Training Programs & 24-Hour Hotlines Are Great, But When Is the Air Force Really Going to Tackle Sexual Violence?

Last Tuesday, Mother Jones ran an interesting article on actions taken by the U.S. Air Force to counter the epidemic of sexual assaults occurring in its bases and Academy.

Its efforts were spurred by the scandal that occurred two and a half years at the Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio during a training program. As Mother Jones reports, at least 70 individuals came forward with charges of “unwanted touching, inappropriate relationships, and rape” by at least 30 training instructors.

How's that tax cut working for ya?

Daily dose: Big-government bullies edition

Wake redistricting proposal elicits outrage, support (WRAL-TV) -- Fifteen people spoke out Monday on legislation that would change how members of the Wake County Board of Commissioners are elected, with most saying they were disgusted by the partisan nature of the bill and suggesting that the proposal be studied further before any action is taken.

Missing ingredient in Trudy Wade’s 'business bill' is business (Triad Business Journal) -- If approved, Sen. Bill 36 would eliminate Greensboro's three at-large council seats, reduce the number of districts from seven to five and change terms from two years to four.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Burning down your house because you don't like the wallpaper:

The last time somebody pulled a treasonous stunt like this, a whole lot of American soldiers died because of it:

NC House tries to blunt Senate's punishing tax plan

Doing what's right shouldn't be this difficult:

First they quietly decided to keep the tax break for homeowners whose banks cut their debts. The legislature's staff thinks this pulls $14 million out of state revenues. Then a Republican on the House floor persuaded most to keep the tax break for the charitable donations. And finally a Democrat got them agree to an amendment to protect the the tax break for college expenses.

Now the bill goes back to the Senate, and time is running out. This bill needs to pass soon so taxpayers can accurately figure out before the April 15 tax-filing deadline how much additional income taxes their Republican Senators want them to pay. Will the Senate give in to these tax loopholes for the middle and lower class?

Bolding mine. Those revenues haven't been collected since 2007, back when mortgage loan forgiveness was a relatively rare occurrence. So that $14 million never existed, it's merely a projection of what they thought they could squeeze out of distressed homeowners. That being said, if the Senate will go along with leaving these deductions in place, I'll try to keep my mouth shut about revenues. For a couple of days, anyway.

Under the dome

This movie has been banned in China. Sort of like the words "climate change" have been banned in Florida. Sort of like "science" has been banned in North Carolina. Ah well. All the banning in the world won't stop the disastrous impacts humans are having on our planet.

McCrory's ethical troubles continue

If you're following the ethical trials and tribulations of our hapless governor, you already know that he's not smart enough to fill out a disclosure form that thousands of others have managed to complete just fine. But "not smart enough" is just a red herring. The truth is, McCrory has been trying to cover up his ties to special interests (most notably, Duke Energy) throughout his career. What most people don't seem to understand is that Duke Energy simply paid Pat McCrory to run for governor for more than a decade. His only job was glad-handing and ass-kissing.

WHAT: Progress NC Action files second ethics complaint against Gov. McCrory
WHEN: Monday, March 9 at 10:30am
WHERE: State Ethics Commission, 424 North Blount St., Raleigh

From Progress NC's press release:

RALEIGH -- Progress NC Action will file a second formal ethics complaint with the State Ethics Commission on Monday morning, further outlining Gov. Pat McCrory’s pattern of deceptive omissions of clear conflicts of interest from his ethics forms. As the complaint shows, Gov. McCrory has failed to properly disclose a number of luxury hotel stays at partisan political conventions which were paid for by the Republican Governors Association. These summits were held behind closed doors at some of the country’s most luxurious and expensive hotels, with unknown corporate donors. Despite Gov. McCrory’s repeated claims that he filled out his Statement of Economic Interest (SEI) forms correctly, the governor now admits that he should have disclosed the trips as gifts.

McCrory’s admission that he should have disclosed the gift of luxury hotel stays comes after he failed to report ownership of Duke Energy stock after the Dan River coal ash spill, and his failure to report over $185,000 in income from during his first year as governor in 2013. McCrory made more money from in 2013 than he did as governor.

Progress NC Action will file the second complaint around 10:30am Monday at the State Ethics Commission in Raleigh. The group will also deliver more than 11,000 petition signatures asking Gov. McCrory to allow the Ethics Commission to make its investigation public.


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