I have a Job

Well, it looks like I will be on BlueNC a lot less soon.

On July 11th I am on my way to New Hampshire to work for John Edwards. I will be doing field work for the campaign.

Because of it, I doubt I will be doing much blogging, but I will stay in touch. I am incredibly excited, as you can all imagine. 12-16 hour days in the cold of New Hampshire isnt ideal (I hate cold) but its for a man and a movement that I believe in, and I am going to work my butt off to try and make him the next President.

60 Hours Left to Prove Netroots Power to DCCC

You know the deal BlueNC. When Washington wouldn't return my phone calls, you were there, believing in me all along, and we came within 330 votes of victory in North Carolina's 8th. Now, we are running hard for 2008, already in the nation's closest rematch, only this time with the DCCC behind us. But let me explain what that really means, and why the final 60 hours of our first full fundraising quarter are so important, to me, to you and to defeating Robin Hayes in a little under 500 days.

Hold the line, Joe.

The current run of legislating in the North Carolina General Assembly has been a sorry saga by almost any standard, mostly because of the sold-out Senate, which has done little more than represent the interests of businesses and wealthy individuals. Thank goodness for Speaker Joe Hackney in the House.

Poor Fred

Fred Smith, the Asphalt King, is out playing his sad story to the Republican Club in Haywood County. It's like deja vu all over again:

Senator Fred Smith, candidate for governor, related growing up in an orphanage where his parents worked and taught. He described college footballs days, law school and service in the United States Army, and service as state Senator. He spoke of what it would mean to the people in our state to have a conservative governor.

How's that for exciting reporting! Seriously, what's with the orphanage saga at the top of every Fred Smith news story? No matter how Smith lays it out, it always sounds like he was a sad little disadvantaged pauper growing up in a Charles Dickens novel . . . and of course he does it on purpose.

Introducing June Mabry

I recently had the opportunity to work with a wonderful woman and NC Democrat, June Mabry. She's the chair of the Stanly County Democratic Party and an amazing organizer. She and her fellow Democratic volunteers in Stanly County worked hard to produce one of the best GOTV efforts seen in the county by the Democratic party. On top of this she serves as the first vice chair of the 8th Congressional District.

She worked in communications with a Fortune 500 as communications manager. June worked in politics on the statewide and national level for 13 years before taking a self-imposed sabatical. She's back and Republicans should be quaking in their shoes.


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