Monday News: Burr must be removed


COUP AGAINST THE SUPREME COURT (New York Times) -- Last month, Senator Richard Burr, of North Carolina, told supporters that if Hillary Clinton wins, “I am going to do everything I can do to make sure four years from now, we still got an opening on the Supreme Court.” Step back for a moment and consider the radical absurdity of this position. This mind-set isn’t just a matter of a few senators going rogue. Leading conservative groups are embracing the argument, happy to destroy a principle of American politics — to privilege partisanship over the Constitution itself. In the next Congress, regardless of who wins on Tuesday, the very survival of the court as an independent body will be at stake.

Sunday News: The real voter fraud

TRUMP, GOP PAYING CONSULTANT DOGGED BY VOTER FRAUD CHARGES (AP) — Donald Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee have paid at least $1.8 million to a political operative whose roster of companies include several that have been repeatedly investigated for voter registration fraud, even as Trump has complained that the election is rigged against him. Three employees of Strategic Allied Consulting, a firm owned by conservative operative Nathan Sproul, pleaded guilty in Florida four years ago to felony charges related to altering and destroying scores of voter registration forms. Recent federal campaign finance reports show Sproul is on the RNC’s payroll with a firm named Lincoln Strategy Group . A search of online help-wanted ads shows Lincoln Strategy Group is now hiring in North Carolina, Colorado, Missouri and other swing states, offering “Great Pay!” to those available to go door-to-door to canvass voters for conservative causes. “Make America Great Again $20/HR Canvassing,” reads a recent ad posted on Craigslist in Raleigh, North Carolina, offering full-time and part-time jobs through Election Day.

McCrory lays his bet on fancy horses to save his campaign

But he might be gambling with taxpayer dollars and not his own:

“This is bigger, with all due respect, than the All-Star Game, a football game, a basketball game — combined, times two. This economic impact is huge,” McCrory said of the 13-day equestrian competition during a news conference at the Charlotte Chamber.

Mark Bellissimo, CEO of the equestrian center, said the project requires only a small amount of public financing, including marketing and security. He anticipates his group’s budget will be between $50-$60 million.

Of course, he doesn't say how much of that $50-$60 million will be sucked out of public coffers, but we need that info desperately. Because the 2018 Games were originally contracted to be held in Canada, but they couldn't afford to do it:

Saturday News: GOP spanked again


COURT RESTORES VOTERS WHO WERE PURGED FROM ROLLS (WRAL-TV) -- A federal court has ordered North Carolina to restore voters to lists after they were purged due to challenges from conservatives. At a hearing earlier this week, Biggs described that process as "insane," and her ruling curbs its use going forward. During the trial, there was evidence some of the mailings used to create the challenge were sent to the wrong address, while others were evacuated due to Hurricane Matthew. Still others moved within the county but were still eligible to vote. But county boards upheld those challenges because the voters in question didn't attend a hearing.

Three cheers for Cecil Brockman

Showing GOP Legislators what courage really means:

Brockman spoke about his sexual orientation to the News & Record of Greensboro. ““I always felt that I tried to stick up for the LGBT community, even when I wasn’t ‘out,’” Brockman told columnist Susan Ladd. “I want to do more of my part, to be stronger and admit to the world that I’m actually a member of this community as well.”

Before becoming a legislator, Brockman was an aide to Rep. Marcus Brandon, the legislature’s first openly gay lawmaker. Brockman told Ladd that seeing how Brandon was treated at times made him hesitant about coming out.

Hopefully Cecil will be as outspoken as Chris Sgro has been, giving a continued voice to those whom the current leadership has treated so inhumanely. But statistically speaking, there should be five or six LGBT lawmakers in the General Assembly. I know, one battle at a time. Just saying.

Friday News: The high cost of bigotry


FORBES PUTS HB2 TAB AT LEAST $630 MILLION (Forbes) -- The fate of North Carolina’s controversial HB2 hangs in the balance of Tuesday’s election. The ‘Bathroom Bill’ is the colloquial, if crude, name for the state’s HB2 law that has cost the state at least $630 million in lost business since March, according to FORBES’ estimates. And that number could go even higher. Fans of HB2 are few, yet its defenders are staunch. Governor Pat McCrory has doubled and even tripled down on the embattled legislation while it remains a topic of jest for late night comedians and a source of pain for NC business.

Raleigh folds, anti-abortion nutters to move in next to clinic

And you think your next-door neighbor is bad:

Hand of Hope filed a federal lawsuit in September, arguing that the city violated its First Amendment rights to get a message out to a specific audience and its equal protection rights under the Constitution because city planning guidelines would allow churches, civic clubs and other groups to locate on the property.

“We are thankful for the city zoning staff’s review and common sense determination. If a nonprofit civic club like Kiwanis or a religious group like a church can locate at this property, surely we should be free to provide pregnant women free pregnancy resources and share the love of Jesus with them here,” said Hand of Hope Executive Director, Tonya Baker Nelson in a statement.

Just curious, does Jesus have a family insurance plan, that will cover 80% of the medical bills for the pregnancy? Is he going to whip out his checkbook or charge card and bring home a bunch of diapers and formula? Will Jesus be coming over to babysit during the day so mom can go to work and pay the rent? Yeah, I didn't think so.


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