Open thread: Sarah Palin part of god's plan?

The word is out that John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate as part of god's plan. Holy mackerel.

WASHINGTON - Sarah Palin said Sen. John McCain chose her to be his running mate in 2008 because of "God's plan," according to a top political strategist in the campaign. In an interview with the CBS newsmagazine "60 Minutes," Steve Schmidt described Palin as "very calm" after McCain met with her at his Arizona ranch just before putting her on the Republican ticket. McCain had planned to name Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., as his vice presidential choice until word leaked, sparking what Schmidt called political blowback over picking the 2000 Democratic vice presidential nominee. Schmidt said he asked Palin about her serenity in the face of becoming "one of the most famous people in the world." He quoted her as saying, "It's God's plan."


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God's Game Plan?

If Sara was in the NFL[National Football Leaque] Her Offensive Coach would have been fired for having a sorry Republican game plan

I'd like to see this multiplied times 100,000

Can god really be this much ...

of an asshole?

If I believed in hell, I'd be asking god to reserve a spot for Pat Robertson.

Pat Robertson is a WPOS.

Why people put any stock in his mindless and hypocritical mumblings is well beyond me. I suspect if anyone ever made a pact with the devil it would be Pat himself. Payoff is going to be hell...literally.

Stan Bozarth

This is appalling

If your average christian church goer saw this, they would just HAVE to be in horror. I know that there is a radical christian fundamentalist element in our society and I am sure these people salivate every time Pat Robertson speaks. To them, he is the "Pope" of the christian religion.

I watched this video with a great deal of interest because it shows what liberals and progressives are up against. Robertson slurs his words and seems to have difficulty staying on topic, yet his followers lean on every word he says.

To me, what he is saying here is that God is now punishing a country/land because some past leaders "made a pact with the devil" and, has punished them for centuries because of this. I do not know. Does a loving and merciful god (as the christian god is supposed to be) actually micromanage leader's actions and then take it out on an entire nation? Who in their right mind would think so?

It makes people of the christian faith question the legitimacy of their beliefs, I would think.

In any case, humans are the most "self-determining" species on this planet. It is very difficult to believe that a god gave us the ability to accomplish our own plight and then punish what we do if it doesn't agree with him/her.

I guess that is enough said on this.