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The 2006 Senate race should have been a no-brainer for the Republicans. In contrast to 2008, when Senate Republicans make up 21 of the 33 seats up for reelection, in 2006 they made up only 15 of 33. Among those were the red state Senate seats of VA and MT and the deeply purple incumbent seats of OH, PA, and MO. Only RI, a truly Blue state, posed a serious opportunity for pick-up. The Republicans held 55 seats and left the 2004 election talking about how to win the veto-proof majority they would need in 2006. It seemed likely with Democrats in danger in FL, WA, NJ and MI; leaving open seats in MD and MN; and Democrats up for reelection in deep red states like ND and NE. This was the future that Democrats were facing in November 2004. Yet, Republicans self-destructed at every turn.

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NCGOP Looney Tunes

You really have to read this: NC GOP Chief Of Staff, Strategist Resigns thread from Freeperland. Truly delusionary, of epic proportions. Here are a few excerpts to whet your appetite.

All I can say is GOOD RIDDANCE! Bill has helped transform the NCGOP into a top down, elitist, aristocratic, hell hole that is has become. Very few Republicans trust the GOP because of him. Maybe I'll start donating to the GOP once again (after I see who wins the Dec 2nd election for state chair). I still love how Bill defended writing bad checks to college republicans!

And if you think Republicans lost in 2006 because of RINO hunting ..... well, I think that indicates a real blind spot on your part, to say the least. Not at all. Defeating Richard Morgan and his cabal was the number one priority of NCGOP this year. Period. There is no denying that. It was even more important than getting Republicans elected. NCGOP HQ coordinated volunteers for Joe Boylan's primary campaign but did NOTHING ... I mean absolutely NOTHING for any other NC legislative candidate this year. Those poorly designed "House for Sale" signs don't count because the signs obviously didn't vote.

And lets not forget the THOUSANDS of dollars of NCGOP funds that were spent in Eastern North Carolina on NCGOP television ads that prominently featured our fearless leader Ferrell Blount. Word is that Ferrell wants to run against Walter Jones. Well now that Blount has resigned, can NCGOP have its money back that was spent to promote his image?

Happy Thanksgiving! (political cartoon)

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As we overstuff ourselves on turkey, cranberries and the occasional pumpkin pie, understand the costs to the original inhabitants of North America - the “land of plenty.”

The Europeans brought famine, war, pestilence and disease to an agrarian stone age culture. The decimation of hundreds of tribes spanned across several hundred years and continues to this day with unhonored treaties and an unanswered genocide.

So, let us gives thanks to those millions and millions of killed, maimed and slaughtered Native Americans whose corpses were used to pave the way for the United States Of America.

Now pass the deviled eggs!

Lest we forget

I had been struggling to write something that would tug at your heart strings about being thankful and all that, so I was thrilled to see Momo's entry about her sweet, happy family. We all have so much to be grateful for.

But I don't want to forget the flip-side of that coin, which Chris Fitzsimon covers beautifully today in his column at NC Policy Watch.

Thanksgiving is here and that usually brings a flurry attention to the plight of the poor and the hungry, canned food drives at school, news footage of a Thanksgiving meal at the local soup kitchen. Poverty is a news story this time of year.


The 800 Pound Gorilla

What was the social issue that drove Bill Clinton into office and then drove the wingnuts into nuttiness?

Universal Health Care.

It's the liberal, progressive issue that no one has been willing to talk about since then. It's taboo. It's scary. It is not at all CENTRIST or an issue of TRIANGULATION. Indeed, Hillary Clinton, once the hero of UHC is now AGAINST the idea. So, who is the 800 Pound Gorilla that is bringing this issue to the forefront again? Who is it that is mentioning the uninsured at every event as a moral issue that America has to face?

In other words, who is it that is running a truly Progressive campaign?

Puppetshow Says 'No' to Calm Traffic

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Consistent with its belief that planning in the public sector is an economic burden on hard-working millionaires, the John Locke Foundation Puppetshow has produced yet another "report," this time arguing against the practice of traffic calming. If you have the stomach for such things, you can find the "report" here. But don't expect much in the way of insight. The few points worth making are lost in a sea of obfuscation, conjecture, wishful thinking and misguided analysis.


The Real Thanksgiving Story (political cartoon)

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I have met people who think this way.

The Kissell recount; my day as an observer.

Here are some of my observations from the machine recount in Cabarrus County today:

I arrived at the board of elections at 9.45 and found out that the recount had started at 9.15, not 10.00 like I was told.

The Observers were 2 young "bimbos" that worked for Hayes, A lady called Firth that worked for the U.S. House (but that obviously was a republican) and Me. An hour later Larry G. (Chair of the cabarrus GOP) arrived. So it was me and 4 republicans.
A reporter for the Observer also showed up in the afternoon, together with a photographer.

In Cabarrus County we voted by way of optical scan on election day and touch screen for the early vote.

Curtis Media Monopoly

Twenty five years ago, one of my first clients in the market research business was a man named Don Curtis. I used to drive my 1960 Valiant to Raleigh every day to help him figure out the marketing angles for two of the best radio stations in North Carolina: WQDR and WPTF. We got along pretty well.

Then one day Don decided to switch QDR from classic rock to country. It was a good business decision, but the loss of a legendary station hit me hard. We went our separate ways. The next time I became aware of Curtis Media was many years later when I heard that a flaming right-wing asshole named Rush Limbaugh was being carried on WPTF. WPTF once stood for "We Protect The Family." Yeah, right.

NC '08: The Democratic Party's Deep Bench

Every four years, each political party in North Carolina has to come up with a slate of politicians to run for the numerous statewide positions up for grabs: Governor; Lt. Governor; Secretary of State; Attorney General; State Treasurer; Commissioner of Agriculture; and four other statewide officials. The number of open offices makes the recruiting of quality candidates difficult, but the great news for Democrats in '08 is that our bench is much deeper than the Republicans.

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