Mentally ill prisoner dies of dehydration

Here is a clear statement of our humanity and the way we treat "difficult" people. And with more cuts coming from the Teabilly NCGA, they will only add more stress to the system of prisons and hospitals through understaffing, as has always been the case with mental illness treatment. Inhumane and criminal.

Are employee-owned companies the wave of the future?

The Magic 8-Ball sez, "If we're smart they will be."

In addition to enhancing employee recruitment, a Harvard Business School study shows that employee-owned companies increase production and profitability while contributing to employees’ dedication and sense of ownership. “From top management to the front lines, the participants in employee-owned companies are partners in enterprise, sharing a single agenda and common goals … employees both learn and drive the business disciplines to help their company do well.”

Another study of ESOP companies during the recession showed they performed better financially than non-ESOP firms, paid their workers higher wages, contributed more to their employees’ retirement, and hired more overall workers.

Data- and performance-driven profit sharing models have long shown that companies who imbue their employees with a sense of ownership out-perform those who don't, so it's no big surprise that employee-owned businesses would be successful. But the longer we allow Citizens United to stand, the more likely bought-and-paid-for politicians will try to legislate this business model out of existence. Why? Because employee-owned companies are much less likely to dedicate a large amount of resources to partisan campaign efforts.

Daily dose: Lasers at the border edition

Walker ready to tame whirlwind (Greensboro News & Record) -- Requesting committee assignments will be a key part of freshman orientation for the first-term congressman, who says he's interested in government oversight and homeland security.

Brittany Maynard's suicide: The right to choose death

Brittany Maynard's reflections on why she was ending her life:

I made my decisions based on my wishes, clinical research, choices, discussions with physicians, and logic.  I am not depressed or suicidal or on a ‘slippery slope.’ I have been in charge of this choice, gaining control of a terrifying terminal disease through the application of my own humane logic.

Daily dose: Democrats lost because (fill in the blank) version

Chastened Republicans Beat Democrats at Their Own Ground Game (New York Times) -- The Republican Party took hard lessons from 2012 and built a formidable turnout and digital strategy for the midterm elections — one it hopes will serve it well in 2016.

Invitation-only offshore drilling meeting cluttered with industry lobbyists

Membership has its pricks:

Among the groups that had representatives in attendance were the Consumer Energy Alliance, the Center for Offshore Safety and the Institute for Energy Research. These groups include members of the petroleum and related industries.

Reporters were allowed to attend Gov. Pat McCrory's closing remarks, after most of the other participants had left.

His staff told reporters and representatives of environmental groups that they couldn't come in because of concerns that their attendance might arouse allegations of conflict of interest in the permit process. And attendance by special-interest groups funded by the petroleum industry would not?

It's no big surprise McCrory's bungling staff would interpret "conflict of interest" in such an ass-backwards manner. The only conflict of interest that would have arisen by having reporters and environmentalists in attendance would be a conflict between the public's best interests and the greed of the industry and its Republican puppets.


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