Sunday News: Propaganda Pat in trouble

MONTEL WILLIAMS THREATENS LEGAL ACTION AGAINST MCCRORY (Raleigh News & Observer) -- Montel Williams is considering legal action against Gov. Pat McCrory’s campaign after a clip of Williams was included in a McCrory ad. “The @PatMcCroryNC campaign can expect to hear from @Montel_Williams lawyers soon,” Williams spokesman Jonathan Franks tweeted Friday night. “We intend to be a very expensive headache for Lyin' Pat.”

More questions than answers on Duke Energy's "alternate" water supply

Not all water filtration systems are alike:

After decades of neglect by previous administrations, North Carolina is finally on track to permanently solve the long-ignored coal ash problem. Recent media reports have overlooked updates to the coal ash law that speak directly to the concerns we’ve heard from residents near Duke Energy facilities. Most importantly, we have started the process of ensuring that permanent drinking water is provided to residents around coal ash facilities.

This week the state environmental department sent letters to eligible well owners around Duke Energy’s Asheville facility, notifying them that they will receive a permanent alternate source of drinking water. Under the new law, residents may be provided with a connection to public water supply or a full house filtration system.

Skipping past Tom Reeder's blatant partisan posturing, the details of the "or" a full house filtration system have eluded my research skills. I'm a little(?) out of my depth here, so please consider this more of a cry for help than a learned dissertation. In looking at the various systems which might meet the needs of these folks, none of them appear to be ideal:

Saturday News: Um, what? Repeat that please, in English this time

NC LAWMAKER TELLS KAEPERNICK HE’S ‘PICKING A FIGHT WITH MOTHER FREEDOM’ (Charlotte Observer) A Republican Mecklenburg County lawmaker with no record of military service who is being opposed by a career Navy veteran, is the latest to tackle Colin Kaepernick, telling the San Francisco 49ers quarterback in a video message that he’s “picking a fight with Mother Freedom.” Republican Rep. John Bradford of Cornelius criticized Kaepernick, who has refused to stand for the national anthem at pro football games. “I’m certain that you’ve heard the old saying that freedom isn’t free and the national anthem represents that freedom,” Bradford said, calling the anthem the “global theme song.”

Friday News: Vandalism, by any other name

LAWMAKER'S 'BONEHEAD' SPOUSE APOLOGIZES FOR PULLING DOWN CAMPAIGN SIGN (WRAL-TV) - -A Republican state lawmaker and her husband apologized Thursday for some campaign sign shenanigans at a Wilson brewpub. Dr. Lew Martin, the husband of Rep. Susan Martin, R-Wilson, was caught on a security camera taking a campaign sticker for Martin's opponent, Democrat Charlie Pat Farris, off the front door of Brewmasters, at 2117 Forest Hills Road West, and replacing it with a Martin sticker.

Another legal battle brewing over county voting plans

Either fix it or face the consequences:

Dozens of GOP-controlled county election boards are currently trying to limit early voting, and the state election board is poised to wade into what could be a lengthy county-by-county fight over how much early voting should be allowed. All of this comes after a federal appeals court already ruled that cutbacks in early voting and other voting restrictions were intentionally discriminatory against African American voters.

It's a complicated interplay of politics, legal wrangling, and bureaucratic processes -- but the impact on the November election and on voting rights law generally is potentially significant.

There are really two problems facing the state board: Evaluating and (hopefully) revising plans that didn't receive a unanimous vote, and figuring out what to do with counties that produced no plan at all:

The ramifications of the latest coal ash legislation

With great power comes blatant irresponsibility:

Duke Energy is looking at its plans to close the 14 coal ash sites in light of a law passed by the state General Assembly and signed by Gov. Pat McCrory, Brooks said. "Changes in the legislation have caused us to go back and evaluate what it means for all of our sites," he said.

The law only requires half the 14 sites in the state to be excavated. The company might be allowed to dry out the others and cap them with natural and synthetic coverings.

I thought you were using "strictly science" in your evaluation of coal ash sites? If that were the case, a relaxing of the laws should have no effect on your approach to remediation. Unless you're referring to "political science," which it appears takes precedence over whatever actual dangers are involved.

Thursday News: What responsible leadership looks like

COOPER: NC SHOULD WRITE CONSENSUS PLAN ON WARMING (Asheville Citizen-Times) -- State government should get groups from different perspectives together to write a North Carolina plan to comply with the Obama administration's effort to fight global warming instead of trying to block it, Democratic gubernatorial candidate and state Attorney General Roy Cooper said here Wednesday. Cooper said the administration of his Republican opponent in the November election, Gov. Pat McCrory, has a poor record on environmental issues and has allowed ideology to guide decisions instead of taking a pragmatic approach.

McCrory spouts gibberish about Supreme Court failure


A vigorously-tossed word-salad:

“North Carolina has been denied basic voting rights already granted to more than 30 other states to protect the integrity of one person, one vote through a common-sense voter ID law. Even without any support from our state’s attorney general, we were pleased that four justices, including Chief Justice John Roberts, agreed with this right while four liberal justices blocked North Carolina protections afforded by our sensible voter laws.” – Governor Pat McCrory

Yes, he just described the worst voter suppression law in the country as one which grants "basic voting rights." It's plain he doesn't understand the difference between "rights" and "restrictions," something which might have held him back in the 3rd Grade if he couldn't work his way through it. Sheesh. The world must seem frightening to this moron.

Once again, Zane tries to defend the indefensible

Attacking Elon students for speaking their minds:

Recently, more than 150 people who identified themselves as Elon students signed a petition demanding that the school disinvite the woman tapped to deliver the Baird Pulitzer Lecture on Oct. 4. Who is this enemy of the state? Kathleen Parker of the Washington Post, whose syndicated column appears in newspapers around the country. Her crime: raising questions about modern feminism.

Thankfully, Elon’s leaders rejected this petition. But this incident illuminates a frightening trend that represents nothing less than an existential threat to American democracy – the rise of the authoritarian left.

Considering that Parker has been pushing the ludicrous "war on men" theory, which postulates the patriarchal society problem is merely a construct of out-of-control feminism, while also marginalizing the campus rape crisis by bashing girls who drink alcohol and have "second thoughts" the next day, I don't blame Elon students for trying to keep her blathering off the campus. But as usual, Zane misses the forest for the trees:


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