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tough one

While I like the idea of walking out in protest at SOME point during the circus in Raleigh, I think they have to keep their heads down and weather the storm. Pick your battles/issues and work to make the bills A LITTLE better. Maybe even that isn't possible though.

I think the most important thing is to stay vocal. Even if they don't have any power or ability to influence things, as a legislator you still have somewhat of a bully pulpit. Use it. Craft a message and an agenda for our party and then don't ever stop talking about it

While the whole Guy Fawkes notion has appeal

I would like to see Dems in the NCGA grab a pen, microphone or keyboard and let people know what the R's are doing via blogposts, letters to the editor, press conferences and press releases. They should participate in protests organized by reputable progressive organizations. They should emphasize the tactical details of individual issues and the strategic foundation of republican corruption (gerrymandering and loose election laws).

In short, they should lead.

I voted to walk out

But I think they should keep on going, take off to another sate like the Dems did in Wisconsin. I don't know if that is enough to disrupt the flow of crappy legislation in NC but I think we are going to have to do something big and loud before the public can become aware of the scope of the problem.

Can we do Recalls in this state?

Progressives are the true conservatives.

Leave And Never Come Back!

That's right! Leave the 1% Corporate control Democrat party and never look back........

That's *Democratic* Party

Your terminology reveals you as a tea bagger troll trying to pose as a progressive critic of Democrats.

Shadow government

The legislative process doesn't allow much to the minority -- never has. So rather than sit like patsies in committee rooms and on the floor, I'd suggest the Democrats start meeting separately, in the public areas, in the auditorium, in committee rooms when they're not being used, and conduct their own hearings, consider their own bills, and prepare themselves to govern just as if they were a parliamentary-style shadow government.


And while their at it, how about having open forums for citizens ... with a special emphasis on getting creative, obstructionist attorneys at the table. Democrats and supporting organizations should be suing the hell out of DAG, Pope, Berger Berger, and Tommy Tillis every the ass clowns move. Doesn't matter whether the challenges have merit or not, take it to them for the publicity value alone.

Just to say it, I LOVE THIS IDEA and I hope to hell some of our esteemed electeds are taking note and taking action.

I know if I were in the GA, I'd be spending my days out in the streets raising holy hell. Sitting around and watching while Pope's wrecking crew destroys our government is stupid waste of time and psychic energy. R's don't give a flying f/ck what any Democrat thinks about anything. They don't need D support and they don't want it.

I say walk away and give R's all the rope they need to trash the state without interference. The damage will be painful and obvious in a matter of months. No sense being part of it.

Some things never change.

" R's don't give a flying f/ck what any Democrat thinks about anything. They don't need D support and they don't want it."

Ironic. Five years ago, Republicans were saying the same about Democrats. You'd think both sides would be a touch more humble by now. Ultimately, the people decide.

Let's Do It.

We should start working to convince the party to do this. Obviously it wouldn't be official and the bills we pas in the shadow government wouldn't be binding, but I think it is a great way to show voters the difference between the disaster they chose, and what they can have in 2014.

Democratic members of the NC General Assembly should ... sure their womenfolk aren't showing any nipple...

Work toward 2014

There needs to be a concentrated effort to win back the GA. Doing so is going to require convincing voters in the middle that we have a better plan for the future of NC. I don't think yelling and screaming will do it. But as EDegnan posted the message needs to be crafted and we need to stick to it.

Just run candidates

Many districts have Republican law makers running unopposed, so if the Dems really want to take back the GA they should just run candidates in every district. That would scare the crap outta the GOP and they wouldn't know what just happened.

Your second approach is the fact that Dems did too much when they had control last time. Sometimes it's better to slow down on writing all those laws. Stop being the party of Bureaucracy and start being the party of the workin' class.

Third, if you're a Democrat you should stick to being just that. Here's the Democrats basic talking points. JOBS, EDUCATION, EQUALITY.

I hope this helps you Democrats. BTW, I'm a Libertarian.