Bush Nominates Gay Basher

From the nominee:

The anatomic and physiologic facts of alimentation and reproduction simply do not change based on any cultural setting. In fact, the logical complementarity of the human sexes has been so recognized in our culture that it has entered our vocabulary in the form of naming various pipe fittings either the male fitting or the female fitting depending upon which one interlocks within the other. When the complementarity of the sexes is breached, injuries and diseases may occur as noted above.

Puppets: What climate change?

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Today's edition of the Carolina Urinal, the fount of all wisdom from the John Locke Puppetshow, features a one-two Puppet punch that'll knock your socks off.

First up is Roy Cordato with one of the most bizarre pieces I've ever read from the Puppetshow, which is saying a lot. Bear with me though, because it's worth dissecting the methods of their madness.

Imagine that a commission or study group was formed by the state of North Carolina to consider and evaluate proposals for reforming North Carolina’s business regulations. Furthermore, the state hired consultants to assess the economic impact of the different changes being considered. Now imagine the consulting group was formed by a very conservative out-of-state think tank or advocacy group, known for opposing business regulations – the Cato Institute or the Heritage Foundation. In addition, most of the group’s funding was coming, not from taxpayers, but from four wealthy foundations known for supporting right-wing causes.

Do-Nothing Dole

In obeisance to the xenophobic fringe of her party, Liddy Dole rose up out of her casket at the strike of midnight, flipping her vote and supporting an amendment that could effectively kill the half-assed immigration bill currently being debated in the Senate. Babs Barrett at McClatchy has the story.

Obama does Chapel Hill

I was wondering how long it would take the Dome to get in the loop on Barack Obama's fundraiser in Chapel Hill on June 14th. I found out about it a month ago when I was asked to be a sponsor. I declined, but now I'm trying to finagle a free blogger pass. I might be able to pull that off since the host has been my business partner for the past 25 years . . . but you never know.

Republican Corruption - Money, Guns, and Drugs

Out here in Buncombe County, we've got another corruption case on our hands. Former Sheriff Bobby Medford, a diminutive Republican good ol' boy who was defeated in November by clean cut Democrat Van Duncan, is in deep trouble after an audit of his administration:

AC-T: "State authorities have launched a criminal investigation into the handling of evidence under the administration of former Sheriff Bobby Medford after a county audit showed missing money, drugs and firearms."

Follow me over the jump to be shocked at how much money, drugs, and firearms went missing.


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