The privatization of Medicaid in NC moves forward

Shying away from treatment-based funding:

Gov. Pat McCrory’s administration is moving to change the government insurance program for 1.7 million of the state’s elderly, disabled and poor residents to a system where providers are paid set rates for each person they treat. As it is now, the government pays fees for each medical treatment or service.

Rep. Nelson Dollar, a Cary Republican and advisory committee member, said he was concerned about managed care insurance companies coming in to take over big parts of the Medicaid program. He asked whether insurance companies would be needed.

Adam Searing, director of the N.C. Health Access Coalition, has been critical of McCrory’s rap on Medicaid. Searing, whose organization advocates for low-income and working class people, was also critical of Atlas for not presenting what Searing said would have been a complete picture of managed care.

They don't want a complete picture. All they needed to see was "capped payments" and the love affair was off to a great start.



....from the lowest bidder?

That's the plan

because it's not about healthcare at all. It's about punishing poor people for being poor.