reaches a hilarious new low.

RALEIGH – A model the Appalachian State University Energy Center used to project the economic impact of N.C. climate change policies has “serious flaws” that undermine its credibility. That’s the verdict of a new peer review report (pdf version) from a Boston-based economic research group.

The John Locke Foundation is drawing attention to the peer review it commissioned from the Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University. The peer review raises red flags about the model’s projections. “The Appalachian State Energy Center used this model to predict hundreds of thousands of new jobs and a major positive impact on North Carolina’s economy,” said Dr. Roy Cordato, JLF Vice President for Research and Resident Scholar. “Trained economists conducting this new peer review found that the model is so flawed that no one should trust the results.”

Fort Bragg, the World's Largest Post

From Henry Cuningham of the Fayetteville Observer:

Everything appears to be on track for two Army headquarters to move to Fort Bragg from Atlanta by 2011, and local civilian hiring probably will begin in 2010...

The 2005 BRAC law mandates that Forces Command and U.S. Army Reserve Command move to Fort Bragg by September 2011.

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Electability versus Likability in the Lt. Governor's race

Okay, it is time to come out of the Lt. Governor's closet. I have narrowed my choices down to two candidates. Of those two, I feel one is better poised to win the primary election, while I find myself more comfortable with the strong progressive history of the other. I'll give you two guesses who is who and any guesses that start with "Dalton" don't count.

Pat McCrory's Big Adventure

The seven-term Charlotte mayor today filed a statement of organization with the NC Board of Elections signaling his intention to run for governor. And why wouldn't he? McCrory has had months to take a good look at the other three Republican candidates, and no doubt figures he can coast to the Party of Greed nomination.

At least three of the seven Democrats on council and all four Republicans say they support him running.

Bradley Effect?

I've tried to write a quick post about this three times now and it keeps getting deleted (by me). So, without all the hubbub, the Bradley Effect:

Bradley effect derives its name from a 1982 campaign involving Tom Bradley, the long-time mayor of Los Angeles, California. Bradley, who was black, ran as the Democratic party's candidate for Governor of California against Republican candidate George Deukmejian, who was white. The polls leading into the day of the election consistently showed Bradley with a lead.[4] However, Bradley narrowly lost the race. Post-election research indicated that a smaller percentage of white voters actually voted for Bradley than that which had said they planned to vote for him, and that voters who had been classified as "undecided" had gone to Deukmejian in statistically anomalous numbers.[2]


Waterboarding works! Who knew?

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Over the past two years, the Art Pope Puppetshow has served as an exceptional lightning rod for galvanizing progressives against the toxic agenda of North Carolina's free-market extremists. With a multi-million dollar budget to oil their influence-buying machine, the Show has clearly had some measure of success in shaping the agenda with small town newspapers in general and with the Raleigh News and Observer, in particular.

The fondness of the N&O's political reporters for all things Pope has been well discussed, as have the water-carrying activities of Rick Martinez, an opinionator at the N&O whose wife Donna works backstage at the Show. And while I'm reluctant to boost his readership by linking to his columns, today's piece in the N&O shows Martinez at his worst.

One For The Ages - Pun Intended

Last Wednesday, Yes Weekly conservative columnist Jim Longworth took one of the many attacks I received from the Right-wing attack machine that has apparently put its target on my back. Misinformation and quoting to fit their propaganda was the order of the day.

First let me back up a little. I received a call from N&R reporter Mark Binker about a story he was doing on my opponent's age and tenure in the US House of Representatives. I answered his questions via phone and he wrote this article. On January 2nd a well formulated right wing attack is launched in several areas, all regarding my quotes from the article.

It seems the right wing pundits want to see my primary opponent and not me in the general election. They assure themselves another 70-30 blowout facing him, they fear the unknown and my "not the usual politico" self in a battle facing me. I am in this to win and that is what I plan to do.

Here is Longworth's original attack column. Click through and read it. It's a hoot!

I was offered the opportunity to write a rebuttal to Longworth's piece by Yes Weekly and I did.

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Sexy, sexy, sexy

I made a shocking discovery last night. If you use the word "sexy" during the course of an interview, TV editors are incapable of cutting the sentences in which the word is embedded. As you'll see in the video below, I kind of blew it by couching the word in the negative (as in "landfills are NOT sexy") but this tactic could be used to great effect during your own "earned media" opportunity. For maximum impact, say "sexy" at least three times, though you may have to work up to this advanced level.

Right-Wing Blog Report

I want to start doing a better job of reading right-wing blogs. While a lot of the content is offensive, it's probably a good idea to get a sense of the world right-wing agitators are living in.

Here is a summary of some GOP blogs in the past two weeks. The summary is my personal characterization of content I most likely merely skimmed (swim at your own risk!). I put Katy first since she sometimes comments on BlueNC.

I'm sure I've left out some significant right-wing blogs, please give me feedback.

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