Greensboro N&R blasts Trudy Wade for anti-environmental stances


No ambiguity in this assessment:

The Republican state senator from Greensboro is, yet again, pushing more poisonous legislation that would trash critical protections for North Carolina’s groundwater and reservoirs. Call her Queen of the Landfills. High Priestess of Pollution. Grand Dame of the Dumpster. Goodness knows she’s earned it.

At this point, Wade’s latest attempt to kill and bury e-waste recycling, which was approved in the Senate Monday, seems unlikely to pass in the House. But odds are, she’ll be back. She has pressed in the past for reductions in air-quality monitoring, removal of some wetlands protections and softer penalties for companies that cause ground, air or water pollution. She is, in a way, a recycler herself — of bad ideas for special interests. And it’s a dirty shame.

Really don't need to add anything to that, other than the observation the idiots in her Senate District will continue to support her, because they hate the Democrat-dominated Greensboro City Council. Which of course reflects the demographics of the City itself, where Republicans only represent 17% of the population. Bitter, belligerent, and burn-the-house-down immature. Helluva combination.

Homegrown NC terrorist gets house arrest

That oughta teach him...nothing:

In Portland, Oregon, on Thursday, 42-year-old Jason Blomgren pleaded guilty to a federal conspiracy charge related to the occupation. Blomgren, of Murphy, North Carolina, traveled across the country to join the protesters. He told a judge he served as an armed guard.

In exchange for his plea, prosecutors dismissed a charge of possessing a firearm in a federal facility. Sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 14. Prosecutors recommend six months of home detention.

Bolding mine. Really? The nation was faced with the aura of heavily-armed extremists, threatening violence while occupying a Federal facility, and you're dropping the weapon charge? And sending him back here, where he'll probably be able to legally purchase as many assault rifles as he cares to collect? Gee thanks.

Friday News: Environmental rejection edition

FLURRY OF ENVIRONMENTAL MEASURES APPEAR AS NCGA SESSION WINDS DOWN (N.C. Health News) -- A bill that appeared Thursday would weaken storm water rules, change stream water mitigation requirements and affect the way landfills deal with wet waste.

WIND FARM RESTRAINTS GET INITIAL SENATE OK (AP) -- Large portions of North Carolina would be off limits to wind-energy operations in legislation given tentative approval Thursday, backed by supporters who argue it will help preserve the state's prominent military presence by keeping flight training areas clear.

The next attack on wind energy: Aviation corridors

The battle continues:

A proposal headed to the Senate floor would add requirements to the lengthy permitting process for wind farms to ensure they don't conflict with the training needs of North Carolina military bases. Sen. Harry Brown, R-Onslow, gutted House Bill 763, which was to establish a legislative task force on regulatory reform, and replaced it with the Military Operations Protection Act of 2016, including a color-coded map marking areas used for jet and helicopter training, primarily in eastern North Carolina.

"Having a 500-foot wind turbine in the flight pattern of a jet going 1,000 mph doesn't make sense to me," Brown said.

Bolding mine. If you think it's merely a coincidence that Art Pope's Civitas just lost its court case to (extremely) over-regulate wind turbines, and Harry Brown decided to motorcycle vagina a bill to embark on a new attack of the wind industry, I've got a bridge to nowhere in which I'd like you to invest. What Harry Brown and his co-horts haven't told their colleagues is that the FAA has an entire division dedicated to researching potential obstacles for aircraft flight paths, and is all over the wind turbine situation:

Thursday News: Wind doesn't blow Art Pope's way

Art Pope.jpg

JUDGE CLEARS WAY FOR AMAZON WIND FARM ALONG NC COAST (Raleigh News & Observer) -- Administrative Law Judge Melissa Owens Lassiter dismissed a legal challenge Wednesday to the Amazon Wind Farm, clearing the way for the largest wind farm in the Southeast to continue with construction near the North Carolina coast. Lassiter said the wind farm, which has been under construction for the past 11 months, is not subject to additional regulatory reviews and potentially costly delays. The effort to block the wind farm was backed by the Art Pope-financed Civitas Institute. While the organization preaches against government regulations, in this case it was advocating for more regulation under the notion that property rights of residents would be affected by the wind farm.

Pittenger not out of the woods yet

I had a feeling this would happen:

In a letter delivered Wednesday to the N.C. Board of Elections, Republican congressional candidate Mark Harris formally requested a recount in the primary election to become the GOP nominee in North Carolina’s 9th District. Harris, a Charlotte pastor, trailed U.S. Rep. Robert Pittenger, the incumbent, by less than 1 percent in the unofficial vote totals reported on Election Day last week.

Official canvass results reported Tuesday by the eight counties in the 9th Congressional District put Pittenger ahead by 135 votes. That’s seven votes fewer than the 142-vote margin he had Election Day.

With all the weird stuff going on with provisional ballots, 135 votes is not a great stretch to overcome. That being said, I'm not a big Mark Harris fan. There are way too many bible-thumpers in Congress already, and the last thing they need is another Pastor to render grand oratories.

Trudy Wade shows her love for Donald Trump

Blind loyalty to an unapologetic demagogue:

“Instead of wringing his hands and worrying about what other countries think of us, Donald Trump will put America first and protect all Americans,” Wade declared. “Now everyone knows that our highest priority needs to be keeping our children safe — all of our children. Donald Trump has told the American people that he will keep them safe by making our military the best in the world and by destroying ISIS.”

America (check) Children (check) ISIS (check). When you've only got less than a minute to run your yap, you have to make sure you push all the emotional buttons. When I consider the fact Wade used to be a Democrat, my gag reflex starts to kick in. But she still has a long way to go before catching up to Trump on the immaturity front:

Wednesday News: NC's cost/benefit education system


IN NC, TREATING SCHOOLS LIKE FACTORIES, CHILDREN LIKE COMMODITIES (Raleigh News & Observer column) -- Anyone who has been in a public school recently knows they are down to the bare minimum. Signs in the bathroom limit how much soap or paper towels you can use. Bare-bones administrative staff manage all the support needs of an entire school. Class sizes are constantly growing. Teachers pay for “extras” like glue, crayons, disinfectant, paper, tissues and napkins out of pocket – or ask parents to bring them in. Books are worn or non-existent. School nurses visit a day (or less) per week. Occupational therapists, speech therapists – a few times a month. Enrichment teachers split their schedules among multiple schools. PTAs raise funds for basic needs like books for the library.

McCrory loses another legal battle: Supreme Court won't stop air pollution rules

Suck it up, and clean it up:

The Supreme Court on Monday left intact a key Obama administration environmental regulation, refusing to take up an appeal from 20 states to block rules that limit the emissions of mercury and other harmful pollutants that are byproducts of burning coal.

“These practical and achievable standards cut harmful pollution from power plants, saving thousands of lives each year and preventing heart and asthma attacks. Power plants are the largest source of mercury in the United States,” the agency said. “Mercury is a neurotoxin that can damage children’s developing nervous systems, reducing their ability to think and learn. All told, for every dollar spent to make these cuts, the public is receiving up to $9 in health benefits.”

The next step is to force DEQ to revise its lame-ass attempt to comply with the Clean Power Plan. But that's probably going to have to wait until January, when Roy Cooper boots Myers Park Pat out of the Gooberhouse.


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