Nonpartisan redistricting bill HB 606

House Bill 606
Nonpartisan Redistricting Process. Last Action: Ref to the Com on Elections, if favorable, Government on 04/09/2013

Sponsors: Stam; Glazier; McGrady; D. Ross; (Primary)
Adams; Alexander; Baskerville; L. Bell; Brandon; R. Brawley; Carney; Cleveland; Cunningham; Dockham; Earle; Faircloth; Farmer-Butterfield; Fisher; Foushee; Fulghum; Gill; Goodman; C. Graham; G. Graham; D. Hall; L. Hall; Hamilton; Hanes; Hardister; Harrison; Holley; Horn; Hurley; Insko; Jackson; Jones; Jordan; Lucas; Luebke; McManus; Michaux; Mobley; R. Moore; Murry; Pierce; Queen; Ramsey; Richardson; Saine; Shepard; Steinburg; Stevens; Szoka; Terry; Tine; Tolson; Waddell; Warren; Whitmire; Wilkins; Wray;
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from the Mountain Express

a new study shows how gerrymandering distorts elections in North Carolina, while a new poll finds overwhelming public support for changing the redistricting process...
The study points out the decades long history of gerrymandering in North Carolina. Polling shows 70 percent of North Carolinians favor redistricting reform.


oh be still my beating heart. Hopefully this bill ...

... will have a chance at passing. Imagine ... Democracy just might have a chance to return to North Carolina.

With a bi-partisan supermajority of sponsors,

if this bill doesn't pass, there will need to be a whole lot of explanations given. The more likely result is, it will probably be strangled by some House Rule or another, enforced by a lame duck like Senatorial hopeful Two-Faced Tillis, giving all the sponsors an excuse for not making it happen.

I believe the House

I believe the House has passed basically this exact bill before, so the Senate is the make or break point where the most pressure should be applied.

I mean, many Republicans did champion nonpartisan redistricting when they were out of power, so hopefully now that they can do something about it, they will. And who knows who will be in power in a decade.

It's a safe bet, while behind the veil of ignorance, to create the social contract you'd like to see not knowing what your position will be in the future.

here are some links to contact your reps.

Apparently the NC General Assembly has noticed that the people of North Carolina no longer stomach politicians who choose their voters. HB 606 has a long list of bipartisan sponsers. Now is the time to send your representative an email encouraging him/her to support HB 606. The email links can be found at:



Copy and paste the links into a new browser window if you have trouble 1-clicking.

Also, please call Speaker Thom Tillis at 919 733 3451 and encourage him to support the approval of HB 606.

A petition has drawn a direct response from 3-4 members of the NC General Assembly. I know they are seeing that nearly 5000 people have signed it. Thank you for supporting this initiative. Also, if you can spread the word via direct email, Facebook, Twitter, Huff Post or other political websites, now is the time. HB 606 can fix gerrymandering. Let them hear your voice in Raleigh!!

Thank you,