Pundits on Parade

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O-No! likes Perdue's choice of Gene Conti to head the DOT: because he's an insider. I guess they're going to like Lanier Cansler, too. He's even more of an insider.

Puppet-in-residence Joe Colletti says taxes = bad, deficit spending = bad, global depression = good.

Chris at NC Policy watch tirelessly takes on the Puppetshow, pointing out the methods behind their madness in supporting school segregation in Wake County.

Mountain man Carl Mumpower is still an idiot.


One more pundit

Associate Puppet Rick Martinez has some interesting ideas about energy policy, one of the few columns he's written that's not totally full of hot air. So to speak.

Oh heavens.

The fact that Cansler is a seasoned lobbyist, who also an Advisor to Fred Smith during his Goober-natorial run has me TERRIBLY frightened.

I thought the health crisis in NC would be getting an honest and new approach.

Cansler's not so bad

I would not tie LC to the FSfG campaign too closely. A close examination would likely indicate that Cansler's advice was not heeded.

He has garnered a lot of support by those with differing political persuasions...he may prove to be an excellent choice.

Time will tell.