Oh my god. Chuck Taylor said something I agree with.

To intervene militarily might so weaken Iraq that it would be invaded and partitioned by its neighbors as soon as we left the country. Such an event could involve the United States in an open ended commitment that would be a genuine quagmire in a part of the world that is rather alien to us.

See for yourself, and then call Congressman Taylor to find out why he changed his mind.


Taylor will say

things have changed a lot since 1991. And he'd be right.

The main thing that changed is the fact that we have a moron for a president.


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Taylor ought to have listened to Taylor.

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Asheville Shuler endorsement


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But don't take my word for it. Heath Shuler was endorsed today by the Asheville Citizen Times:
Shuler offers hope for a new direction

During the past 16 years, we have often disagreed with Taylor on issues and been dismayed by questions about his ethics and reports of his failure to comply with government regulations without being coerced.

Even so, we have supported him because his seniority has helped bring to the district millions of dollars for infrastructure and other projects that support education and jobs.

But the failure of the 109th Congress to deal with the problems that threaten to overwhelm our nation and its unwillingness to act as a check on the Bush administration take precedence in this election.
To support Taylor is to endorse two more years of the same ineffectual leadership.

That's why we need Heath Shuler for NC-11.

Taylor favors leaving decisions about when to withdraw from Iraq to military leaders.

Shuler says the status quo is unacceptable and supports setting clear benchmarks to measure success.

That's why we need Heath Shuler for NC-11

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