The Great Republican Governors Association McCrory Money Laundering Machine

The Republican Governors Association wasted no time setting up an Independent Expenditure Committee called the RGA NC 2008 PAC to receive and spend unlimited amounts of money from individuals to run ads for Pat McCrory in the wake of court rulings and subsequent recent changes to North Carolina election law. A Statement of Organization was filed 5/19/08 and the PAC already has $387,380 on hand from out of state donors ready to spend in support of McCrory

Corporate funds are prohibited for independent expenditures but, according to IRS records, the Republican Governors Association 527 Political Committee received $135,000 from North Carolina corporations in the first half of 2008.

Ada Fisher - Yeah, that one - Seems to think it is Okey Dokey to Lie

Who knew Ada Fisher was running against Mel Watt again? I sure didn't. I have got to climb out from under this rock every now and then. What's even more surprising for me is that I found this out at Wonkette of all places.

According to Wonkette, Fisher is a McCain surrogate. Say, what?

No....seriously. McCain has asked Dr. Ada Fisher to speak on his behalf.

What Pat McCrory means by 'changing the culture' in Raleigh

What is it about Republicans? Do they really think they can tell whatever lies they want and no one will notice? That sure seems to be the case with Pat McCrory, whose promise to "change the culture" in Raleigh looks more like a cheap campaign slogan than any real commitment to democracy. Not only is McCrory raking in the dough from corporate interests outside the state, he's also playing the same old games he's always played, even as he pretends to be oh-so concerned about the influence of special interests.

Click on the letter shown here, read it all the way through (be prepared to retch), and then consider the statement below from McCrory's campaign manager - via the Charlotte Observer:

FEC Fined Realtors $78,000 for Burr Campaigning

In a little noticed action in 2007 the National Association of Realtors was fined $78,000 by the Federal Election Commission for violations of election law including $282,500 spent on mailings and advertisements expressly advocating the election of Richard Burr for Senate in 2004. The FEC found that the National Association of Realtors 527 Fund failed to register and file disclosure reports as a Federal political committee and accepted contributions in violation of Federal limits and source prohibitions. In total the NAR 527 Fund spent $2.8 million advocating the election of 9 federal candidates in 2004 including Richard Burr, their favorite son Johnny Isakson, a Georgia realtor, and the disgraced Rick Renzi.

The campaigning for Richard Burr spurred the complaint by one North Carolina man, Thomas Strini, of Mint Hill, and subsequent enforcement action by the FEC.

Blog API activated

Hi folks,

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I'm hoping this will work.  I'll be doing some work on the database and spam user accounts over the next few days, so the site might be slow.  I'll try to limit my work during non-peak hours.  Heh.

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New poll by Civitas: more bad news for McCain

(cross-posted at dKos)

Yet another partisan Repub poll in North Carolina shows bad news for McCain. According to the Pope Institute, a conservative think tank, he's only up three points here, 43-40. No internals or MoE out yet, but with it this close, it has to be a statistical dead heat or close to it.


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