Now Hiring: DHHS

Queen Aldona's realm continues to be the place to score a really sweet job.

The state Department of Health and Human Services has hired Mike Lotz to be its new webmaster at a $90,000-a-year-salary.

DHHS spokesman Ricky Diaz described Lotz as an "experienced project manager and web developer with technical skills," but would not elaborate on his work background. Lotz will work with the state chief information officer's office and make the DHHS site more "consumer friendly,” Diaz said.

Granted, the DHHS web site is a train wreck, but do we really need a new person to oversee its renovation (presumably in an air-conditioned office, drinking latte)?

A $90,000 annual salary is in the top 3 percent in state government.

DHHS spokeswoman Julie Henry said that it was difficult to find anyone for less money who had the skills to revamp the entire agency website.

Lotz will make more than the person he reports to, Aaron Mullins, the new agency branding and marketing manager who was hired in September at $68,000.

The other giant department in state government, transportation, does not have a dedicated webmaster position.

It seems that a more economical use of taxpayer dollars might exist in this situation.

Of course, it would seem like cronyism only if the salary was seriously inflated with respect to the duties and salaries of other positions, and if the DHHS spokesman refused to comment on the person's qualifications.


Maybe this is McCrony's solution

to the high rate of unemployment.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis


....another professional troll who will scour the various FB pages calling people names who disagree with his employer...we seem to have a lot of those since the election....

Tea Party hire?

Lotz's Facebook page has some interesting information.

He attended Rock Valley College, a community college in Rockford, Illinois and got a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from an online university, Western Governors University, based in Utah.

He basically had his own web consultancy business for six years after college, then spent five years working as a contractor for the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, six months at GlaxoSmithKline, eight months for Blue Cross Blue Shield, and ten months for GXS.

He doesn't tell much about himself, except that his two favorite books are "2001: A Space Odyssey" and "Atlas Shrugged".

One of the folks on his Facebook friends list is Paul Coble, former Republican mayor of Raleigh, NC from 1999-2001, and Congressional candidate. Coble might be familiar to readers of BlueNC with his connections to the Eastern NC Tea Party and diatribes against environmental regulations as part of a "one world government" conspiracy.

The average Senior Web Developer salary for the RDU area I've seen around the web is about $70K, so a $90K salary for a job like this does seem high.

One does have to wonder if Lotz's political connections might have played a part in getting the job or the salary involved.

Or, it could be that talented web developers with neutral or liberal politics just didn't apply, wanting to stay as far away from the disasters at the DHHS as possible.

I'm sure he beat out

all the other applicants from the advertised know, just like Little Ricky and Matt Crony did.

With references like Ayn Rand and Paul Coble, he was a shoo-in.

No wonder Little Ricky didn't want to expand on his qualifications (or lack thereof).

The question is, will he do for the DHHS web site what Little Ricky did for the DHHS PR and marketing department (for those not keeping up, that would be "hire dozens of people at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars and produce a result equivalent to what third-graders could").

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis