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Just in case you had any doubts that Jesus is a gung-ho promoter of American military might, you'll be happy to know that a manufacturer of sights used on Marine and Army weapons inscribes the equipment they sell to the military with Bible verses. Good god.


Grayson on Republican government haters

Grayson's remarks

I watched that video twice. Laughed at his analogies both times.

He has it right, doesn't he? DEAD right.

WTF is wrong with our citizenship that they seem to be going back to favoring the "right side"??????

What is it that they did not see that happened during the Bush years? My god, everyone.

What the F...????

And, if this Brown dude gets elected, everything we've worked so hard for will be for naught and the direction we all have wanted to take our country in will be thwarted. All from one election. This cannot be happening, y'all. I am going to have one HUGE smile on my face if Mass. does the right thing and maintain's Kennedy's seat (and I just HATE it that the repugs do not like it being called the "Kennedy seat"). I have faith that ultimately, we will squeek this one out and all will be right in the world.

Make some calls?

Go to, log in, click on the "make calls now" and the instructions come up. These are get-out-the-vote calls, not persuasion. They need friendly voices on the line helping to remind voters who backed Obama to please get out & vote for Coakley tomorrow!

I'm making more calls today...and I don't like making calls. Just taking a short break here and leaving a plea.

Dan Besse

Checked you out Dan

I have been "checking you out" Dan and I truly like what I see. First of all, you are a UNC grad, and being a Tar Heel fan (was at the B'Ball game Sat. against Ga. Tech...what a heartbreaker), you have my eternal admiration :), I am an Elon grad, but Tar Heel fan nonetheless. Hopefully you will run for office in the future so I can help you.

Now, putting the butt kissing aside ( :) ), I would just absolutely LOVE to see you run for another public office. We seem to be on the same page on just so many things, especially with regard to Obama and the direction our country needs to go in. Like what you say, Dan.