Sicko in NC: 70 RSVP, 270 Show Up


This was the sight about ten minutes before the 4:30pm showing of Sicko this Sunday. I had decided to "host" an event, "A Night on the Town with Sicko". I put "host" in quotes because I kind of thought there would be 20 or so of and we'd watch the movie and have a nice slice of pizza and chat afterwards. I am the Vice President of Health Care for All NC, so I put a call out to our list members to join the show. I'm also one local captain of the John Edwards One Corps, so I put out the call to that list to join us.

Then, the RSVPs started rolling in, and then....


Most people write "Thank You" notes to express their gratitude. Tim Kent of the North Carolina Association of Realtors takes out 2/3 page ads in newspapers like this one for Dan Blue. Between the PAC ($750,000) the 527 ($350,000) and direct lobbying by NCAR ($500,000) when you've got $1.6 million to spend on legislators there are some things you just can't say with flowers, Hallmark or a horse's head.



-- contact House Speaker Joe Hackney about House Bill 901, A BILL THAT PROPOSES THAT WE VOTE to amend the constitution to assert that Health care is a right for all North Carolinians.

This bill is stuck in the rules committee and Joe Hackney has the power to move it into the Policy committee. He might do it if there is public outcry. there are 37 cosponsors and 80 endorsing organizations.. then it would be put on the November 8th ballot.

A state constitutional amendment to vote on would stimulate healthy debate. It is time. There is going to be thinking going on with the viewing of Sicko,
-- there will be plenty of information for people to chew on. It seems like everyone has a family member or friend who is going bankrupt paying their medical bills..

WaPo pimps for Pat

The Washington Post today printed Novak's inaccurate account of earmark history, promoting our own hypocrite Pat McHenry as a martyred hero of the fight for transparency.

The formerly respected media outlet then posted an astonishingly vapid interview. Who's paying them to print such crap? Or is their reputation so shot, they don't need a high price to make up for the nonexistent loss of integrity?

Open thread: 10 (politically incorrect) truths about human nature

Some interesting reading from Psychology Today.

1. Men like blond bombshells (and women want to look like them)
2. Humans are naturally polygamous
3. Most women benefit from polygyny, while most men benefit from monogamy
4. Most suicide bombers are Muslim
5. Having sons reduces the likelihood of divorce
6. Beautiful people have more daughters
7. What Bill Gates and Paul McCartney have in common with criminals
8. The midlife crisis is a myth—sort of
9. It's natural for politicians to risk everything for an affair (only if they're male)
10. Men sexually harass women because they are not sexist

Wonder if David Almond and Hairdresser Joe will use all this in their defense?

Live blogging this Friday: Tom Jensen

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I'm excited to announce that Tom Jensen will be joining us for live-blogging this Friday at 9. You may have seen Tom's name in "who's online" at BlueNC, but there's a lot more behind that name - and it's all inspiring.

Tom graduated from UNC last spring. During his stay there, he served as the statewide College Democrats President. After college he went on to manage the Superior Court campaign for Adam Stein, and began writing a weekly column about state and local politics for the Chapel Hill Herald. Last fall, he started working as the head of the 'Cool Cities' campaign for the North Carolina Sierra Club. When he began work in November there were 5 Cool Cities in North Carolina. Now there are 19. Tom also instituted the Sierra Club blog.

I hope you'll join Tom on Friday morning . . . and I hope you'll bring lots of good questions. Cheers!

Goveror Easley: The Ball’s In Your Court

Dear Governor Easley,

In less than 18 months, you’ll leave the Governor’s mansion behind. Whether you return to private life or move on to higher elected office, your tenure as Governor will be over. Which means you don’t have a lot of time to do the single most important thing that North Carolina needs from you: take the lead on health care for all.


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