Which Gubernatorial Candidate Truly Offers Universal Kid Care?

As I mentioned earlier when talking about the races this year, I am totally open to conversations/corrections, or what have you with the campaigns themselves. Shortly after posting my comparison of the kid's health care plans from the two Gubernatorial candidates I had a sit down meeting with an acquaintance who worked on the Perdue health care plan. While I consider this person a friend and he was very helpful in learning and discussing the state of health care in North Carolina - I'm still undecided, impartial, and not 100% satisfied with either candidate's ideas.

That said, there are several things I would like to talk about related to children's health care, which are positives for the Perdue campaign. And, there is one thing I would like to talk about which is a negative (for me, not for everyone) for the Perdue campaign.

A View From Afar

A week ago I was in London, wrapping up a week long trip to Ireland and the UK. One highlight was taking a drive in the Wicklow Mountains just south of Dublin. I was struck by the relative absence of news about Iraq (or Iran). Apart from the proposed drawdown of British troops from 5,500 to 2,500 by Spring and a reluctant agreement to provide more compensation to wounded British military there was little if any news in the UK about events in Iraq or the debates raging in the US. In Ireland there was some news about attempts by the US government to pressure the Irish government into denying visas for two men scheduled to attend an anti-war conference


Help me figure this out?

Two days ago, North Carolina's Democratic candidate for US Senate graciously participated in a virtual town-hall meeting online. During that discussion, he shared some news that has immediately spread throughout the blogosphere, and which will make this race among the most closely watched in the nation. On Sunday, there was not one mention of the discussion in any North Carolina newspaper.

Roy Carter on SCHIP

I apologize for the tardiness of this post; Roy Carter wrote this last week. I have moved up to Virginia and am helping a man run for Congress up here, and I didn't have time to post this until now.

Here is Roy Carter's response to Virginia Foxx' Op-ed in the Winston-Salem Journal on her vote against SCHIP.

This week my opponent, Virginia Foxx, caste yet another callous vote against the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. Almost as distasteful as her vote was her justification for it in this very newspaper.

Front-paged by A. Virginia Foxx turns my stomach. Anything I can do to help get her out of Congress, I will do with pleasure.

How Republicans Lie

Prior to Less Merit becoming the State Auditor, the office was held in high-esteem by partisans on both side of the aisle. But like most modern-day Republicans, Merritt couldn't be satisfied with simply doing his job. Not only did he engage in illegal moonlighting and shady partisan politics, he is also using the privileges of his office to further his own personal ambitions.

Dole: 'Not winning'

One of the lunatics at Redstate has been musing lately about various scenarios related to Party of Greed running mates. In a column called "The Answer to Fred Thompson's Money Problem," he writes:

Fred Thompson should name a woman as his running mate, and he should do so well before the GOP convention takes place in Minnesota at summer's end. But which woman should Fred choose? Not Elizabeth Dole. One Senator is enough for the ticket, thank you very much. Plus, Ms. Dole is not very conservative, and she has a last name that is associated with "not winning".

Which one's Curly?

Billy, Bob, and Fred were apparently in rare form today as they "debated" the most important issues facing our state and outlined what they would do if elected to Governor. Under the Doom has the blow-by-blow account. But before you head over there, take my quiz to see if you can tell who said what in the sad little sideshow.

Who said:

A. "To think that a candidate for governor could say he doesn't understand how the budget is done is a frightening thing."

B. "It's a lot of closed-door stuff, and they're spending the people's money and Lord knows where it goes."

C. "It is my opinion that affirmative action no longer has any place in American society."

D. "I've told people throughout this campaign that yes, this is about the next four years, but in reality, it's about the next 20, 25 years."

E. "I'm the outsider. I'm not the one from Raleigh and that's what's different about me, and I want all of you to know that as we go through that debate."

CBS News poll--mixed news about born-again voters

(cross-posted at The Christian Dem Home Journal and DKos)

A few days ago, CBS News released a poll on the issues important to born-again Christian voters. The picture is looking a bit rosier for Dems to peel them away from the Repubs, but there may still be some work to do.

The poll was featured on Thursday's CBS Evening News, and showed that the most important issues for born-again Christians are health care (23%) and Iraq (20%). They also feel that the Democrats, not the Republicans, are talking about their issues. Katie Couric also interviewed Jim Wallis of Sojourners, who was quick to point out that Darfur, global warming and human trafficking are also well ahead of abortion and gay rights among Christian voters.

Needless to say, as a born-again Christian Dem who realized long ago that the Republicans were selling us a bill of goods, this had me psyched big-time. However, a look at the poll's internals shows that there's still a lot of work ahead.

Front-paged by Anglico.


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