The Real Thanksgiving Story (political cartoon)

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I have met people who think this way.

The Kissell recount; my day as an observer.

Here are some of my observations from the machine recount in Cabarrus County today:

I arrived at the board of elections at 9.45 and found out that the recount had started at 9.15, not 10.00 like I was told.

The Observers were 2 young "bimbos" that worked for Hayes, A lady called Firth that worked for the U.S. House (but that obviously was a republican) and Me. An hour later Larry G. (Chair of the cabarrus GOP) arrived. So it was me and 4 republicans.
A reporter for the Observer also showed up in the afternoon, together with a photographer.

In Cabarrus County we voted by way of optical scan on election day and touch screen for the early vote.

Curtis Media Monopoly

Twenty five years ago, one of my first clients in the market research business was a man named Don Curtis. I used to drive my 1960 Valiant to Raleigh every day to help him figure out the marketing angles for two of the best radio stations in North Carolina: WQDR and WPTF. We got along pretty well.

Then one day Don decided to switch QDR from classic rock to country. It was a good business decision, but the loss of a legendary station hit me hard. We went our separate ways. The next time I became aware of Curtis Media was many years later when I heard that a flaming right-wing asshole named Rush Limbaugh was being carried on WPTF. WPTF once stood for "We Protect The Family." Yeah, right.

NC '08: The Democratic Party's Deep Bench

Every four years, each political party in North Carolina has to come up with a slate of politicians to run for the numerous statewide positions up for grabs: Governor; Lt. Governor; Secretary of State; Attorney General; State Treasurer; Commissioner of Agriculture; and four other statewide officials. The number of open offices makes the recruiting of quality candidates difficult, but the great news for Democrats in '08 is that our bench is much deeper than the Republicans.

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A case for Joe

Tom Jensen, one of our occasional readers and a frequent poster at Orange Politics, sent me a column he wrote for the Chapel Hill Herald about why Joe Hackney should be Speaker of the House. Some good food for thought.

(Reprinted here in its entirety with the author's permission. The column ran on November 18th.)

With Democrats increasing their majority in the legislature and Jim Black's re-election status still unclear as a recount looms in Mecklenburg County, it seems pretty clear that a new speaker of the House will need to be selected. It's a decision not to be taken lightly for members of the Democratic caucus. I think hardly anyone is exactly sure what's been going on in Raleigh over the past few years but it sure doesn't smell right.

What are you thankful for?

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November 23rd, a day of Thanks for all Americans is also my husband’s birthday. I am thankful for being in the right place at the right time to find him. Thirty three years later, I am still in love with this man.

Our son, David is in the air as I type this, on his way to Japan to attend Akikio's (his fiancé) sisters wedding. I am thankful for this boy who has turned into a wonderful man and even though his father went to school almost every day that he did, David still turned out to be quite a guy.

WNC Democrats: Kicking Ass and Taking Names

Last week I was invited to attend a dinner with Western North Carolina Democratic leaders, elected officials and activists. I was included on the invitation list because of my pending move to Lincoln County where I will join the WNC crowd. What an amazing group of people. I had been dreading moving to an area that was so overwhelmingly populated with Republicans, but now I'm excited about being involved in a party that is so energized, organized and looking ahead with excitement to 2008.

Keep in mind, I'm describing Democrats who have been overwhelmingly outnumbered in almost every county. It's hard to believe. I compare that to the lethargic efforts made by the party here in Mecklenburg and I'm stunned. Many Dems in the field in Mecklenburg complain (and have complained for years) about the lack of support from the local party. One organizer who had requested precinct organization lists as she helped a candidate plan for a campaign, received a list scrubbed of all contact information so that she was unable to easily contact possible volunteers in each precinct.

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Home with John Edwards

Hot off a Daily Kos live blog from their own “Home” John and Elizabeth Edwards came home to Raleigh last night at Meredith College, barely a mile from my own home, for a reading by John Edwards from his new book "Home: The Blueprints of Our Lives".

The Edwards were introduced by Nancy Olson owner of independent bookstore "Quail Ridge Books" which organized the event and which has a long history with the family she considers “the bookstore family”. She explained her excitement at seeing an “Edwards Obama” bumper sticker recently, an observation that received much applause.

$1 BILLION Dollars Short. Thank you NC Republicans....errr, I mean NC Democrats

I signed up some time ago for the Action for Children North Carolina email list, and it has been a nice addition. The group sends our semi-regular emails about the latest topics that will affect the Health and Safety of North Carolina's Children. That is where I read about this story from the Greensboro News & Record. It is interesting not only because of the content, but because of the ONE "opinion-maker" they sampled.

Open thread

My computers are crashing, the BlueNC site seems slower than molasses, and I have to get up at 5 am to fly to Washington DC, for an all-day bidness meeting. Once upon a time I liked business travel, but not any more. All the airport insecurity really gets to me, especially the part where we're herded like cows into lines.

I'm sure this is all about freedom being on the march, but somehow it just doesn't feel very liberating.

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