Open Thread: Weekend Wound-up

Only 339 votes away from justice and integrity in the 8th District. Kudos to Larry's kick-ass campaign for keeping the faith. If you haven't contributed, now would be a good time.

The worst-kept secret is American politics continues to leak out.

The end of an error. With the patron saint of the free-market fundamentalists now dead and gone, perhaps delusions about the sanctity of "capital" will begin to fall. Milton Friedman thought privatization was the way to go at every turn. We can thank him, in part, for the fact that elections in America are bought and sold like hog bellies. Even worse, the intellectual descendants of Adam Smith via Friedman continue to export their happy horseshit to any poor country who'll take it. It's like the old days when cigarettes were good for what ailed you here in America. But then they were proven to be lethal, and the tobacco companies started exporting, suckering billions of people around the world into profitable addiction.

Kissell Goes Into Recount 339 Votes Down; Provisional Vote Phase Essentially Over

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Today netroots hero Larry Kissell asked for a recount. When I left the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections at 10:00 pm EST, Larry was down 339 votes district wide, so that's the all-but-final pre-recount number.

Many people have asked how they can help. This is a link to the recount fund. Or help Larry pay off his $45,000 in campaign debt (that's more than a teacher in Biscoe makes in a year). If you can't contribute, I'm sure Larry would simply ask for your prayers. If that's not personal enough for you, you can send your support by calling 1-877- 4 KISSELL (1-877-454-7735).

Let's try this again: Kissell Update Thread

Reposting of Screwy's locked up entry . . .

I thought we could use a separate thread for the NC-08 nail biter. RANT got front-paged at dKos for his diary, so go leave a comment there as well.

Donate here to help Larry with legal costs.

The State Board of Elections page is here.

At 3:46 pm it was Robin Hayes - 60,855 & Larry Kissell 60,453.

Open thread: Dan Blue

If you're registered at BlueNC and were online this morning, you may have noticed that someone named Dan Blue III registered and logged in. I don't know if it was the real Dan Blue, but I hope it was. Why? Read on.


Access to Health Care Subcommittee

The House Select Committee on Health Care, Subcommittee on Access is beginning meetings and hearings on who, why, what, and where. On November 28th, the committee will hold a hearing from 1pm-3pm in room 1027/1128 of the Legislative Building. They will be hearing evidence on who lacks access to health care, why they lack it, where these citizens are located, and what we can do about it.

Almost one in three non-Elderly North Carolinians (2.27 million people) were without health care coverage for three months or longer during 2001-2. Since then, the number of people in poverty and without health care has continued to rise in North Carolina. For all of 2004, over 1.3 million, or 1/6th of all North Carolinians were without health care. Why? Because 5/6th of people have some insurance, don't understand that they could have better insurance for the same price, and don’t understand the uninsured population.

While I will someday cover how bad our system is for how much we pay, below the fold I present some facts on the uninsured.

Bush Gives Rove The Boot

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If you never buy the News and Observer again in your lifetime, buy it today or at least read it online. There's a special section about the history of racism in our state, focused Wilmington in 1898. And make sure you read the lead editorial as well, which includes this remarkable paragraph:

Again we confront the role played by the press in firing the hatreds that led white vigilantes to overthrow Wilmington's elected municipal government and wantonly to kill black residents. This newspaper was a leader in that propaganda effort under editor and publisher Josephus Daniels. Although the paper no longer is owned by Daniels' heirs, an apology for the acts of someone whom we continue to salute in a different context on this page and for the misdeeds of the paper as an institution is perfectly in order, and so we offer that apology today.


Making The List

Earlier this week, Jerry Meek asked for ideas about who to recruit to run against our senior senator in 2008. The list is below the fold. It's a long list, with a bunch of names that have already been ruled out ... but I put them all here for the record.

The big question, of course, is who one of these people might be running against. I'd just about bet my status as a BlueNC front-pager that Elizabeth Dole is done for. She's looking tired, as well she should. She got the tar stomped out of her last week and has nothing to show for it. Sadly, North Carolina and America don't have much to show for it either.

Plastic Jesus

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The United States Marine Corpss has decided to accept Talking Jesus dolls into their Toys for Tots program. Sure hope none of those dolls are gay, though the one in the middle looks pretty buff to me. Lord knows, the NC Baptist Convention would find itself in a swivet if that happened.

Guess what the old guy with the gray beard says when you push his button?

"You shall not make for yourself a graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above . . . " (Exodus 20:4-6 RSV)

Stealing Democracy

They're Republicans. We shouldn't expect them to actually want the democratic process to work. They'd much rather be able to buy the votes they need to stay in power with all that K-Street money and the PAC contributions from the big oil companies and Phrma.

Robin Hayes' attempt to subvert the democratic process by denying valid votes should come as no surprise. As a congressman he has consistently denied the will of his constituency. Why would we expect him to honor their right to cast a vote?

The Charlotte Observer reported yesterday that Robin Hayes was challenging the majority of provisional ballots that traditionally have been accepted as valid. As the provisional ballots have been counted and Larry Kissell edges closer to victory more of the story of Robin Hayes' hypocrisy has come to light.

In a press release from the NCDP we find out this morsel:

Robin Hayes’ opposition to counting valid votes goes back at least as far as the 2000 Florida recount for Bush/Gore. A Charlotte Observer story when the Florida Supreme Court ordered a statewide recount confirms Hayes’ disregard for the will of voters.

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