Treasurer trove

The race to replace Richard Moore as NC Treasurer in 2008 will be a wild one. At least three Dems who will be running (Janet Cowell, Michael Weisel and Chris Mintz), plus Bill Daughtridge and Dale Fowell from the party of greed.

I don't have a preferred Democratic candidate for this position yet, but I do have a preferred philosophy: the power of State Treasurer should not be in the hands of someone looking for higher office. It should not, in other words, be a stepping stone to somewhere else.

Open thread

Governor Easley has been absolutely buoyant and bubbly the past couple of days, with more public visibility than we've seen in a good long while. Maybe he's rethinking a run for the US Senate? Lord (and everyone else) knows he could take out Liddy with both hands tied behind his back. Anyone heard any rumors?

Dear me:

After getting a letter like this, I have to conclude two things. One, the good Congressman knows where he stands. And two, George W. Bush is almost certainly going to get away Scot free after having sacrificed hundreds of thousands of innocent lives for nothing.

Dear James:

Thank you for contacting me regarding possible grounds for impeachment.

There is no one more frustrated with Bush Administration abuses of power than I, and I continue to adamantly advocate for shining a bright light on them. There are several reasons, however, why I do not view impeachment as the right course to pursue at this time.

NC's Budget contains a big win for Children

When Governor Easley signed the budget into law on July 31st a lot of legislators and budget watchers were focused on the inclusion of the land transfer tax option, and the sales tax increase that was made permanent. But also included in the bill were two landmark progressive measures that will be a boon North Carolina's children and families. The final budget includes a refundable 3.5% Earned Income Tax Credit for working families, and NC KIDS CARE, health care coverage that will fill the gap for families between 200% and 300% of the federal poverty level.

UPDATE: State of the Candidate's Websites, Take 2.

Once again, we are going to take a look at the state of Candidate's Websites for our leading Democratic candidates. The grading system:

F - no website except government site.
D - website with no online contact info (phone/address only) that looks like it was made in Dreamweaver in the 90s.
C - website has online contact info, but is out-of-date with news/bills/action that is listed.
B - website has all of the above and appears to be updated on a regular basis, has a photo page, and a way to donate online.
A - website has all of the above, plus a blog or chatroom, and links to Flickr/YouTube/MySpace/Facebook sites.

So, who rises and who falls?

Democrats Deliver While Pat Makes an Obstruction of Himself

While Democrats continue to deliver on promises that put working families first, North Carolina Republicans pride themselves on obstructionism.

Here’s a quote from the Republican Pit Bull Patrick McHenry in today’s edition of The Hill:
Read it here.

“We shut down the House for nearly a week, forcing the Democrats to make public earmarks in the appropriation bills,” McHenry said. “This was an enormous success.”

“Shutting down the House for an entire week to make a point that Republicans will remember but the public won’t robs voters of action on issues they care about like the Iraq War, health care, education and aid to military families,” said NCDP Chair Jerry Meek. “McHenry’s constituents ought to ask if his obstructionism serves his interests or theirs.”

NRCC Screws the Pooch......and Robin Hayes

This evening, the DCCC will hold a fundraiser to help Larry Kissell erase the personal debt he acquired in his bid to help take our congress and our country back in 2006. His bid last cycle fell short by a mere 329 votes and Larry is working hard to improve his name recognition and to keep his positives high with the voters. Let's help Larry Kissell retire his personal campaign debt. If you go here and make a contribution, it will be matched two to one.

Hey Senate: Forget all that crappy stuff I said about you!

I don't know why it's so hard to get both of our illustrious houses in the legislature lined up on the right side of important issues. We had a helluva fight keeping the special interests out of the Senate on the transfer tax, but now it's the House that's out of whack on the landfills issue.

The N&O has a good editorial that covers most of the important points.


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