PAC Wars: Episode II - Revenge of the Stiffs

Things are getting heated over in Raleigh in lobbyist circles as special interest PAC's seek to be the last loophole standing when the budget is signed. We thought you might like to follow the players in this scramble and enjoy seeing a copy of our new research report entitled NC Budget, Tax Loopholes & Special-Interest PACs

This report shows that 3 dozen of NC's biggest political action committees (PACs) donated $7 million to state candidates and political parties in the last election - and now many of the groups are now scrambling to make sure their interests, including tax breaks worth at least $1 billion a year, are not harmed in the new budget being hammered out in Raleigh. The list of top PACs includes groups of developers, attorneys, university patrons, doctors, auto dealers, state employees, teachers, and beer wholesalers, as well as executives with blue-chip firms like Progress Energy, Wachovia, Blue Cross, AT&T, and Nationwide Insurance.

Our analysis shows that legislative winners in 2008 received 94% of the $5.7 million big PACs donated to all legislative candidates. The PACs also gave $770,000 to gubernatorial and other statewide candidates, as well as $590,000 to political party committees, much of which gets funneled into legislative races. . . access the entire report here. (The chart of PAC donations is on Page 4 of the report.)


For more info on the budget wars:

We have some other research reports up on the billboard industry in NC specifically, plus some other budget data at Mosey on over for a look -- see "What's New" in the lefthand column of our home page for a complete list of reports.

Katy Munger,
Progress North Carolina Action

Lead, follow or get out of the way....

Thanks, Katy.

This is great and frightening stuff. Looks like "follow the money" is alive and well among the Raleigh prostitutes legislators.