Power Struggle Grips State

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Rumors or reality? NC State is all a-twitter either way.

Toby Parcel, dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at NC State, has apparently been pressuring department heads to come up with proposals to submit to the Pope Foundation. One department discussed this possibility at its February 14, 2007, faculty meeting.

Several faculty members noted that the values and agenda of the Pope Foundation are incompatible with the values and mission of a public university. In view of this conflict, department faculty decided that they did not want to seek Pope Foundation funding or have anything to do with the Foundation.

Stand Up to this Garbage

I think it's great that Ann Coulter and the conservatives at this weekend's CPAC convention in Washington want to slur John Edwards with homophobic slurs and laugh about it. The HUGE irony here is that many at the convention are fretting over the slate of Republican presidential candidates lacking true Christian values.

I think it's great because it shows these people for what they really are----power-obsessed jerks who will summon up all measure of bile and hate just to win an election. A far cry from Jesus Christ's sermon on the mount, don't you think?

To Edwards's credit, his campaign has responded by using Coulter's slur to raise money. This morning on his website, they are trying to raise a little "Coulter Cash" to help end the culture of bigotry that folks like Coulter, Karl Rove and the men they serve----that's you, George W Bush---have created in this country.

Kick-Ass Women and their Kick-Ass Blogs

This past week I promised a discussion of and links to women bloggers. There's this little thing called time that keeps slipping on by and I'm just getting around to it. I'm sorry if you've been waiting by your computer, refreshing every few seconds to see what SD has to say about women and blogging. (He he he ha ha ha - I really do have a firm grasp on reality!)

I tried to set myself a time limit after spending over six hours lost in reading blogs written by African Americans and American Indians. My time limit didn't work. I realize I won't be able to do this every day, but there are some amazing blogs written by extraordinary, ordinary people - all skin colors, genders, ethnicities.

For today's collection, I skipped going to Blogher and headed straight for our own NC Blog Index. Shame on you if you haven't been checking out our own blogroll. The great thing about the NC Blog Index is people can add their own blog to the list. They don't need an invitation, just the desire to register for the site and add their name to the list.

Saturday Morning Coffee with Elizabeth Edwards

No, not in person, sadly -- just in a post. Don't hate me for getting your hopes up. :)

The Democratic Women in these parts started a fund-raiser last year we call "Lunch in a Bag." It consists of amazing chili and brunswick stew (with other stuff like bread and cookies, etc.) and its sold and prepared by pre-order especially for folks to have on the first weekend of March Madness.

Well, the chili is now in the final phase. Flavors are melding and the consistency is approaching perfect. My work is nearly done, so I'm sitting here with my French press coffee and not much else to do. I'd write a new post, but this morning I'm not sure I could figure out what 2+2 is, much less make any sense in a written composition. Since we have a whole lot of new registrants and traffic here at blueNC and Saturday is usually a relaxed day, I thought I would finally cross post something I put up at dKos back in December. Its about Elizabeth Edwards.

Oh. right. You probably figured that out by the post Title. See? Not too sharp this morning.

Why don't we just skip right to the post? ;)

BlueNC: High Impact Community

Have you ever wondered just how much impact a diary on BlueNC makes? If you're like me, there are days you wonder why you even bother. I write a masterpiece and get two or three comments. Some days blogging is frustrating.

After our BlueNC Women on Wednesday session this week, I wanted to see just how much of an impact our first effort made, if any. How many new accounts registered? (We rock - 2nd biggest day for new registrations in past two months!) How was traffic different for this Wednesday over other Wednesdays? Does it really matter as long as we had fun?

That question can be asked of blogging in general. Does it matter if you have a large audience? To some, it does. Many folks who blog, though do it simply because they have something to say and they dont' care who is listening. Others do it because they want to make an impact. If this type of blogger doesn't see the impact of his work he will get frustrated and quit. How many dead blogs have you run across out there? I find them all the time.

N&O to US Navy: You Stacked the Deck

Here's to the editorial writers at the N&O today. They've come out loud and clear in condemning the sham that the US Navy calls a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement. I for one am happy to give them all the credit in the world for this strong editorial.

The U.S. Navy justified its decision to build a practice landing field for jet fighters close to a North Carolina haven for large migratory birds on the basis of an environmental study found deficient by the federal courts. So, the courts told the Navy to take another look. But its supplemental study turns out to be little more than a warmed-over rationale for why a site near the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge is just fine. That conclusion remains unconvincing.

Good morning, Grier

It's been a busy BlueNC week. We closed out February with the first-ever Women on Wednesdays, and a record 13,008 unique visitors for the shortest month of the year. We got the scoop on "new rules" for the NC House, and today we have a second-term representative, Grier Martin, stopping by to answer your questions. He's a primary sponsor on the Renewable Portfolio Standards bill, and is intensely interested in veterans affairs and family issues.

He should be online around 8, so keep your eyes peeled and your questions coming. We'll have him for about an hour.

Happy Friday, everyone.

Candidates and Blogging

Same thing at Kos

As some of you may or may not know, I occupy a fairly unique position in the political world. Just like most of you I am obsessed by politics. I would estimate that in a normal week I spend 75 plus percent of my time involved in something political. This ranges from blogging to reading the newspaper to going to my classes in political science to lying in bed (is insomnia genetic?).

However, I said that I occupy a UNIQUE position from the rest of you. And I think that I do. I spend a large amount of time blogging, in between my real life activities. However, my real life activity is what seperates me. You see, when I log off I go to work, and when I go to work I stay in politics.

When people ask me what career I am going into when I graduate I have one answer. Campaigns. You see, I have only had one job in my entire life not connected to politics, and that was a temp job I only did for one month. I not only live and breathe politics, I wouldnt be able to eat without politics.

Consequently, I see most issues from both a campaign side and from a blog side.


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