The race I'll be sweating tomorrow

I'll be sweating this race because I've seen a lot of polls all within the margin in this essentially tied race. I was reading a poll today that lists 8% of North Carolinians as having already voted and as still undecided on the Lt. Governor race. Usually we think of voter drop off happening at the nonpartisan races, but even this is a race where it can happen. Make sure your friends know you're voting for Coleman. If you need a reason why, then please check out and share this Q-Notes article.

But it is Linda Coleman, former state House member and former director of the Office of State Personnel, who might find herself the lone Democratic officer among a sea of Republican lawmakers. Coleman could also become the highest-ranking LGBT-friendly elected official in Raleigh.

Poll after poll has shown a nearly evenly divided electorate. In some, Coleman leads. In others, it’s Forest, the second son of Charlotte’s retiring U.S. House Rep. Sue Myrick.

So what happens if Coleman wins the race? It certainly wouldn’t be the first time a sitting governor and sitting lieutenant governor came from opposing parties.

We need her voice in the state leadership and in front of the media on so many issues, and we need Sam Ervin on the Supreme Court. Come what may in the rest of the races, these 2 candidates represent a powerful opportunity to have a check and balance against extreme conservatism if other races don't go as well. The balance of the NC Supreme Court is in the balance and could decide the future of voter suppression, amendment 1, and other attacks. Please do whatever you can to raise name recognition for these 2 candidates!


50% to 50% with 99% reporting

Win or lose, I'm glad this was a campaign I supported.

Recount coming

Four More Years!

Congrats to President Obama. Even Fox News calls the race for Obama-Biden.

Martha Brock

Good news nationally

We achieved marriage equality in states through popular vote for the first time ever, our nation will have our first ever openly gay Senator, and for the first time we’ve elected a President who openly supports marriage equality. This was a big night nationally for many reasons, but was especially a huge step towards LGBT equality.

Looks like I'll be sweating this one a little longer

According to the state board of elections, there are 46,766 provisional ballots outstanding in 89 counties, with 11 counties still to report their numbers.

...County boards of election will examine them on canvass day, which is Friday, Nov. 16 this year. Assuming the voter is entitled to vote, their ballots will be counted.

Still too close to call, it looks like I'll be sweating this one a little longer, it's a race I've been following close for a while as you can see this blog and my many posts about the campaign in other's blogs:

Depending on how this goes we could still have a prominent voice in the state leadership to speak truth to power in a prominent way. If you know anyone who cast a provisional ballot, make sure they follow up on that.

For now I'll take the victory of President Obama, gains in the US Senate, and the best election for LGBT equality nationally we've ever had.