McCrory ditches Shriners in fear of HB2 protest


Those mean old protestors might harm his delicate sensibilities:

While Graham Wilson, the governor’s press secretary, confirmed that Prosser will be attending the event as a representative of McCrory, Wilson was adamant that McCrory was never scheduled to attend the event in the first place. “He was never scheduled to be there. It was never on his schedule,” Wilson said.

During the parade, the Watauga County chapter of the NAACP has planned a “McCrory HB2 Protest” on Main Street in Blowing Rock, where the parade meanders.

Well, it's not on his schedule now, anyway. McCrory has become the Imelda Marcos of North Carolina, a fading figurehead who will likely drown his sorrow by collecting hundreds of pairs of expensive shoes. Which he won't get to wear in public, but at least he can pace around the Governor's mansion in style.

Wednesday News: Tax-loving GOP strikes again

HB2 RETALIATION? TAXES COULD GO UP FOR TV, FILM COMPANIES (Raleigh News & Observer) -- Senate Republicans are considering a change that would significantly increase the taxes owed to by the country's most prominent broadcasters, including the Walt Disney Co., NBCUniversal, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros. Entertainment and CBS.

'CLARIFICATION' WOULD RAISE $140M FROM SERVICE TAXES (WRAL-TV) -- Early drafts of a bill that would "clarify" a 2015 law that imposes sales taxes on certain services would end up raising $140 million more every year than the current law, according to documents and staff comments made during a Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday.

It's a TRAP: The GOP's devious war on womens' choice


The epitome of paternalistic prevarication:

Nonetheless, the narrative that abortion is a risky medical procedure frames abortion restrictions as a compassionate effort to improve women’s health and serves a larger strategic purpose.

TRAP laws are designed to force clinics to shutter. By requiring abortion providers to meet impossible standards, like widening their hallways, expanding their closets, installing new air filtration systems and applying for unnecessary licenses, clinics are left with no choice but to close. Last year, the N.C. General Assembly passed the “Women and Children’s Protection Act of 2015” even though there is no evidence that it protects anyone. What it does do is require doctors who perform abortions after 16 weeks of pregnancy to perform ultrasounds and supply the ultrasound images to state officials.

It's not only TRAP laws which use deception and misinformation to forward the anti-abortion movement, the education of pregnancy-prone young people is also fair game:

Tuesday News: Crazy old white man rants about Welfare

STATE GOP LEADER HAYES PROMISES TOTAL OVERHAUL OF WELFARE SYSTEM (Shelby Star) - Robin Hayes, a former U.S. congressman and the current chairman of the N.C. Republican Party, wants to apply a similar principle toward appealing to prospective GOP voters. Hayes envisions polling precincts as fertile territories for potential Republican registrations and precinct volunteers as foot soldiers that help get the job done. The vision uses the political party system to redefine the welfare system. Hayes wants to promote community stewards that ultimately enable, empower and help people become self-sustaining and self-reliant. As a result, otherwise dependent people become self-reliant so they, too, can help others as well as themselves. The concept of community stewards starts with precinct chairs, who share the responsibility of assessing the needs and resources in their respective precinct. Plans call for the involvement of churches and other nonprofit agencies, including private foundations, as resources for assistance.

The war on residential Solar goes national

Big utilities are afraid of distributed generation:

“Across the country state legislatures and/or utility regulatory commissions in more than 30 states are evaluating current net metering policies and are taking steps to update them to eliminate the shift in costs from customers with private solar systems to customers without these systems,” said Jeff Ostermayer, a spokesman at Edison Electric Institute (an association representing investor-owned electric companies in the United States) by email.

But the Brookings review suggests that these types of policy changes may not be warranted after all — that, rather, the benefits provided by rooftop solar actually outweigh their costs. The review points to state-commissioned studies from Vermont, Mississippi, Minnesota, Maine and even Nevada that suggest net metering results in net benefits for all energy customers.

