President Obama, Jobs, and Organized Labor...What it could mean for 2012.

There is nothing working families want and need more than re-electing President Obama. Members of organized labor are re-doubling our efforts to see that candidates who will work hard and look out for working families prevail this November.

The President has worked to help strengthen our economy, but times are still tough here in North Carolina. We need help now more than ever. But, the Obama Administration is considering an action that could have a very negative impact on our state’s economy, on organized labor, and on our chances for victory in November here in NC.

The AFL-CIO is working against an ill-timed effort by the Food and Drug Administration that would remove menthol cigarettes from the market. If adopted by the agency, thousands of well-paid and organized workers across NC would be out of a job. And all because of a bad decision, made at the wrong time, and not supported by science.

I understand that tobacco isn't popular - but jobs sure are. Especially good paying, unionized jobs. It is hard to talk about possibly eliminating jobs in North Carolina and then ask those same working folk for their vote.

Amid this unfortunate distraction, labor is still fighting hard to win this state for the President. We are convinced we can succeed – and we fully understand how bad things would be should Governor Romney prevail. But our job would be a lot easier if we could concentrate our efforts on a single goal of victory in November without having to engage in a fight to protect the jobs of our members from an ill-conceived and uninformed bureaucratic policy decision by the FDA.


How does banning menthol smokes cost jobs?

What is the difference between menthol and non-menthol smokes in terms of jobs? A filter is a filter, whether it imparts flavor or not.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

We must re-elect President

We must re-elect President Obama. The merits of the menthol issue deserve full consideration, but the impact of such a far-reaching decision at a time when our economy is still struggling should be a primary consideration, as well. If implemented at this time, the effect of this policy could have a terribly negative impact on our economy in North Carolina and would likely result in the loss of thousands of jobs in our state -- and harm the President's re-election chances. That is not acceptable.

keep the jobs

sometimes we need to admit that well intentioned regulations do more harm than good. this appears to be one of those times. keep the jobs.

People should have the right

People should have the right to smoke if they so-choose - and if they want a little more flavor in their tobacco then I'm all for it. Sure, smoking menthols is unhealthy, but so is eating doritos - and the FDA doesn't seem to be putting any snack makers out of work. I hope Mr. Andrews gets his wish and is able to concentrate on re-electing the President (who, I understand, enjoyed a menthol or two in his day) instead of having to spend time fighting to protect existing jobs.

You are actually comparing cigarettes with Doritos????

Ingredient lists here(cigs) and here(doritos).

I agree that Doritos are not healthy, but the 43 carcinogens and nearly 600 other chemicals in tobacco smoke would seem to be an order of magnitude or two more dangerous than corn chips.

It's like comparing a bow and arrow to an AR-15.