PPP Survey: NC Supports Renewable Energy

The Conservation Council of North Carolina released today a poll confirming that North Carolina voters are very much in favor of renewable energy sources, and they think the state government should take action to protect the state against global warming. The poll was conducted by Public Policy Polling. Click here for the press release and complete results.

Global Warming
Serious Threat 62%
Unproven Theory 33%

Support Expansion of: Solar Power
Support 89%
Oppose 11%

Wind Power
Support 88%
Oppose 12%

Support 37%
Oppose 63%

Nuclear Power
Support 61%
Oppose 39%

More from the press release:

…When asked if the North Carolina government should act now to reduce the amount of pollutants that may contribute to climate change, 76% of likely voters supported intervention...

However on the question of nuclear energy, the results were less positive as respondents were given additional choices about that technology. When asked if they would be willing to pay higher utility rates to support the construction of new nuclear plants, the majority of respondents answered no, they would not support new construction. The majority, 72%, also believed that consumers should not start paying for the construction of new power plants before they become operational – a funding scheme known as Construction Work In Progress (CWIP).

The majority of those polled, 77% support higher utility rates if the revenue generated supported the use of renewable energy sources versus nuclear power plants. And 79% of respondents believe that power companies should be required to invest more in energy efficient practices. …

… “The poll shows what we’ve long suspected” said Nina Szlosberg President of the Conservation Council of NC. “Most people want us to do something about global warming now and they want us to do it through clean, renewable technologies.”

“We hope this poll helps lawmakers understand that they are heading in the wrong direction in the energy debate. If they listen to the people they represent, they will go back to the drawing board and produce an energy bill that promotes alternative energy without giving away “the farm” to the utilities.” …


Look at that

Not only do people want clean fuel but GASP they are willing to pay a little bit extra for it. I love seeing people choose responsibility over greed.

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

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