Earle: Above the Bunk

MCDP Chair David Erdman & Rep. Beverly Earle

In the past couple of weeks, we've seen an assault from Republican media and the Charlotte Observer on the character of our mayoral candidate, Beverly Earle. But it's clear that she's above the bunk being thrown at her lately:

Sitting there in a stylish, dark-green outfit, eyes sparkling, Earle radiates a surprising level of confidence and fire, especially for a candidate who, having hardly gotten out of the gate, has already been raked over the coals by the Observer for minor finance reporting oversights.

Her recent experience with the press is evidently on her mind when she says, chuckling, "Pleased to meet you ... I think."

Take Back Charlotte Canvass: This Saturday, Sept 29th

This November, we have a chance to retake the Mayor's office in Charlotte. And I want to help make that happen.

That's why I'll be in Charlotte this Saturday, September 29th, working for our Democratic municipal candidates.

I hope you'll join me this Saturday, from noon to 3:00 p.m., as we go door-to-door, spreading the word about our municipal candidates and their vision for Charlotte. Volunteers will gather at noon at Plaza Presbyterian Church, located at 2304 The Plaza, in Charlotte. From there, we'll canvass Democrats and unaffiliated voters in a nearby precinct.

With a national mood favoring Democrats and strong candidates, this could be our best chance in years to make significant gains in Charlotte's municipal races. But it's going to take hard work -- including direct voter contact on a regular basis, between now and election.

If you can join us, just reply to jmeek@ncdp.org. I hope to see you Saturday.

Best Wishes,


Les Merritt wrong person to investigate Perdue or Moore (UPDATE)

Lookee what showed up on my little activity meter........

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This doesn't need a whole lot of commentary. All I know is that when I called State Rep. Tricia Cotham to see if she wanted to blog with us she said she would but that she couldn't do it from her office. She couldn't use her state-owned computer to conduct anything but official business.

Show some respect

Of all the people I have trouble understanding, Walter Jones is near the top of the list. One day he says his only allegiance is to his Lord, which is a strange thing for a sworn-in Congressman to say in my book. And now he's clamoring for kids in schools to be able to wear flags, as long as they're worn in a respectful manner. I just got another email from him on this burning (no pun intended) issue:


Rumors continue to fly that the two likely challengers to Liddy Dole - Grier Martin and Kay Hagan - are carefully weighing their options and close to making a decision. Both have made the rounds in Washington, sizing up the Party leadership, and being sized up by those controlling the campaign coffers for Senate candidates.

The Soup this morning cites "DC sources" in arguing that the two possible candidates are eager to avoid a primary. I don't know who those DC sources are, but their information doesn't match what I've heard. Maybe the all-knowing DSCC doesn't want a primary, but I'd be thrilled to have one. It would be a fair and clean contest, and the winner would be battle-hardened and even more prepared to take on Dole.

For all the political calculations The Fly (at the Soup) and its DC connections have to offer, they somehow manage to gloss over the single point that matters most. The US Senate election in North Carolina next November will be about one thing and one thing only: Bush's war in Iraq.


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