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I decided to run for Lt. Governor because I believe we have got to change politics in North Carolina. We need to restore trust in our government by making it more inclusive and transparent.

But from the very beginning of this race, one special interest group has vowed to do whatever it takes to stop us from reaching our goal. And now we know what they are willing to do. SEANC has spent over three hundred thousand dollars on television ads for my opponent while she has paid for none.

According to reports released from the State Board of Elections yesterday, my opponent has raised less than $36,000 and has spent over $38,000. Her campaign has not spent one dime on radio, television or yard signs and is an additonal $22,000 in debt – essentially, my opponent has outsourced her campaign to SEANC.

I don’t know what SEANC will want for their money, but I know this is the same organization that supports Republican Senate Majority Leader Phil Berger and his friends, the ones who brought you Amendment One, awful voter ID laws, the repeal of the Racial Justice Act, and the assault on a woman's right to choose.

I still believe in this system and I have not lost my faith in the most powerful interest: You.

In contrast to a single donor campaign and with the support of people like you, we've built an organization with hundreds of individual donors and endorsements from newspapers and grassroots organizations across the state. This campaign is about people like you and you have the power to change government.

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Together, we can stop this attempt to buy the second highest office in our state.

Together, we can make a better North Carolina – and I ask for your support on May 8th.



"To thy own self be true" is

"To thy own self be true" is rare these days. Thanks, Sen. Mansfield for having this trait and that is another reason North Carolina needs you as Lt. Governor.

A doctor attacking an

A doctor attacking an opponent on the basis of an unfair economic advantage is almost as ridiculous as attacking that same opponent for an amendment you failed to vote against.

Mansfield - a record of redirection.


You may need to review the rules of the Senate. Sen. Mansfield not being present did not impact ammendment one in anyway. Having worked on the ammendment one issue from a nonpartisan standpoint from the beginning I will tell you that Sen. Mansfield was KEY in getting 4 additional votes in helping us STOP this incredibly hateful ammendment from making it on the ballot. It just wasn't enough. Blame those that voted for the ammendment to be on the ballot and stop spreading hate upon a man who stood up to help when it wasn't popular.!/search/eric%20mansfield%20/slideshow/videos?

On another note outsourcing a campaign to any group isn't good. Too be so "progressive" Linda Coleman is to SEANC as Republicans are to Art Pope.

SEANC is a much more grassroots group...

...than anything that Pope is a part of.

SEANC is not affiliated with the Democratic or Republican Party. To be sure, I understand that they endorse candidates from BOTH parties based on how well they support SEANC's agenda. But I would think if you looked at the agenda of SEANC, and then took at look at the agenda's of both political parties, SEANC would be closer to the Democratic Party agenda than the GOP agenda.

But many state employees I have talked with have long wondered why the Democratic Party leadership asks them to help get them elected. Then once elected, those candidates do nothing to advance the agenda of SEANC, or try to get collective bargaining, a better state employee health care plan (or better yet - single-payer), or any of the other progressive parts of the Democratic Party platform.

Given the fact that Linda Coleman has been a state employee and a SEANC member, I can also understand why they are supporting her. So this has nothing to do with Art Pope or his network of conservative trusts.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

You just have to wonder how

You just have to wonder how many of those SEANC members (Coleman contributors) are part of the 99% as compared to those contributors of Dr. Mansfield? Wonder how many of those Mansfield contributors are doctors who were glad that Sen. Mansfield voted for the GOP tort reform?

Nice to see a group of working folks being referred to as a special interest for a change. Guess the AFL-CIO and Lillian's List are part of that special interest too since they endorsed Linda Coleman also.

Tony Rand's machine must be sputtering these days....can't even keep up with the working folks.

Working Families-1

Corporate Rand Machine- 0

Guess the good doc found out that state employees are the middle class. Maybe if he ever seeks office again, he'll figure out he should reach out to Labor, not look down on them.