Obama's Team Comes to NC

The Obama Team hit NC today to start laying the groundwork for their campaign operations here. By standing in for a well-connected friend, I managed to attend. We heard a great presentation from Obama campaign manager David Plouffe and some of their top fundraising staff.

Dome already scooped me with gossip on some of the heavy-hitters who were there. But I want to tell you about some of the more interesting details.

We got a great overview of the delegate math. They feel that if they can win or pull a draw in Texas and Ohio the race should be over. Basically if they can net delegates on March 4, it would be nearly impossible for Clinton to win enough delegates. Of course they hope she'd pull out. If not, they're planning for a long hard fight.

Sue Myrick Spends Almost $1.3 Million Advertising with her Family Ad Firm

Dating from the 1996 election cycle to the 2006 election cycle, Sue Myrick has spent approximately $1,294,869 on media buys and other advertising through her family's advertising firm, now known as Myrick Gunter Advertising. From what I know, that's all perfectly legal, but was it necessary?

In that same time period her opponents have raised a total of about $217,312. Myrick had won by huge margins garnering at least 69% of the vote until last year when she received 67%. Her job appears safe. Her district is one of the most Republican congressional districts in the state.

Worst Person In The World*

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Max Borders.

Borders is a policy analyst and media coordinator at Art Pope's Civitas Institute, and contributes to their blog Red Clay Citizen. He published a hate piece recently on our own Adam Searing, titled Mandate Mania: Does Adam Searing Hate People? Max implies that, yes, Adam does hate people. In addition, Max knows this about Adam: he lies to himself, he wants you to pay for things you don't need, he wants poor people to be uninsured (an odd accusation against the Director of the North Carolina Health Access Coalition), he hates freedom, and finally, Max knows that "Adam thinks he's smarter than you."

Adam is too much of a gentleman to rebut Borders' vitriolic post.

But I'm not.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Teachers Stand Up to CMS Administration

Tuesday it was announced that Charlotte Mecklenburg teachers had been given a form to sign allowing background, criminal and credit checks. They were ordered to sign it by Friday or their employment would be terminated.

CMS intended to use the form to allow updated criminal background checks, but the form permitted much more and teachers weren't happy. From the Charlotte Observer:

Dumbing Down

Bill Moyers’ recent interview with Susan Jacoby sparked my interest. It has to do with a topic that’s been bothering me for some time—the dumbing down of American life and politics.

I’ll admit that I may not be the sharpest knife in the proverbial drawer, but some of the comments and tactics that flow from the campaign trail (and indeed from Washington) seem downright insulting. Plagiarism? “He won’t debate me”? “Second class” delegates? We strain at gnats and swallow camels!

Guess who's filed for Congress......so far!

Stop shaking your heads. Seriously. I am not sitting here refreshing the SBOE site to see the candidate filing list update. I only check it two to three times throughout the day. That does not make me deranged, demented or delirious. At worst I'm just a little odd.

We are about at the halfway point for the filing period, so I'm going to give a rundown of where we stand in the congressional races. I was surprised to see so many names that haven't been dropped here at BlueNC. Gee, don't these people know that you can't get elected unless you've been vetted by this crowd? (Somewhere out there is an ill-informed reporter who will think I'm being serious.)

District 1


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