EEI is likely the largest and most prolific industry-funded group opposing rooftop Solar, but other groups have been springing up like weeds in the last few years. Which gives you an idea of the huge amount of money being spent by utilities to undermine this (much needed) trend in energy production and use. Their argument is almost completely without merit, because they only focus on Solar net-metered customers not "paying" for grid use and maintenance. But in reality, the surplus power generated from rooftop Solar is bought and used by another customer within a few blocks of the point of generation. As opposed to power generated 50 miles away, traveling a grid that loses up to 17% of that power along the way. Get it? The utility actually saved money (profits) from that transaction, because it's more efficient and reduces the long-distance demand:

Monday News: Memorial Day edition

MEMORIAL DAY NEVER OVER FOR THESE PARENTS, MANY OTHERS (Winston-Salem Journal) --Memorial Day weekend is usually a happy affair for most of us. We have a good time and then it’s over. But for others, especially those for whom the losses of war are still fresh, memorial days continue year ’round. Count Rebecca and Michael Swaim in that club nobody wants to join.

THE LAST FULL MEASURE OF DEVOTION (Greenville Daily Reflector) -- Monday is Memorial Day, a national day of remembrance and honor for those throughout our history who have given what President Lincoln called “the last full measure of devotion.” Sadly, most of today’s beneficiaries of that devotion return little more than a passing thought.

Senate Republicans target married military couples

The chickenhawks are at it again:

Instead of the current Basic Allowance for Housing system, which assigns flat-rate stipends for zip codes across the country based on troops’ rank and family status, the new proposal would move closer to the military’s Overseas Housing Allowance. That system sets maximum payable stipends but awards troops only for their actual expenses, making recipients provide proof of what they pay in rent and utilities costs.

Dual military couples and service members who room with friends would not be able to game the system either. They’d see their individual stipend cut in half, adjusted to cover just their actual costs and nothing more.

Let's get one thing clear from the get-go: A married couple who are both active duty service members are not "gaming the system," they are (both) serving their country and enduring countless hardships. My niece and her husband were both active duty Air Force for several years (she's a civilian now), both working hospital clinic hours. Child care costs were horrendous, and ate up any amount of surplus they might have seen from dual BAH payments. I realize many reading this are not very sympathetic to active duty military personnel, and you have many other issues on your plate about which you are more concerned. But if you want to take back the US Senate, this is an issue that has the potential to do just that. Even though Burr does not sit on the Armed Services Committee (Tillis does), replacing Burr with Deborah Ross is the first step to regaining a majority, which will also flip the leadership of the SASC and stop these insane efforts to balance the budget on the backs of our men and women in uniform.

Sunday News: Drinking our milkshake


VIRGINIA LOOKS TO POACH BUSINESSES THREATENING TO LEAVE N.C. (Norfolk Virginian-Pilot) -- A possible exodus from the Tar Heel state is looming, led by PayPal and Deutsche Bank protesting the state's bathroom law limiting a transgender person's ability to use the public bathroom of their choosing. Virginia is laying out the welcome mat.

More DMV screwups compound Voter ID problems

Thanks to the GOP, the term "Backlog" has never been so commonly used:

Thousands of drivers in Forsyth County and across North Carolina have lost their license because the N.C. Department of Motor Vehicles didn’t update its records, Forsyth County Clerk of Court Susan Frye said. “We’ve had people lose their jobs over this,” Frye said Friday.

She said once she started noticing the issue, she and other clerks across the state tried to get answers from the DMV. Court officials finally got one in March when they were told about the backlog, she said. Frye said clerks were also told that a disgruntled DMV employee shredded some of the error reports. Steve Abbott, a spokesman for the DMV, declined to comment on that or any other additional questions because of the pending investigation.

That's also not the first time McCrory's painfully incompetent bureaucracy has used that "disgruntled worker" excuse, but you know? We never see them. "Oh, he's gone. That problem has been dealt with, and most severely, I assure you." Right. Until the next disgruntled strawman decides to shred some important data. It's funny, but it's really not funny, especially if you're one of the thousands who lose your driving and voting capabilities as a result


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