The Way Forward Goes Through Tehran (political cartoon)

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Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.

Updated with another 'Boom.'

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The NO-OLF folks must sometimes feel like David fighting Goliath, as well they should. The full force of the United States Government is working against them at every turn. But they are more than up to the challenge - and their army is growing.

In the past 24 hours, three current elected officials have joined the battle with unequivocal statements of support for their cause. Let's find more. Go to your precinct meetings, appeal to your legislators in Raleigh, get your town and city councils involved, get your newspapers to cover the story. It's amazing what can happen when you make a clear request.

Mo Southern Love at the Jugtown Cafe

It started with a simple email. Momoaizo and Lovex7 wanted to find a time for us all to go to lunch. I was all for the idea and figured I could scoot over to Moore County after dropping my girls off at school one day.

Then another email - how about Seagrove on a Saturday? Hey, fun women, NC pottery, good food. I'm there. You don't have to ask me twice.

Then the emails were exchanged more quickly. What about LeslieH, lcloud and Working for Change? Right! Then there are C. Diane, chartreuse dog, Drama Queen, Nan, NCVoter, NC Dem and Unique.....we can't leave them out.

One thing led to another and pretty soon we were planning a party. Not just any party, though, the BlueNC Women's Conference. OK, it might just be lunch and shopping for pottery and sitting around chatting with new and old friends. Sounds like fun to me!

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Progressive bloggrrrls hop on the Edwards train

I'm posting about this development because I have connections to both Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon (I'm the co-blogger there) and Melissa McEwan of Shakespeare's Sister (we launched the Big Brass Alliance during the Downing Street Minutes brouhaha).

These fine women are two big names in the progressive blogosphere who have been tapped to work for the John Edwards campaign. Amanda will be moving to NC to helm the Edwards blog as Blogmistress (or as she refers to it, Blogatrix), and Melissa will be the campaign's Netroots Coordinator.

You can’t say that they aren’t a savvy crew over there at Team Edwards, because they are scooping up the big guns on the almost-A list (they are both A in my book, but we know what I mean when it comes to the big boys in the blog world, underline boys). The folks at Pandagon and at Shakes Sis are large, politically engaged and active readers — and will give the Edwards camp a fair hearing. I’m sure that these developments are due to Elizabeth Edwards, who is well-versed and ever-present in the blogosphere.


Open thread: January stats

Good stuff. Click on the pic.

Wanted: 5000 North Carolinians to Educate the Council of State

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Last week Judge Stephens finally pulled the brake on the runaway train that is NC's execution procedures. He pulled so hard the train jumped track and barrelled right into the living room of the members of the Council of State. Now the good folks over at the NC Coalition for a Moratorium are giving you a way to help the Honorable Council Members figure out how to solve this predicament. I learned about their efforts when this email came into my inbox a few minutes ago....

Dear Friends,

Last Thursday, when Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens imposed a temporary ban on executions, he effectively put NC back at the forefront of the national moratorium movement! The situation that has unfolded goes like this:

Help urgently needed: Can you write a bill?

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The folks at NO OLF are energized by all the new conversations taking place, and are ready for the fight ahead. One specific action they want to take is to get legislation through the General Assembly in the form of a resolution that would call on the Navy to drop Site C from their considered set. The legislators they've talked with need a draft bill.

If you or someone you know is familiar with the protocol here, would you please help us out? Here are the essential ingredients:

Protecting Family Farms and the Environment

WHEREAS the United States Navy is seeking to locate an outlying landing field in Washington County (Site C),

AND WHEREAS the United States Navy was found to have misrepresented the facts and reverse-engineered its Environmental Impact Statement to make it appear that Site C was an ideal choice,

AND WHEREAS United States Air Force experts in bird strike analysis have reported that Site C is not a suitable location for the Navy's training needs,

AND WHEREAS the US Government has placed a gag order on US Fish and Wildlife experts from telling the truth about the threats the landing field would create on the environment,

Germany Issues Warrants for NC CIA pilots

According to the Washington Post this morning:

BERLIN, Jan. 31 -- German prosecutors on Wednesday said they have issued arrest warrants for 13 CIA operatives suspected of kidnapping a German citizen in the Balkans in 2004 and taking him to a secret prison in Afghanistan before realizing several months later that they had the wrong person.

According to an AP report out of Berlin in the Charlotte Observer and Durham Herald-Sun:

ARD public television reported that investigators worked from passport photocopies made by a hotel where the suspects stayed. The report gave what it said were the cover names of three men who were pilots and lived in North Carolina.


Do the Right Thing

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Over the next few months, insidious rumors will engulf many Democratic candidates for president. Fox News has repeated (and hardly retracted) false slurs about Barack Obama, accusing him of attending a madrassa that breeds Islamist radicals. Bill Clinton had Gennifer Flowers. Al Gore was misquoted, again and again, even though he never made a statement as absurd as "[He] invented the Internet." Now, John Edwards is being targeted.

Rob Christensen of the Raleigh News & Observer wrote a story for the N&O, the Charlotte Observer, and other publications that claims that Senator Edwards is fielding numerous questions about his home in Chapel Hill, NC. Christensen claims that people are asking if John can fight for poverty when he lives in a very nice residence (answer: of course he can!). Of course, this is an old reporting trick: it's Christensen who's actually asking the question. It's clear that he's starting a conversation instead of reporting on it:

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