Vote Tomorrow! Races to Watch in Mecklenburg County [UPDATE]

I had this post almost written and Firefox crashed. Unfortunately, I lost the post. I was reviewing some of the contested races in Mecklenburg County and I started with the most important mother's.

City Council District 1 - Patsy Kinsey (D) v. Tariq Bokhari (R)

Patsy Kinsey (aka Mom) served two terms as a Mecklenburg County Commissioner and is running for a third term on Charlotte's City Council in District 1. Her opponent, Tariq Bokhari registered to vote after election day on November 2006 and cast his first vote in the Republican primary this year. His campaign can be summed up in two words - indecent exposure - as in his lack of exposure to the electoral process is indecent for someone seeking election. He is a moderate Republican and agrees with Patsy Kinsey on many of the issues facing the district. His only difference is he doesn't think we should have to pay for improvements in infrastructure. Apparently, Tariq, along with most Republicans is counting on the magic fairy to wave her magic wand and Charlotte will find a way to magically pay for schools, roads, police, fire, medic, libraries....etc.

Thanks, Kay

The way things are going around here lately, I'd be surprised if any politician wanted to sort through our messy house, especially those running for the United States Senate. Some of us are downright despondent, others are yelling at the tops of their virtual lungs, and still others are tempted to chuck it all and go fishing. (I'd be in that third category if I liked fishing.)

In light of all that, I was very pleased to get this note from Kay Hagan in response to my invitation for her to come blog with us.

First of all, let me apologize for the lateness in getting back to you. As you can imagine,the last ten days have been incredibly busy!

I would like to have the opportunity to speak directly to your readers, but it's going to be tough to find the time to sit down for a web chat in the short term. That is absolutely something we can revisit down the road, so lets stay in touch. The voice of your blog and its readers is an enthusiastic part of ALL of our efforts to take back this seat from Senator Dole.

Again, please accept by apology for the lateness of this response.


I can't imagine what life looks like for Kay Hagan or Jim Neal right now, but I don't envy either of them. They've both taken on an enormous amount of very hard work in a zero-sum game, and the clock is tick-tick-ticking away. (Jack Betts at the Charlotte Observer had a his own take on the race this morning.)

So thanks, Senator Hagan. We'll look forward to your visit whenever you're ready.

Top Climate Expert Joins Fight to Stop New Coal-Power in NC

Come hear Dr. James Hansen speak on solving the global climate emergency; his leading recommendation: a moratorium on coal-fired power plants such as the one planned by Duke Energy at Cliffside, North Carolina (RSVP strongly recommended).

Friday, November 16 - 7pm
Queens University of Charlotte

Saturday, November 17 - 3pm
The Friday Center - Chapel Hill

Admission for both forums are FREE but seats are going fast. Be sure to reserve your seat today!

Frontpaged by Anglico.

A kinder gentler review

When I promised Justice Bob Orr I'd work hard to be my kinder-gentler self, I forgot that I'd find my self reading things written by our old friend Rob Christensen every now and then. And today I came across this column about how hard it is to get elected to higher office from the State Legislature. Rob focuses his analysis on Kay Hagan and Beverly Perdue.

Jim Neal at the Equality NC Conference and Gala

I was honored to serve on the planning committee for the 2007 Equality NC Conference, held yesterday at the Duke School of Law. About 250 people registered to share trench stories about work to advance civil rights in our state for LGBTs, but also to work cross-culturally and share information about legal and political strategies and successes.

The most impressive thing to tout about this conference is the number of state elected and appointed officials and candidates who turned out in this very public venue in support of Equality NC's work and LGBT Tar Heels. Here are just a few of the luminaries that were present at the conference or gala, held later that evening at Duke's Nasher Museum of Art -- Speaker Joe Hackney, Rep. Rick Glazier (the recipient of ENC's legislative award for his work on the school anti-bullying bill, which passed the House), Special Superior Court Judge John Arrowood (Court of Appeals), Ed Ridpath, and all of the Dem candidates for Lieutenant Governor.

Last, but certainly not least, was the presence of Jim Neal, who plans to unseat Liddy Do-Nothing Dole in the U.S. Senate. I have video of his appearance at the gala, in which he addresses how taking the question of his sexual orientation off the table was a simple matter, and how he's running on the issues. It's below the fold.

WNC: Don't miss out on a unique health care opportunity

Health Care for All NC has begun their "Reforming Health Care in North Carolina" series "Part One: Building Common Ground" with a community meeting in Greensboro. This series is hosted by Health Care for All North Carolina, NC Community Health Center Association, NC Nurses Association and NC Pediatric Society. From their announcement.

Health Care for All is coming. Polls show that the public is strongly in favor of systemic change. Currently, only the health insurance industry is well funded and focused on influencing the outcome. The rest of us need to identify our priorities and speak with a unified voice. The time to begin these efforts is now. The most effective time to affect change is between General Assembly Sessions.

The first meeting was a positive success, now it is the turn of you Western North Carolinians. Follow me after the break to hear a little bit about the first meeting and for information on the second meeting.


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