President Barack Obama The First Black President Why I Voted For Him

I voted for Barack Obama for President because I am black and I felt strongly that he was intelligent enough to hold the title. I have gone through 12 years of schooling and heard that black folks could become the President one day so when the opportunity came that I could vote for a black man then why in the hell would I not vote for him? I have voted for white men up until “our” current President was elected.

Hell no “our” current President didn’t have any experience at being the President because he had never held the title before. But none of the others before him had held the title before they became the President either. So what is the damn problem?

I can say I found Barack Obama while surfing the net when he was running for US Senate. I was on his mailing list up until that election was over.

I knew day one when Barack was elected that “our” President would have to spend time dealing with folks who didn’t want him to become the President anyway. I was not ignant to the facts that he would not have the support of that other party so that meant he would have hell on his hands. The other party became the majority in the White House so he has had to battle everyday. Anyone who thought he was going to come in and be able to “fix” everything in 4 years is just ignorant as hell.

I be so glad when the November 2012 election is over because I am so sick and tired of all the ignorance coming from Racist White Folks and Safe Negroes. When I use these 2 terms that means I am not talking about all white folks and not all black folks.

It tickles the hell out of me to hear some black folks say “our” President has not done anything for black folks. Damn you mean to tell me “our” President has not done anything that black folks have benefited from? I say look at his record and then tell me that. But you have to prove to me that you have looked at his record because I am not going to accept ignorant conversation that has no merit to it.

I have no problem with anyone criticizing “our” President but just keep it real. Don’t twist the truth just tell the truth. Damn don’t disrespect the man, if you don’t like him just don’t vote for him but stop showing your ignorance. Just because he has not done what you think he ought to do, don’t make it appear that he has not done anything. Hell what you want may not be what I want. Hell we don’t agree with everybody be it our family and whoever.

I will vote for “our” President in 2012. I don’t see where I have an option. Vote for whoever you prefer but I do request you don’t allow ignorance to be your deciding factor. I hope you look at what “our” current President has done up until now and look at what his opponent says he will do.

I am Curmilus Dancy II The Political Agitator


I don't see where we have an option either

The Romneybot is like George W. Bush on steroids ... an opportunistic liar and coward with a sense of personal privilege that is truly stomach churning. That's probably his appeal to so many purposefully ignorant Americans.

Why I voted for him

Before he announced his candidacy, I thought he was moving up in the political ranks too quickly, and was more "charismatic" than capable.

But the speech he gave (on the outskirts of Chicago, I think) announcing his candidacy blew me away. I'm pretty jaded when it comes to speeches, which is probably a result of the Reagan years, so it takes a lot more than happy talk to grab my interest. What I saw and heard that day was a man we needed in the White House.

And the Obama I see now is a man we still need in the White House.