Occupy Greensboro Mortgage Foreclosure Event on MSNBC


At the Carolina Theater on March 14th, Occupy Greensboro along with several other sponsors organized a premier night to show the film "Let's Lose Our House: A Modern Foreclosure Tale"


Led off by Greensboro's Own Cacalack Thunder Drum corps and many marchers to bring awareness of mortgage foreclosure fraud; groups who are working to help families facing foreclosure had tables inside the theater to educate everyone to the Robo-signed deeds that have been shown to be invalid and also where to get help if you face this problem.

Guilford County Register of Deeds, Jeff Thigpen has uncovered 4,500 out of 6,100 document examined that were robosigned. That means that legal chain of ownership is not clear and can be challenged if a bank tells you it is foreclosing. Without the rule of law, chaos ensues.

Rachel Maddow aired a brilliant segment about this story two nights later: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vpkAdRw7u8

Congratulations to Occupy Greensboro on a very successful event! For anyone needing more information or find out how to help, here is a link to the contact for occupyforeclosure.org


Rachel says "It's a big deal"

That all the Registers of Deeds in all the counties across the country could find the same thing in their files that Jeff Thigpen found and hold the banks accountable. She says the banks are scared.

They should be.

Progressives are the true conservatives.


Good to see and read this.

If only . . .

If only listless, do-little Occupy Charlotte had the creativity and drive to do things like this. To think that they basically blew the chance to use innovative media events like Gboros's to shine a bigger spotlight on Bank of America -- in Bank of America Town, no less -- is discouraging.