Constitutional deformation coming soon!

Senator Ralph Hise, ( District 47 -Madison, McDowell, Mitchell, Polk, Rutherford, Yancey) has introduced Joint Resolution 507:

... under the authority of Article V of the Constitution of the United States,
the North Carolina General Assembly has applied to the United States Congress to call a
convention of the states to amend the United States Constitution and adopt a countermand
amendment to authorize the states, upon a vote of three-fifths of the state legislatures, to nullify
and repeal a federal statute, executive order, judicial decision, regulatory decision by a federal
government agency, or government mandate imposed on the states by law that adversely affects
the interests of the states, in order to properly exercise the states' constitutional authority to
check federal power, preserve state sovereignty, and protect the rights of the states and the

Richard Burr waves the nonsensical Iran-bashing banner

Playing to the ignorant crowds:

During the discussion with Bob Schieffer, Burr said he thinks the U.S. is rushing a nuclear deal with Iran. He also said Iranian-backed rebels can't be allowed to gain a foothold in Yemen, where a coalition of countries are mounting attacks to stop them. "Well, clearly, we're on the verge of a civil war," he said. "I had a long conversation with the ambassador last week. Ten countries have come together, primarily because they can't allow Iran to take a foothold in Yemen."

Here at BlueNC we generally focus on state issues, because there are so many important things happening in NC, trying to take a broader look at national and international issues is bound to eclipse problems we can't allow ourselves to ignore. But the misunderstanding and misinformation surrounding the Iranian talks has reached a deafening level, and we have a responsibility to make sure OUR representatives in Congress don't push us into another costly and counterproductive war by spoon-feeding us false information.

Not unlike what is transpiring in Iraq, the Iranian-backed Houthis are waging war against not only Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which has engineered terrorist attacks all over the region, but also a new splinter of the Islamic State, which has materialized there in a totally predictable opportunistic fashion in order to take advantage of political confusion:

Daily dose: GOP's war on women continues

NC Values Coalition Supports SB 604 (N.C. Political News) – The N.C. Values Coalition applauded Sens. Randleman, Krawiec, and Daniel for their introduction of The Women and Children’s Protection Act (SB 604). According to the release, SB 604 “corrects deficiencies in DHHS’ proposed abortion clinic rules by implementing mandatory annual inspections, requiring that those who work in abortion clinics be at least 18 years of age, requiring abortion clinics to have a written transfer agreement with a hospital, requiring abortionists to document the gestational age of the baby, and requiring abortionists to document the reasons for performing late-term abortions.”

Religious Freedom or Religious Dictatorship?

Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho and Indiana.

What do these states have in common? The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, legalizing discrimination.

The American religious theocracy is on the march. When will those who value freedom of religion stand up together and say, No!

The hazards of being a Latino construction worker

Making it home for dinner each day is a victory in itself:

As it has for decades, the industry also is relying ever more on Latino workers, and labor advocates say these men and women don’t always get the training and safety equipment they need on the job, which could explain why Latinos suffer a higher fatality rate in construction than non-Latinos even as the industry as a whole is becoming less deadly.

All four workers in Tuesday’s collapse at the Charter Square building on Fayetteville Street were Hispanic men. Anderson Antones de Almeida, 33, and Jose Erasmo Hernandez, 41, both of Durham, died in the accident, as did Jose Luis Lopez-Ramirez, 33, of Clinton. Elmer Guevara, 53, of Durham was severely injured.

When the first reports of this horrific accident were mentioned on TWC News, the thought went through my mind, "I bet some of those guys were Hispanic." Sometimes I hate being right. Not that I would prefer white workers had died in their place, but you have to ask yourself if that would have made any difference in whether or not new and better safety measures would have resulted. While you're pondering that, consider why the Elevator Queen and her Department only get a passing mention in this article, and it's not a positive note:

Daily dose: GOP's war on cities edition

Bid to redistribute NC sales tax money praised, panned (AP) — A legislative proposal for the state to take away the local portion of sales taxes highlighted two undercurrents in Raleigh — the increased clout of rural Republicans and their conflicts with Gov. Pat McCrory, a fellow Republican who was formerly Charlotte's mayor.

Locals oppose tax bill (Elizabeth City Daily Advance) -- A plan to shift millions of dollars in sales tax revenue from urban to rural counties has gained little support from lawmakers representing northeastern North Carolina, even though it was an intended beneficiary.

When North Carolina economics and Indiana discrimination collide

The antics of heavy handed discrimination regarding others is by now, getting very tiresome. Whether on a state or national level, Republicans frequently interject their self-righteousness and indignation among those they were elected to serve. While this isn’t a new phenomenon, the amount of laws (by percentage) as a part of all laws either sponsored, voted on or passed; and which specifically denounces the interests and views of citizens today, is remarkable.

Anonymous complaints filed against Racial Justice Act attorneys

When saving a human life gets you into trouble with the Bar:

Gretchen Engel, director of the Durham-based Center for Death Penalty Litigation, and Cassandra Stubbs, a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union Capital Punishment Project, were among a team of attorneys who used the short-lived law to convert a North Carolina death row inmate’s sentence in 2012 to life without possibility for parole.

Now the attorneys face possible punishment from the N.C. State Bar. Some legal analysts have characterized the allegations of wrongdoing as so minor and “questionable” that they think politics could be at play. It is unclear who filed the complaints against the attorneys. That’s not part of the public record.

Since this isn't a criminal probe, I realize the 6th Amendment doesn't apply. But an accusation that can ruin somebody's career deserves more disclosure than this. There's also a huge dose of irony accompanying these complaints: Not only were African-Americans disproportionately removed from the juries, the mystery complainants are angry the rejected black jury candidates were allowed to speak about it:

Daily dose: Clown Car Conference edition

GOP Gathers in N.C. for Leadership Conference (TWCN-TV) -- The 2015 Pope Civitas' Conservative Leadership Conference kicked off in Cary on Friday. The two day event provides a chance to meet big names in the Republican Party and discuss current issues. It is also an opportunity for delegates to gauge who they see fit to run in the 2016 presidential race. "We're actually evaluating all the candidates and talking to them all. We're doing a lot of briefings with them because some who are running never been in foreign policy," said Jim DeMint, president of the Heritage Foundation.


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