Public property giveaway: NC charter schools to enjoy one dollar leases

What was that Republicans were saying about the Dix deal?

A state Senate committee on Wednesday discussed legislation that would make charter schools more aggressive competitors for students and the taxpayer money that follows them. The measure would cancel the current requirement that at least half a charter school's teachers be certified. Charter school directors could decide whether to check job applicants for any criminal history. Local school boards would be required to lease available buildings or land to a charter school for $1 a year.

The hypocrisy is mind-boggling. It's bad enough to siphon off taxpayer dollars to subsidize schools that don't even require certified and vetted teachers, but to force local governments to give them real property, which the local school board will have no jurisdiction over, is tantamount to theft on a massive scale. Adam Smith would not approve, I'm fairly certain.


$1 lease

Sounds right to me. All school boards need to do is add in $350,000 or more in administrative overhead and maintenance charges.

North Carolina school systems cannot allow this illegal redistribution of property to go uncontested. It's time for a few hundred thousand school teachers to take a week or so of sick leave.

If only that would work,

If only that would work, James. Unfortunately, it's much more likely that we would all be fired if a sick out were actually pulled off.

All teachers fired. That

All teachers fired. That might be what it takes to stop the insanity.

Looks like you folks are

Looks like you folks are getting a taste of your own medicine... Statists gonna state..

You folks?

Must be fun to be an anonymous ass. You folks life hypocrisy to breathtaking levels.