Sunday News: Calling out the Brownshirts

WARNING OF ELECTION FRAUD, TRUMP SPARKS FEAR THAT BACKERS MAY INTIMIDATE VOTERS (LA Times) -- In remarks with strong racial overtones, Donald Trump told a mainly white rural crowd in Pennsylvania on Friday that vote fraud could cheat him out of victory and vowed to dispatch police who support him to monitor polls in “certain parts” of the state.

Subsidizing bigotry: Voucher-receiving Christian schools ban LGBT students

And Skip Stam thinks it's just fine:

The Bible Baptist handbook states: “The school reserves the right, within its sole discretion, to refuse admission of an applicant or to discontinue enrollment of a current student. This includes, but is not limited to, living in, condoning or supporting any form of sexual immorality (or) practicing or promoting a homosexual lifestyle or alternative gender identity.”

N.C. Rep. Paul Stam, a Republican from Apex who sponsored the voucher program in the state legislature, said the program does not discriminate. “Parents choose where to send children. And parents are free to choose whatever school they want within the hundreds of possibilities,” he said.

While it's very likely Stam does understand the program allows for discrimination, he chooses to pursue the fallacy argumentum ad temperantiam (argument to moderation), in which the statistics are brought into play: More schools don't discriminate than those who do, so it's not a problem. The truth is somewhere in-between. It's actually a clever position (if we allow him to maintain it), because discrimination would have to rise to 50+% for him to admit there's a problem. Needless to say, we can't see the ass-end of him soon enough.

Charter pirates to be led by Dan Forest


What could possibly go wrong?

Regardless of the warnings, the N.C. legislature mandated the State Board of Education to start the process that will seize five of the state’s lowest performing public schools and put their management under a newly-formed Achievement School District.

The Achievement Schools superintendent, who will be picked by a committee headed and selected by the lieutenant governor, will have a $400,000 start-up budget, significant authority and autonomy in choosing the five schools and designating the specific school operators – though the state board must ultimately approve the choices.

So, Lieutenant Dan gets to select the committee he will then lead, and they will select the Superintendent. Why even have a committee? If somebody disagrees with Forest, won't he be able to simply "select" their replacement? For all their talk about "government accountability," Republicans have a habit of doing the exact opposite.

Saturday News: Winning the Trifecta


NBC POLL: CLINTON, ROSS, COOPER LEAD IN NC (WRAL-TV) -- An NBC News - Wall Street Journal poll conducted by the Marist Institute shows Democrats Hillary Clinton, Deborah Ross and Roy Cooper leading their races for the state's presidential electors, U.S. Senate and governor, making it one of the most favorable such surveys of registered voters issued this summer.

Right-wing DC "think tank" attacks corporate HB2 opponents

Invading shareholder meetings to spread their bigoted viewpoints:

Justin Danhof, general counsel for the National Center for Public Policy Research in Washington, said in an interview Thursday that he also intends to attend shareholder meetings of other companies – both within and outside of North Carolina – that signed an amicus brief in support of the U.S. Department of Justice’s opposition to the law.

“The largest takeaway of why we’re doing this is that the public narrative about H.B. 2 has really been wrongly focused, in our opinion,” Danhof said. “All you hear about is North Carolina and bathrooms, North Carolina and bathrooms. It’s about a much bigger issue than that.”

Frankly, if Trump can kick people out of his (public) rallies using whatever criteria moves him at the moment, I don't see why this jackass is allowed to speak during meetings with shareholders. And by the way, his comments above are watered down for mainstream media consumption. Here's what he really thinks:

Friday News: Republicans lose again


FEDERAL PANEL STRIKES DOWN N.C. LEGISLATIVE DISTRICTS (Greensboro News & Record) -- "Plaintiffs, and thousands of other North Carolina citizens, have suffered severe constitutional harms stemming from defendants' creation of 28 districts racially gerrymandered in violation of the equal protection clause," U.S. Circuit Judge James Wynn wrote in Thursday's ruling.

Unfit to lead: Trump NC campaign manager gun-wielding nut-job

And that is not a hyperbolic headline:

“All of a sudden, Vincent saw Phillip pull a gun out from his side of the Jeep,” the suit says. “It was a .45 caliber pistol. It was loaded… Phillip then moved the gun toward Vincent. He pointed it at, and then placed the barrel on, Vincent’s left knee cap…

The suit alleges that Bordini learned of “at least four other” people on whom Phillip pulled a gun. He said he alerted Trump campaign staffers, including Lewandowski and Stuart Jolly, Trump’s national field director.

And they did nothing. Until (presumably) Bordini filed a lawsuit. Crazy just doesn't cover it.

Tim Moore is the master of pork barrel politics

It's good to have friends in high places:

On June 27, state lawmakers were in the throes of hashing out the 2016-17 budget, when tucked on page 182, a new line item appeared, as if by magic: a $1.5 million grant for water and sewer upgrades and dam repair at John H. Moss Reservoir in Cleveland County.

It’s clear from the minutes that the money could benefit the lake — if indeed, that’s how the funds are spent — but it also could increase the home values of several people closely connected to Moore’s campaign. According to Moore’s campaign finance reports from 2014 to 2016, Donna Mabry, Moore’s treasurer, and Misty Greene, a campaign volunteer, live on Moss Lake. Contributors James Testa ($1,500) Robert Arey ($700), William Shipley ($300) and Ellis Monroe ($200) also live there. Dennis Bailey ($250), works for ReMax realty, which sells homes in Cleveland County, including several on the lake.

The only thing missing from this tawdry tale is Moore getting "a really good deal" on a lakehouse some time in the near future. We'll be watching.

Thursday News: Business as usual edition


COMPANIES OPPOSING HB2 FUNDING PRO-MCCRORY EFFORTS (Facing South) – Some major companies that are opposing HB2 are contributing to organizations, such as the Republican Governors Association, that are helping finance political efforts to re-elect Republican Gov. Pat McCrory. Of the businesses that have publicly opposed HB2, 21 donated a total of more than $1.1 million to the RGA since McCrory signed the bill on March 23. Microsoft gave the most at $125,000, while Coca-Cola, General Electric, MassMutual, Merck and Oracle each added $100,000. Prominent tech businesses including Google, Facebook and Lyft also contributed tens of thousands of dollars, as did financial companies Bank of America and Visa.


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