Pat didn't get permission first

It seems that DAG McCrony is negotiating with a South Carolina native American tribe (yes, you read that right, South Carolina) about opening a casino in Cleveland County.

Apparently, though, Pat forgot to ask permission from Tillisberger, and that has Tom Apodaca (Berger's second banana) and Skip Stam (Tillis's second banana) very upset.

“We don’t need an out-of-state tribe coming into North Carolina and opening a casino,” [Apocada] said Thursday. “I can tell you I haven’t heard of one person yet who was excited about the idea.”


“I am very much opposed to it and will do everything I can to defeat it,” [Stam] said.

And of course, they aren't at all happy that DAG McCrony didn't ask permission first, especially with this latest news coming on the heels of Publicity Pat's grandstanding vetoes (accompanied by his whining and begging to please please not override them).

The governor currently has the power to negotiate such agreements without the legislature. But when this Deputy Assistant Governor does so without getting permission first, Apodaca thinks it's time to put Prevaricating Pat in his place:

“If we have to come back for a veto session,” Apodaca said, noting a possible effort to override the governor’s veto of two bills, “we might have to get (ourselves) some power.”

Not that this power-drunk NCGA needs or deserves any more power, and not that Apodaca & Stam have an ounce of sense or integrity between them -- but blame DAG McCrony for this one. In a failed attempt to show that he is anything other than Art Pope's hired pen, he poked at the hornets nest.


Why SC?

That's interesting. Why wouldn't he be talking with the Cherokee here in NC?

Money, money, money .... me smells some money changing hands here.

Same reason Willie Sutton robbed banks

"Because that's where the money is".

According to the cited story, NC has an existing agreement with the Cherokee tribe and gets a nice cut of the revenue (Pat smells money!). Apparently the Catawba tribe has (1) tried but failed to get recognition as an NC tribe; and (2) tried but failed to get approval to open a casino in SC (they note in their lawsuit the potential of $100M annual revenue. Pat can smell that money from Raleigh).

As usual, "follow the money" is good advice. And when it comes to Pay to Play Pat, the motto is "Money talks. Please speak loudly".

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis