Puppetmaster Goes for Broke

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If you're not familiar with Guidestar, you should be. Among other things, it's a free and easy-to-use resource for tracking who gives money to which non-profit organizations. For example, organizations such as the John Locke Puppetshow can be examined to see where their money is coming from - and how it's being spent.

In 2004, Art "the Puppetmaster" Pope contributed $1,696,142 to keep his think tank thinking. In 2005, he upped the ante by nearly a cool million, coming in at $2,625,807. That amount is more than 80% of the entire $3.15 million operating budget of the Puppetshow.

What's the difference between 2004 and 2005? That's hard to say. Could it be that the mean old liberals are gumming things up and making Stagemanager Hood have to actually work for a change? The guys at the John Locke Foundation have never run a business where they had to compete to make a living, and with the Puppetmaster as their sugar daddy, they still don't have to. But at least we can give them a run for their money.


PS Just so you know what we're up against, these figures show that the Puppetshow spends $263,000 per month to keep their plates spinning and their propaganda spewing. That's about 3000 times what we spend at BlueNC.


Be sure you check out Guidestar

You have to register, but it's free and well worth the effort.

And when you do, you can scroll through the submission forms for all your favorite (and not so favorite) non-profits. They even list salaries!

Puppetmaster New Age Math at work again!

Gosh, maybe they spend 5000 times what we spend!!!*A

Wait until you see the 2006 report! These Think Tank boys have really turn up the heat during a election year. These fake libertarian Conservatives Corporate Suck up neo-con fascists will make the Federal Reserve System ashame of the infamous float in this funny money game at the rate they are going.

How about 200,000 thousand times what Lance makes and you A make on tips for running this information site?

$80 a month???

Dang... who's yr webhost? You must have some crazy bandwidth usage.

The Thornsetter Project

I was just guessing with round numbers

it's probably a lot less, but I do know we pay extra for back-up, or something like that. Lance has the details. I think it's Dream Host?

Gosh, maybe they spend 5000 times what we spend!!!

Dreamhost is the $#!+

I don't think I'll ever use the full amount of my allotted bandwidth or storage... unless I come up with some crazy Web 2.0 application that makes Boing Boing all tingly. That won't happen.

The Thornsetter Project

Is that a good $#!+

or a bad $#!+ ???


come on old man. haha

the s** = good
a s*# = bad


"Keep the Faith"

Best $#!+ ever!

Try more than 16,000 times what we spend

Factor in the trickle of ad revenue and the site may well be paying for itself. Let's see: $263,000 divided by zero... something's wrong with this damn WindowsXP calculator...

I guess the PopeCo product must be 16,000 times better than BlueNC!

Nope.....just 16,000 times more


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