'Not ready for prime time:' Greensboro paper pans H589

Editorial on the omnibus elections law bill (H589) from the Greensboro News Record:

Gov. Pat McCrory had the right idea when he decided not to hold a public ceremony while signing the state’s sweeping — and repressive — new voting changes into law. There was no sense in calling more attention to this legislative travesty that makes it harder for North Carolinians to vote.

Instead, the governor put out a limp, 96-second video that was about as misleading as last fall’s campaign ads in which he pledged to put politics aside and work for all of North Carolina. On YouTube, McCrory’s latest video is titled “Governor McCrory Signs Popular Voter ID into Law.” A more accurate title might be “Governor Ignores Most of New Law’s Meanest Provisions and Is Promptly Sued.”

The new law does a lot of things, all of them bad...

Thanks to Rep. Grier Martin for posting this to FaceBook for all to see.

Also, from FB, my favorite sign from Moral Monday in Charlotte:
it said, "Pat, grow some." Not eloquent, but to the point.


My favorite sign

at Moral Monday today in Charlotte was:


which also says it all.

A great crowd there today -- so good to hear the voice of the people, fired up and ready to fight.