Poor Counties vs the GOP

Could Judge Howard Manning rule that the state budget cuts in education are in violation of the Leandro ruling?

The teaching fellows program will no longer be funded after this group of freshmen. The teacher Academy is no longer funded, Principal fellows the same. Even the Science Oympiad funds (pocket change) were cut out. Textbook, staff development, driver education and instructional supply funding have been drastically slashed. The list goes on and on.

While a county like Wake or Mecklenburg can absorb a great deal of these cuts, counties with a lack of resources like Sampson, Warren, Hoke, Cumberland, Harnett, or Halifax are not so fortunate. Wealthy counties contribute about four times as much per student as the poorer counties. They have wiggle room.

The only thing I heard the state say in response to witness after witness pointing to examples of how these budget cuts (combined with those of the previous session) were harming those children (including my daughter)from poor areas of our state was that these counties received low wealth funds. The problem with that argument is that low wealth funds were dwarfed buy the cuts.


Republican shortsightedness

We are still way behind the rest of the world because of the cuts Ronald Reagan made in research of high speed trains. Will we ever climb out of this Republican hole?

Progressives are the true conservatives.