Miller to Bush Administration: Enough with the secrets

Good for Congressman Miller:

WASHINGTON - U.S. Rep. Brad Miller wants the Department of Justice to come out of the dark and embrace the sunlight. Miller, a Raleigh Democrat, introduced legislation today that would force the Justice agency to give more information to Congress about what he calls “secret law.”

John and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Yesterday was a bad day for the John McCain campaign. The stock market is crashing at least in part because of deregulation he supports used to support (man, his flips are faster than his flops). So, what do his economic advisers have to say? Remember, these are his new economic advisers, his old one said:

What did his new ones have to say?

Kay Hagan Stuns Elizabeth Dole with the truth

When I said earlier that the country was buzzing over the Hagan v. Dole senate race I wasn't kidding. The latest article posted online earlier today in Forbes is a stunner.

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. - North Carolina Sen. Elizabeth Dole said she wants to use her seat on the Senate committee that oversees the nation's banking industry to examine the causes and implications of turmoil in U.S. financial markets.

But her Democratic rival, Kay Hagan, countered with her own assessment: the problem lies in the policies pushed by Dole and fellow Republicans.

She's had that seat since 2003. What the hell has she been waiting for? Didn't Dole say she chose her committees based on what was best for North Carolina? If that's the case, why hasn't she taken action prior to our economic collapse? We have banks and insurance companies failing, stocks tumbling and the hopes and dreams of many Americans lost in the rubble.

What did Elizabeth Dole do the past six years on these committees as those giants in the financial industry just kept getting bigger? Apparently, she and her fellow Republicans did nothing.

"This is what a Republican-run, special interest-based economy looks like," Hagan said in a statement. "Oversight and accountability were shelved for padded profits and inflated investments. The Bush-Dole team ignored the warning signs as the housing bubble grew, refusing to establish even basic rules of the road for big financial players."

Dole's spokesperson, Dan McLagan has something to say about Hagan requiring Dole to take responsibility for her failures. It went something like this, "Waaaaaaaah."

Why I Am Running

At the heart of my decision to run are children, both my own and the hundreds I have treated and worked with over the years. Not only have I dedicated my career to diagnosing and treating children’s allergies but I have given my time and expertise to public and nonprofit efforts to promote kids’ health. Another priority of mine will be to begin to end our dependence on oil, which is eroding our national security and threatening the stability of the climate on which we all depend, and redirect America’s innovative and entrepreneurial energy towards producing cheap and abundant energy from non-polluting renewable sources and making every home, business, school, church, factory, warehouse and public building energy efficient.

Why would Liddy do this?

In case you missed this update over the weekend, I'm reposting Kay Hagan' s criticism of Dole's voting record on military matters. The only explanation for these votes I can think of is this: Dole chose politics over taking care of our armed forces. She's happy to go along with spending millions on mercenaries, but can't quite bring herself to put her vote where her mouth is?

Electing A Progressive in Buncombe County

Holly Jones is a Democrat running for the Buncombe County Board of Commissioners. A current Asheville City Council member, Jones is running on the things that have made her successful in her seven years on Council - government transparency, cooperation, environmental stewardship, improved health care access, and building a green collar economy.

Buncombe County has a population of about 250,000 people, making it the most populated county in the west of the state. In Buncombe as in the rest of North Carolina, manufacturing jobs have dried up as NAFTA took hold and globalized the textile markets. Past efforts to attract new businesses to Buncombe have been more of the same tired tax incentives and cash rewards while relying heavily on unfettered real estate development and a tourism service economy to prop up employment.

Her opponents include an NC Association of Realtors "Hall of Famer". They're going to be exceptionally well-funded as real estate interests try to roll back environmental protections.

Rothenberg and CQ both move Hagan v. Dole to Toss-Up

This is big. The buzz surrounding the North Carolina Senate race appears to be reaching a fever pitch among the political pundits and bloggers.Stuart Rothenberg on Sunday moved the race from leans Republican to toss-up and today Congressional Quarterly posted new rankings moving the race to "no clear favorite."

Democratic strategists know that their goal of scoring the big nine-seat Senate gain they need to achieve a “filibuster-proof” 60-seat majority is a lofty one, and that they would have to oust some of the favored incumbent Republican senators they have targeted — among them North Carolina’s Elizabeth Dole. And while state Sen. Kay Hagan, their nominee, once appeared a distinct underdog to Dole, there are multiple signs that this is emerging as one of the year’s key battleground races.

No excuse. No rationale. No justification.

Thanks so much Congressman Hayes...

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Channel 9 contacted Congressman Robin Hayes and told him that local gas prices are jumping by the hour, now he is calling for a federal investigation.

U.S. Rep. Robin Hayes, (R) N.C. District 8, said "There's no excuse for it. There's no rationale. There's no justification."

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, I could only have agreed more if my opponent had said gas prices are a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma to him.


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