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I am doing research to write a profile for publication. The subject is P. R. Latta of Wake County. P. R. is being honored again this year by the Wake Young Democrat's Annual P. R. Latta Award Dinner, August 19th. The award was first presented in 2001.

I would like anyone with stories of P. R.'s work as a union leader and lobbyist, member of the county or state Executive Committees, or civic group volunteer to contact me with the information. You do not have to be quoted for attribution. Background material is appreciated, too.

I would like to publish the profile online the week of the Award Dinner, so I need any contributions by next Monday. My phone number in Raleigh is 919-781-7278.

Martha Brock
NC Statehouse and Election 2010 writer



I look forward to reading whatever you're able to dig up. Thanks for asking. Tweeted and Facebooked.

Referenced in the Congressional Record in 2003


Latta cited in Congressional Record for opposing AARP in 2003

Talked to P. R. about this citation in the Congressional Record (many thanks!), and he regaled me with the story of the national media attention it generated in 2003. This occurred when he resigned as AARP NC's Legislative person, as a result of the National AARP Board supporting the GOP plan to "privatize Medicare's prescription drug coverage."

P. R.'s refusal to "go along, to get along" (which is usually the case in Raleigh) is typical of his unyielding style. His analysis of what was best for America's Seniors appears prescient in 20/20 hindsight. Few of us expected Congress to pass anything as complicated and shot through with practical problems as Medicare's Part D--the result of the GOP kowtowing to Big PHARMA.--Martha Brock, Raleigh

Martha Brock

Will look forward to reading more about Mr. Latta's

illustrious career of public service. What fun that you get to interview him!

Article should appear at Examiner.com/politics (Raleigh) Tuesday

I submitted the story to Examiner.com about 10:30 pm Monday, but it has not been published online yet. I appreciate those who provided information for the story, especially Doris Weaver who gave generously of her time to explain things and answer questions.

PR provided several pages of information and talked about his experiences in some detail, too. Feedback on the article and suggestions to improve it are welcome. And you are right, James, it was fun to do this story.

Martha Brock