Rally in Raleigh on Thursday Feb 16th

In case you haven't heard, there is going to be a rally in Raleigh on Thursday Feb 16th at 11 AM in front of the General Assembly at 16 W. Jones Street as they come into their February session.

I've heard from different people a number of different reasons why they are going. Some will be there to protest. Some will be there to speak out against the amendment. Some will be there as watchdogs to let the General Assembly know that midnight sessions and other such behavior is unacceptable and incompatible with open and transparent public service.

For me, I see this as a chance to follow up with all the positive messages I heard at HKonJ, while the General Assembly is actually town. There was a lot of creativity and positivity with chants, songs, shirts, and signs at HKonJ, and I think they should get more than one use.


Will you take a stand against midnight madness?

Will you take a stand against midnight madness?

Will you take a stand against the amendment?

Will you take a stand against the attacks on voting rights and against the withholding of HAVA funds?

Will you take a stand against the attacks on women, minorities, teachers, and North Carolinians across the board?

Will you take a stand while the General Assembly is in town and in session?

Come to this rally if you can make it especially if you live in the triangle, or if you can't make it, maybe write a letter to the editor about of these issues.

As partisan and election-focused as things seem now, it's only going to get more intense over the next few months as the primary occurs, and the focus shifts to the general election. There is a window, a window to set the tone about what we as North Carolinians will and wont accept from candidates and elected officials. Let's make use of this rapidly closing window.

Women should come

Enough is enough. It's time to take a stand.

I never go out for stuff like this, but if I can juggle my schedule, I'll be there.

RSVP for the Rally tomorrow

You can RSVP for the rally here. This event is definitely starting on time, so be there by 11am. There will be plenty of speakers and activities so it should be a lot of fun. Feel free to bring your own signs to wave in addition to what will already be there. Lunch and a debrief of the days activities will be at 1pm so for that reason RSVPing to have a good headcount is helpful, but not required. You can absolutely come even if you didn't RSVP. And things should be wrapping up by 2pm or so.

My understanding is that the permit covers the rally for as long as the General Assembly is in session. So if they try to stay in session longer than they've said they will, or if they try to pull a another midnight madness session we will be there.

Give em hell

There in spirit from Haywood County!


The measure of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little. - FDR

To those on Jones Street....

....keep us informed on the goings-on...

Thanks from the mountains!


The measure of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little. - FDR


Got tied up dealing with the intricacies of our healthcare system this morning. Ugh.

Sorry I couldn't be there on Jones Street.

At the Catholic hospital...

....trying to get birth control pills???

On a serious note, do the health plans offered by Catholic hospitals cover vasectomies?


The measure of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little. - FDR

I don't think so

More babies is god's only mission.

Denver-based CHI will own a 70 percent stake in the new organization, and officials of the merging systems have said their hospitals will comply with Catholic health-care directives against reproductive procedures such as tubal ligations, vasectomies and in-vitro fertilization.

Citizens aren't allowed on the 2nd floor

We started off with a rally and several dynamic speakers outside on a variety of issues from voter suppression, to environmental protections, to the attacks on the teachers, and many more. Luckily the weather held out, and it was nice the whole time we were out there.

When then moved inside to continue things on the 2nd floor by first delivering our notes and cards to Rep. Tillis at his office. But we were told that people aren't allowed on the 2nd floor and they got the officers to urge us to leave and we weren't even able to deliver our notes and cards. That's when all the local news cameras started lighting up. You might be able to catch the rest on the evening news.

Although I bet lobbyists are


They really can't keep someone off the 2nd floor

The rules are mushy. You have to "state your business" very carefully.

Individuals and groups of visitors who come to the State Legislative Building for the purpose of viewing the building and observing the sessions of either or both houses shall not visit the second floor of the building.

Dressing business or business casual always helps one slide past people who thinks "someone like that" doesn't belong there.

And the chapel is on the 2nd floor.

I'd love to see a headline where Tillis' thugs kick people out of the legislative chapel.


Back in session this Saturday

We also watched over the session as it took place, and they decided not to really conduct much business today, and instead convene another special session this Saturday at tax payer's expense.

Overall I'd call the event a success. They weren't going to move on anything controversial with that many folks watching. We had a nice lunch, heard from a few legislators, I spoke out against the amendment, and had a good debrief inside after watching the legislative session.

Guess we'll have to take the god damned place over on Saturday

I'll be there.

I'm not sure what the plans are

I don't know if any sort of rally will materialize for Sat or not, I think something probably will happen for their session starting on Monday April 23rd. It can be hard on folks who drive 2 or 3 hours and don't even get to deliver their card in person to come back so soon.

I know Race to the Ballot will be in Raleigh on Saturday though:


February 18, 2012 (All day)
RACE TO THE BALLOT rolls into our capital city with day-long events designed to engage campus and community....and even the Carolina Rollerg Girls!

NCSU Student Equality Conference
Location: NCSU Campus
Time: All Day Event
Contact: Rachel Turner

RACE TO THE BALLOT | Carolina Roller Girls
Double Header Event: Debutante Brawlers vs. Trauma Queens | Carolina All-Stars vs. Columbia Quad Squad
Location: Dorton Arena, NC State Fairgrounds
Time: 2:30pm - 6pm
Contact: Justine Hollingshead

RACE TO THE BALLOT | Protect All NC Families Benefit Concert
Location: UU Fellowship of Raleigh
3313 Wade Avenue
Time: 8-10pm
Contact: Tracy Hollister

Getting some serious usage out of the HAVA sign

It made it's second public appearance since it's creation with its appearance earlier today, which makes 2 public evens in under a week.

I like the mini-HAVA signs too:

And both times I managed to be wearing shirts with hearts on them, which was totally not coordinated, I just wanted to wear pro-equality/anti-amendment gear to the rallies, which just so happens they both had hearts on them too.

Speaking out against the amendment at the indoor gathering of the ralliers: