Daily dose: Homegrown terrorism edition

Dylann Roof, Suspect in Charleston Shooting, Flew the Flags of White Power (New York Times) -- — The Facebook profile picture chosen by Dylann Storm Roof in May is thick with symbolism. It shows Mr. Roof, a scowling young white man, wearing a black jacket adorned with two flags — one from apartheid-era South Africa, the other from white-ruled Rhodesia — that have been adopted as emblems by modern-day white supremacists. Mr. Roof, 21, was arrested Thursday in North Carolina after law enforcement officers identified him as the suspect in the mass shooting at a black church in Charleston, S.C., on Wednesday night.

Friend says church shooting suspect ranted about race (AP) — In recent weeks, Dylann Storm Roof reconnected with a childhood buddy he hadn't seen in five years and started railing about the Trayvon Martin case, about black people "taking over the world" and about the need for someone to do something about it for the sake of "the white race," the friend said Thursday.

"Piñata Politics" is an apt description

The vendetta against Gene Nichol is childish and destructive:

A last-minute amendment by Senate leaders Wednesday docked the University of North Carolina School of Law budget by $3 million. Democrats say it's political payback for the school's employment of legislative critic Gene Nichol. Sen. Mike Woodard, D-Durham, questioned whether the "capricious" cut would force reductions in financial aid or public service programs at the school. "This feels like the Gene Nichol transfer amendment," Woodard added.

Apodaca did not immediately respond to an inquiry from WRAL News about the timing and rationale for his amendment, but he said nothing to dispute Democrats' accusations during the floor debate.

When vicious attempts by Civitas to uncover wrongdoing on Professor Nichols' part didn't pan out, the next step was to close the Poverty Center. But that still wasn't enough, was it? Because the end goal is to get the outspoken Professor fired, or to force him to resign. Totalitarian regimes are notorious for silencing voices of opposition, and colleges are usually the first places they clamp down.

Daily dose: Fletcher's very bad day edition


Elections board: NC senator may have misspent campaign money (AP) — North Carolina elections officials decided Wednesday to send state prosecutors the findings of their two-year investigation into a powerful state senator's use of campaign contributions from political supporters on personal expenses from speeding tickets to shoe repairs.

Message to NC Bar: Drop your complaint against Mumma

Her behavior pales in comparison to the gross injustice she helped expose and reverse:

The North Carolina State Bar last month filed a complaint against Christine Mumma, the executive director of the North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence, alleging that she unethically obtained a DNA sample while investigating the case of Joseph Sledge.

State authorities hadn't collected any DNA from other possible suspects in the case and were pressing for a hearing that could end Sledge's bid to have his conviction overturned.

Seems pretty clear to me. The man was wrongfully convicted forty years ago, and the state was intent upon continuing that "unethical" behavior by refusing to pursue the truth. Does the Bar want attorneys to be advocates for their clients, or just avatars of an adversarial system that doesn't really exist? To give you an idea of just how screwed up the original conviction was and the recent lack of concern from authorities, here's a comment from another, related article:

Coal Ash Wednesday: Restoring the Dan River


Mitigation planners are seeking public input for projects:

A state-federal team is seeking public comment on its plan to assess natural resource damage from Duke Energy’s 2014 spill of coal ash into the Dan River.

Federal law lets state and federal agencies pursue claims against Duke to restore, replace or acquire natural resources equal to those that were damaged, and to seek cash compensation.

Trustees have already determined the types of projects that should be considered (see page 27 of the Plan large pdf), which includes conservation acquisitions, buffer zones, and recreational (boating & swimming) access. The public has until July 17 to submit input to: Sara Ward, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, P.O. Box 33726, Raleigh 27636-3726, or Sara_Ward@fws.gov.

Daily dose: Railroading the budget version


Democrats criticize haste, lack of transparency in NC Senate budget process (Raleigh News & Observer) -- The N.C. Senate’s budget proposal will likely get four days of debate before it gets a final vote – a speedy timetable that’s drawing fire from Democrats who worry the spending plan’s sweeping policy changes won’t be adequately vetted. Top Senate Republicans have spent weeks working in secret on the budget. Highlights of the plan were first announced in a news conference Monday afternoon, with detailed documents released and explained during appropriations subcommittee meetings a few hours later. Some of those Monday meetings took place in tiny committee rooms without audio feeds available online – meaning some attendees crowded the halls outside the rooms trying to hear the discussion. It’s due on the Senate floor Wednesday. Senate leader Phil Berger said the first vote is expected Wednesday, with a final vote on Thursday.

No video after dark

This past week, two young beachcombers, however defined, innocently played and splashed in the ocean at Oak Island. From different walks of life and different parts of the country, life changing events occurred. To exploit anything further is irrelevant. Folks along the coast including Wilmington, Calabash, Oak Island or North Myrtle Beach might connect with this song. Others, maybe not. Tom Johnston of the Doobie Brothers speaks eloquently. And words are appropriate for support.

Somewhere in hospital rooms in North Carolina, there are two people forever connected to the coast. In mind, spirit, heartache, pain, and wonderment. Many people across the state, the nation, and the world, are with you.

May this song land in your laps and brighten your days ahead.


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