In Other News: WRAL recruits WUNC's Laura Leslie to expand political coverage

This was reported in the N&O this morning.

Laura Leslie, who has covered state politics and government at WUNC for more than six years, is joining WRAL as a multimedia reporter. Her last day at WUNC is today, and she'll start at WRAL on Friday.

In her new role, Leslie will continue coverage of the legislature and state politics. Leslie said she'll focus mostly on expanding WRAL's online coverage, including webcasts and podcasts, as the General Assembly prepares to return to Raleigh.

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will she have to be as conservative as they are?

Maybe they'll have to be as rational as she is

I try to look at this as an opprotunity to enrich an influential news agency rather than as a loss to public radio (although it certainly is that).

And there are good people there. Reporter Amanda Lamb's journalism seems well done. I got to meet her when she did a "definition of marriage" story where they interviewed myself and my husband, and she was very supportive. And I was happy to see Anchor Pam Saulsby take part in NC Pride back in Sept. Granted there are a whole lot more people in the cast of characters that makes up WRAL, but there are some good people there, and Laura will only add to that quality.

On a positive note

Let's hope that she will inject a new perspective into a news organization that sorely needs new perspectives.

Curious Blue

Best of luck to Laura

in the corporate world. I hope she never loses her powerful, fresh honest style.

Progressives are the true conservatives.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed

That she will effect them more than they will her.