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I admit to spending less and less time worrying about the "reports" and political activities spewing steadily from the Art Pope Puppetshow. Funded to the tune of $3 to $4 million annually by the knight of the right, the increasingly irrelevant John Locke Foundation and Civitas appear to have attracted all the converts they're going to get.

But as our handy-dandy (and updated!) map of the Show suggests, the Puppetmaster has infiltrated major media outlets and at least one major university, so they are definitely worth keeping an eye on. Which is why I was so pleased to see this post by Rob Schofield at NC Policy Watch yesterday. It's a doozy.

Meanwhile in North Carolina

Politicians, of course, are not the only ones that have to deal with friends on the fringe. Indeed, one of the more interesting angles on this issue is the matter of how conservative movement organizations handle the issue. Here in North Carolina, groups like the Locke Foundation and the Pope-Civitas Institute seem to want to straddle the fence.

On the one hand, both groups – particularly the former – clearly crave acknowledgment and acceptance as sources of serious, non-partisan policy analysis. Both have invested significant resources in snazzy websites and staffs that can crank out frequent reports and policy papers. Both frequently use the term “libertarian” (with a small “L”) as a moniker in an effort to cultivate their images as “idea shops” rather than mere annexes for unemployed and would-be Republican politicians and campaign staff. Having said this, it’s interesting to note that both organizations maintain close connections to what can only be described as the fringe elements.

Just this week, a person described by the Locke Foundation as the “Associate Editor” of its Carolina Journal newspaper and website, penned a “Carolina Journal Exclusive” in which he purported to have infiltrated a Planned Parenthood gathering. As it turned out, the infiltration produced nothing juicier than some quotes about the importance of comprehensive sex education and an excuse for the writer to fulminate about the evils of birth control.


Not that this author is the only one in the Locke-Civitas orbit with links to and sympathies for segments of the extreme and/or loony right. As noted previously in this space, one of Civitas’ “legislative analysts” spent much of 2006 as campaign manager for America’s most embarrassing congressional candidate, Vernon Robinson.

And who can forget Mad Max Borders, the big cheese of new media at the Circus, whose career in blogging should have ended when he famously argued that it would be morally acceptable to boil people alive if it served the interests of the United States of America.

None of this, of course, will stop Pope from continuing to spend millions toward his dream of privatizing North Carolina into his retail empire.

As they go forward, conservative politicians and movement leaders have a choice: disavow the wackier fringe members of the movement as John McCain seems inclined to do (at least for the most part) or embrace and include them in their day-to-day efforts. For now, North Carolina’s two most prominent conservative think tanks seem to have opted for the latter option. It will be interesting to see if they continue to adhere to this approach.

Hmmmm. Prominent conservative think tanks. (1) Cut taxes, and (2) stop government at any level from planning.

That's thinking?


Background on NC State <3 Art Pope

Can be found here

A new $511,500 grant from the John William Pope Foundation will help North Carolina State University’s Department of Economics and Department of Political Science and Public Administration develop programs that explore the relationships between economics and politics in free societies.

It must be nice to be able to spend only a half million bucks and be able to permanently contaminate young minds with extremist ideas delivered by faculty members at what some people consider a real university.

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Of course I'm crazy, I'm a blogger. What's your excuse?

Of course I'm crazy, I'm a blogger. What's your excuse?

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Of course I'm crazy, I'm a blogger. What's your excuse?

Of course I'm crazy, I'm a blogger. What's your excuse?

Check out some of these

available courses in the Economics Department. I can almost imagine the direction of thought when I see stuff like this in the course summary:

An economic analysis of the sources and effects of law, including common law, statutory law and regulation.

Microeconomic analysis of public and private policy issues concerning health care financing

comparisons of managerial behavior in nonprofit or government enterprise to for-profit firms.

Welfare economics topics, including externalities, compensation, public goods and the social welfare function

An application of microeconomic theory and welfare economics to the public sector. Topics include externalities and public policy, the theory of public goods, collective choice, program budgeting and cost-benefit analysis, the theory of taxation and its application to tax policy, public debt and fiscal federalism.

The NC State

economics faculty has become a reliable source of right-wing talking points for "journalists" who need to balance their stories with free market lunacy.

An oldie but a goodie

Matthew Yglesia asks, Is John Hood a Robot?

Pretty funny to see the Stagemanager called out for being, well, himself.