Michelle Obama in Charlotte Live-Blog

CNN is carrying a live-stream of this round table in Charlotte.

I missed the first part, but the discussion right now is about seniors who aren't able to retire because of the economy. One of Obama's proposals is for seniors making $50,000 or less do not pay taxes. McCain wants to give this tax break to the wealthiest. Michelle explains that this is one approach - the trickle down approach - but we're just not feeling it trickle down according to Barack. Michelle says we've given it 8 years and it's just not working.

Pat McCrory Shares a Financier with Colombian Terrorist Group through RGA

What do Pat McCrory, George Bush and a Col0mbian terrorist group all have in common? They all have received direct or indirect financial backing from Carl Lindner, the man at the helm of Chiquita Brands International during the years it funded a Columbian terrorist group.

Carl H. Lindner Jr., the billionaire Cincinnati businessman, was CEO of Chiquita Brands International from 1984 to 2001, and remained on the company's board of directors until May 2002. Beginning under his tenure, Chiquita executives paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (known by the Spanish acronym AUC), which is described by George Washington University's National Security Archive as an "illegal right-wing anti-guerrilla group tied to many of the country's most notorious civilian massacres."

What else is Pat McCrory hiding?

This from a comment at The Dome.

From a post here at the Dome August 1st: No McCrory Vote on 08 Pay Raise

This year, the [Charlotte] City Council narrowly approved a $1.8 billion budget that included boosting pay for City Council members from $23,463 to $29,900 — about a 27 percent increase. It also included a $4,000 car allowance that backers said would offset rising gas prices.

The budget also boosted McCrory's annual salary by 19 percent to $39,900.

McCrory did not veto the budget, which passed 6-5.

Military Industrial Complex 2.0

Sometimes it takes a good journalist to cut through the crap and clarify the web of greed that surrounds the most important issues of our time. That's just what Frida Berrigan has done in an excellent article on the growing legitimization of mercenary warfare.

As we prepare to close the book on the Bush presidency, it is worth exploring just how, in the last seven-plus years, the long war on terror has actually helped build a new, privatized version of the Pentagon. Call it Military Industrial Complex 2.0.

Complex 2.0 is the stuff of Brave New World - a bizarre amalgam of war entrepreneurs, well-placed lobbyists and elected officials - all working to perpetuate war with a single driver of their passion: greed.

Indy features Ed Ridpath

Some well-deserved coverage of our friend, Ed Ridpath:

Ed Ridpath, a 48-year-old IBM employee and candidate for N.C. House District 37, may be the hardest-working man in state politics. He's been going door-to-door to introduce himself to voters each weekend, almost since the day he lost the same race in 2006. He estimates he's reached more than 10,000 voters, with help from his campaign manager and volunteers.

Rain Triggers Mudslides in Two Western North Carolina Counties

Intense rainfall on August 26, 2008 set off mudslides and mudflows in Haywood and Rutherford Counties. Local newspapers provided the following information.

Haywood County

The Mountaineer reported in their August 29, 2008 edition that an east Canton home had been damaged by a mudslide.

Your Tax Dollars Bail out Robin Hayes' Investments

Robin Hayes is one of the wealthiest members of Congress. I'm sure he appreciates the tax payers who are helping him stay that way by bailing out AIG so he doesn't lose his shirt. Well, for Hayes it would be more like losing a button....not the entire shirt.

Hayes owned more stock in AIG than any other member of Congress. His stock was valued at between $2.8 and $11.5 million. That's a substantial portion of his fortune. Maybe it would be more like losing a sleeve.

Next time you see Robin Hayes make sure he thanks you for bailing out his investment and while you're at it ask him just how much of his shirt you saved him.


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