With all due respect, Mr. Vice-President, we can figure this out on our own.

Yes, that's right. I said it. Should Al Gore be involved in the United States race for President, absolutely. He's a former VP of the United States and he is a citizen of the United States. But, should he be sticking his nose into the North Carolina Lieutenant Governor's Race? No, because he doesn't have to live with the results. One of the things that bothers me most about this non-endorsement is the Dellinger campaign's reliance on family contacts yet again. When Dellinger raises money out of state based on his Dad's contacts - his supporters say that is okay. When NARAL gives its endorsement to a candidate because of his family connections - his supporters say it is okay. When Hampton visits Al-frickin-Gore, we're supposed to believe its because he supported shutting down a quarry next to the Appalachian trail or because since he began running for office he has posted several press release on the OLF and coal-powered plants. We are not supposed to think that it is because his Dad worked for Clinton/Gore as Acting Solicitor General and was Gore's lawyer during the Florida 2000 fiasco - and, his supporters say that is okay.

Well, I've got news for you, it is not okay. If Al Gore wants to non-endorse someone in North Carolina then perhaps he should be honest. Perhaps he should say that he's known Hampton through his Dad for years and that he is non-endorsing him based on that interaction and the respect he has for the Dellinger family. But, to pretend that Hampton's anemic public record on climate change was the cause for this trip and photo op, well that is just beyond the pale of believability.

Fort Drum: The Tip of a Tragic Iceberg

What happens when you deploy troops who have seen high intensity combat time and time again with inadequate dwell time between tours? You see skyrocketing mental health issues.

After months of investigative work, talking to our troops and veterans, we released a report on the situation at Fort Drum in Watertown, New York. Since 9/11, the 2nd Brigade Combat Team has been deployed for more than forty months, more than any other brigade in the Army, and we are seeing what is nothing short of a cry for help from the men and women on the base; a cry we will answer here in North Carolina, which has seen thousands of its soldiers deployed time and time again from Fort Bragg.

Happy Valentine's Day

In celebration of love and lust, I commend to you this scientific dissection of the age-old art of kissing.

Of the 12 or 13 cranial nerves that affect cerebral function, five are at work when we kiss, shuttling messages from our lips, tongue, cheeks and nose to a brain that snatches information about the temperature, taste, smell and movements of the entire affair. Some of that information arrives in the somatosensory cortex, a swath of tissue on the surface of the brain that represents tactile information in a map of the body. In that map, the lips loom large because the size of each represented body region is proportional to the density of its nerve endings.

McHenry Uses Taxpayer Money to Attack Immigrants

McHenry uses tax payer money to misrepresent his stand on Illegal Immigration and other issues.

Mr. McHenry’s close friends and neo-conservative allies like Tom DeLay, Carl Rove and Dennis Hassert are now gone from Washington, leaving a bad smell behind them. Suddenly Mr. McHenry wants us to believe he has helped Veterans and that he has always been against Illegal Immigration.

Welcome and thanks to Steve for posting this. Frontpaged. A.

North Carolina Democratic Party Investigates FCC Chairman Kevin Martin

The North Carolina Democratic Party today filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Office of the Inspector General to obtain a detailed list of Chairman Kevin Martin’s recent travel.

The request comes in the wake of numerous news reports that Chairman Martin may be using public funds and his position as Chairman of a large government agency to seek elected office in North Carolina.

Perdue, Moore, Obama, Hillary and Laura

Laura Leslie has an interesting take on the relationship between the presidential and gubernatorial races.

Char-O’s Mark Johnson and the N&O’s Rob Christensen weighed in on how a meaningful national primary might influence NC’s state-level races. I think they both make good points, but I have to say - I think the two who stand to gain the most from activity in their respective party primaries are Bev Perdue and Fred Smith.


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