Pittenger not out of the woods yet

I had a feeling this would happen:

In a letter delivered Wednesday to the N.C. Board of Elections, Republican congressional candidate Mark Harris formally requested a recount in the primary election to become the GOP nominee in North Carolina’s 9th District. Harris, a Charlotte pastor, trailed U.S. Rep. Robert Pittenger, the incumbent, by less than 1 percent in the unofficial vote totals reported on Election Day last week.

Official canvass results reported Tuesday by the eight counties in the 9th Congressional District put Pittenger ahead by 135 votes. That’s seven votes fewer than the 142-vote margin he had Election Day.

With all the weird stuff going on with provisional ballots, 135 votes is not a great stretch to overcome. That being said, I'm not a big Mark Harris fan. There are way too many bible-thumpers in Congress already, and the last thing they need is another Pastor to render grand oratories.

Trudy Wade shows her love for Donald Trump

Blind loyalty to an unapologetic demagogue:

“Instead of wringing his hands and worrying about what other countries think of us, Donald Trump will put America first and protect all Americans,” Wade declared. “Now everyone knows that our highest priority needs to be keeping our children safe — all of our children. Donald Trump has told the American people that he will keep them safe by making our military the best in the world and by destroying ISIS.”

America (check) Children (check) ISIS (check). When you've only got less than a minute to run your yap, you have to make sure you push all the emotional buttons. When I consider the fact Wade used to be a Democrat, my gag reflex starts to kick in. But she still has a long way to go before catching up to Trump on the immaturity front:

Wednesday News: NC's cost/benefit education system


IN NC, TREATING SCHOOLS LIKE FACTORIES, CHILDREN LIKE COMMODITIES (Raleigh News & Observer column) -- Anyone who has been in a public school recently knows they are down to the bare minimum. Signs in the bathroom limit how much soap or paper towels you can use. Bare-bones administrative staff manage all the support needs of an entire school. Class sizes are constantly growing. Teachers pay for “extras” like glue, crayons, disinfectant, paper, tissues and napkins out of pocket – or ask parents to bring them in. Books are worn or non-existent. School nurses visit a day (or less) per week. Occupational therapists, speech therapists – a few times a month. Enrichment teachers split their schedules among multiple schools. PTAs raise funds for basic needs like books for the library.

McCrory loses another legal battle: Supreme Court won't stop air pollution rules

Suck it up, and clean it up:

The Supreme Court on Monday left intact a key Obama administration environmental regulation, refusing to take up an appeal from 20 states to block rules that limit the emissions of mercury and other harmful pollutants that are byproducts of burning coal.

“These practical and achievable standards cut harmful pollution from power plants, saving thousands of lives each year and preventing heart and asthma attacks. Power plants are the largest source of mercury in the United States,” the agency said. “Mercury is a neurotoxin that can damage children’s developing nervous systems, reducing their ability to think and learn. All told, for every dollar spent to make these cuts, the public is receiving up to $9 in health benefits.”

The next step is to force DEQ to revise its lame-ass attempt to comply with the Clean Power Plan. But that's probably going to have to wait until January, when Roy Cooper boots Myers Park Pat out of the Gooberhouse.

Tuesday News: Burr is a terrorist sympathizer

TERROR WATCH LISTS AT CENTER OF CONGRESSIONAL DEBATE POST-ORLANDO (Washington Post) -- When asked Monday if the FBI should simply be notified when past terror list entrants try to purchase weapons, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) told ABC News he was against it. “These individuals are U.S. citizens, and we take their Second Amendment right away because the FBI interviews them?” Burr said.

POLITICIANS PRAY FOR ORLANDO VICTIMS, TAKE MONEY FROM NRA (Teen Vogue) – Here is a collection of those politicians’ tweets, along with data on their NRA contributions compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics, and their rating from the NRA — a score the organization uses to help guide its members on how to vote (the higher the mark, the more politician opposes gun control and reform). … Sen. Richard Burr - Chair, Senate Intelligence Committee (R - North Carolina) “My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this morning's horrific attack in Orlando and their loved ones.” Burr has received $4,950 from the NRA so far this election cycle. Burr voted against a 2015 amendment that would have blocked suspected terrorists from legally purchasing firearms. He has an “A+” NRA rating this year.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Big doins' in Greensboro later:

Heh. Pretty much everybody else on the GOP ticket are avoiding Donald like the plague, but McCrory can't help himself. If the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse rode by, it's a good bet McCrory would try to get a photobomb. Speaking of Trump, we may need to edit the lyrics to this song:

Thank Burr and Tillis for the Orlando massacre

They had a chance (if not several) to stop Omar Mateen from arming himself:

Senate Republicans rejected a bill that aims to stop suspected terrorists from legally buying guns, on Thursday. The vote came a day after at least 14 people were killed during the San Bernardino massacre in California by two suspects, including a woman said to have pledged allegiance to ISIS. Forty-five senators voted for the bill and 54 voted against it. One Democrat, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, and one Republican, Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois, crossed party lines.

The NRA did not respond to a request on Friday for comment. But the gun rights lobby group told MSBC last month it wants to ensure that Americans who are wrongly on the terrorist list are are afforded their constitutional right to due process.

I don't want to hear another &*$%#@*&% word from Republicans harping about the "true" threat to our country. Or how Democrats put the interests of a tiny minority above the interests and desires of the vast majority of Americans. This bill would have allowed those denied the purchase of a firearm to plead their case to an administrative judge, and it would also have alerted the handful of wrongfully classified individuals that they were in fact on a watch list. Just basic common sense, as Dianne Feinstein so eloquently stated:

NC GOP: Allow concealed weapons without a permit

Welcome again to Bizarro World:

§ 14‑415.35. Carrying concealed weapons.

(a) Carrying Concealed Weapon. – Any person who is a citizen of the United States and is at least 21 years old may carry a concealed weapon in this State unless provided otherwise by law.

Forget about unqualified North Carolinians gaming the system by obtaining a Virginia carry license to meet NC's Reciprocity agreement. Also, forget about reciprocity entirely. That "citizen of the United States" wording basically allows people who cannot concealed-carry in their own state (if that state doesn't allow CC) to come right into North Carolina and do so indiscriminately. This bill is the epitome of irresponsibility, and the entire world will be gaping at us in disbelief before the sun sets today.

Monday News: Remembering the 50

VIGIL AT CHARLOTTE NIGHTSPOT IN WAKE OF ORLANDO SHOOTINGS (AP) -- A candlelight vigil is scheduled at a Charlotte nightclub in the wake of the weekend shootings in Florida in which 50 people were killed in the worst mass shooting in American history.

GREENSBORO VIGIL HONORS ORLANDO SHOOTING VICTIMS (Greensboro News & Record) -- Speakers urged people to support all religions and sexual orientations. About 350 people attended.

The next anti-Solar attack vector: Herbicides

And it always helps to have a professor back up your manufactured threat:

Ron Heiniger, a professor of crop science at N.C. State, is one of them. He said that in many cases, solar farms are a bad use of land and potentially harmful to the environment.

If a company goes out of business, he explained, a farmer could be left with an unusable piece of land. That’s because many companies want to use powerful herbicides to manage plant growth under the solar panels, which could hurt the environment.

Okay, Solar farms should be using the least damaging methods of controlling weeds and such, whether it's goats or standard landscaping approaches. That being said, NC State is the very last entity that should be whining about herbicides. Here's just the weed control chapter of the 2016 Agricultural Chemicals Manual (published by NC State), 146 pages of recommended herbicides for various crops, including a couple of doozies:


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