Witch hunt?

The N&O has a story this morning that explores donations to Richard Moore from lawyers the Treasurer's office does business with. In my view, it's all smoke and no fire. Every important lawyer in North Carolina gives money to politicians at all levels.

"There are no conflicts," Moore said in a recent interview. "The state of North Carolina has got good value and services from these folks. If they have chosen to be politically active, that is their decision. I think you'll find those firms are politically active with every single statewide officeholder, or many of them."

As many of you know, I lean toward Beverly Perdue for governor. I even supported her with contributions last year. But that doesn't mean I like seeing Richard Moore slammed with a hit piece like this by the N&O.

Rand is wrong

Dcobranchi asked the right questions earlier this week in response to Tony Rand's puzzling proposals to gut consumer protections against the insurance industry. Wayne Goodwin, Assistant Commissioner of Insurance, weighed in on the issue this morning here at BlueNC.

Now the News and Observer has jumped in with both feet, with a great editorial.

Perhaps Jim Long, North Carolina's insurance commissioner, kicked state Sen. Tony Rand's dog, or scratched the majority leader's shiny new car. Why else would Rand introduce legislation to strip Long of his power to rule on auto, home and workers' comp insurance rates? Or could it be that the insurance industry sought out Rand to scuttle a system that works fine for North Carolina customers -- and, by the way, for the bottom lines of insurance companies operating in the state. The bill is clearly a case of fixing what isn't broke. It should die quietly.

Too late for Liddy

The hand-writing is on the wall. The United States Navy will not get its wishes at Site C. The list of powerful elected officials opposing the site has reached a critical mass. Even poor old Walter Jones has finally seen the light and jumped off the OLF train.

WASHINGTON, N.C. Another congressman who represents voters near a proposed Navy landing field in eastern North Carolina says the site isn't the best one for the project. Rep. Walter Jones, R-N.C., represents Beaufort County and said in a letter to Navy Secretary Donald Winter that the Navy should pick another site in North Carolina for the outlying landing field, or OLF. Jones is a member of the House Armed Services Committee.

Starting to set the Record Straight regarding Congressman Walter Jones in NC-03

In the short time I have been a member here at BlueNC, I have noted from time to time writers who, when discussing Walter Jones, talk about him as though he were a Democrat in Republican clothing. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I just took a sampling of his record for your edification.


Rep. Jones voted against cracking down on the oil and gas industries price gouging.

Big oil and gas industries have given Rep. Jones $65,408.
Rep. Jones voted to strip overtime protection from millions of workers.

Big drug interests have given $30,635 to Jones over the Representative's career. They know who their friends are.
Jones has taken $1,000 from House Majority Leader John Boehner (.John Boehner actually handed out checks from the tobacco industry on the floor of the US Congress).

Before Someone Thinks this is an April Fools' Joke...

Please help on dKos. -Sam

I'm a big Biden supporter. Sure, that's not a particularly popular position with the netroots - it's much easier for me when I talk about how I gave Ned Lamont $50, how I ran for County Commissioner on liberal values, or how I gave Larry Kissell a few months of my life.

But I like Joe Biden, in spite of his flaws. I interned for him a few years ago, and he was always honest when he talked to me - which was quite often. In addition to having personal courage - I'm sure all of you know the tragic story about his first wife and his daughter - he's a man who fights smart fights, like when he came close to making the Iraq War and eventual occupation much less of a disaster. He's never been in the DLC (double-check your source if you're thinking about debating that), and that means a lot to me. And there was one moment while I was working for him that completely sealed the deal. But then there was the Obama thing ...

Miller Googles Google

Most of us have used Google Maps, either to find out how to get from point "A" to point "B", or just to take a look at a place we've never been. It seems that some how, the post-Katrina satellite pictures of New Orleans have been replaced with pre-Katrina pictures.

Brad Miller,NC-13, chair of the sub-committee on investigations for the House Committee for Science and Techology wants to know why.

"Google's use of old imagery appears to be doing the victims of Hurricane Katrina a great injustice by airbrushing history," subcommittee chairman Brad Miller, D-North Carolina, wrote in a letter to Schmidt.(chair and CEO of Google, Inc.)

Blue Dogs and such...

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Now and then I get a real wedgie over how my Congressman, Mike McIntyre, votes on issues I think are important. I decided to look into his voting record and try to compare his stance on issues as opposed to, for example, Watt, Price and Miller....who generally vote the way I think.

Long story short, it's not that simple. If one googles "Congressional Voting Records," up comes an interesting array of organizations all anxious to tell how individuals voted on their issues. Public Citizen, American Association of University Women, various unions, retired citizens...and just about every group one can think of tracks and measures votes on issues these organizations feel are critical to their interests.   More below the fold...

NC-11 Republicans To Get In Bed With Karl Rove

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketIt's understandable that, given the bruised egos of western North Carolina's disgraced Republican leaders, they would welcome a visit from a nationally renowned strategist like Karl Rove. God knows the National Republican Campaign Committee left former Congressman Charles Taylor twisting in the wind during the 2006 race, spending millions of his own dollars, running unsophisticated ad after unsophisticated ad on radio and television. The NRCC spent hundreds of millions of dollars for the privilege of losing to Democrats across America, but they didn't spend it in NC-11.

NC-11's Republican Party leaders have decided to hitch their wagons to Bush's dying star. Karl Rove's visit to Hendersonville, NC in late April is the beginning of a concerted effort among Bush/Taylor Republicans to desperately cling to Rove's slash-and-burn politics.

Multiple Psychosis

I am sick and tired of people dumping on Muslim people like it's open season year round with no bag limit. The people in this picture were among many Muslims last Saturday in Research Triangle Park raising money for Multiple Sclerosis research. They weren't killing infidels, they weren't stopping to pray, they weren't waving copies of the Koran. They were walking to help find a cure for a debilitating disease. I didn't see any "crusaders" at the fundraising walk. Now if we could just find a cure for mass psychosis.


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