Renee Ellmers: Clueless?

Renee Ellmers has pledged to oppose all earmarks.......but right after making that pledge she revealed that she didn't really know what an earmark was.

Renee Ellmers based her campaign on repealing health care reform.......but she says she will probably sign up for the federal health care plan that is offered to congressmen and women.

Renee Ellmers wants a smaller federal government.........but her district is home to Ft. Bragg and the local governments are being overwhelmed as a result of BRAC.


she's North Carolina's

she's North Carolina's version of Sarah Palin...or Christine ODonnell...unfortunately she's actually in elected office....It's so embarrassing that this is who we have representing our state in Washington

I'll give you the first one,

I'll give you the first one, but..

What does being in favor of repealing the health care reform laww have to do with signing up for your employer's healthcare plan?

BRAC- "Base Realignment and Closure" They are closing a base near Atlanta and sending the people to Bragg. Living in one of the counties affected by BRAC, if there is truly anything "overwhelming" going on, it is the spec building of homes and apartments going on in some areas. There may be the need to build some new schools, perhaps in Harnett and Cumberland Counties, but the BRAC process and task force have been taking place here for years and it has been very open and productive. On balance, BRAC has been and will continue to be a benefit to area local governments here in a very down economy.

All that said, she strikes me as clueless.

Granted the health care thing

Granted the health care thing is a bit of a stretch but then we Democrats get eaten alive every election cycle because we try to to be fair and even handed when we look at an issue. Meanwhile the Republicans attack from every angle with distortions and/or insignificant points that give the impression of something contrary or unethical. I guess I would like to highlight one of those insignificant points that might incite people. She opposed health care reform, didn't want any part of a public option but is more than willing to take a taxpayer funded health care plan. :)

SPlib I suppose what you in Moore Co view as not particularly significant is extremely overwhelming in Harnett Co. I'm not in any way implying that there is any surprise or lack of transparency in the BRAC process, in fact just the oppose and in the long run I hope it is a net benefit to the region. However the influx of all these new residents will have a profound effect on local government's ability to meet the needs of the citizens. Representative Etheridge has worked tirelessly to get road improvements funded and to get the DOD to acknowledge the burden that will be placed on the schools in Harnett Co. and provide aid to local government. That recognition has not been successful thus far. To offer some perspective Overhills Elementary located near Ft. Bragg was built two years ago and it exceeded capacity when it opened. Overhills High School built a few years ago to relieve overcrowding at Western Harnett grew by about 300 students in the last two years. The county needs to build a minimum of four new schools by 2012 just to avoid massive overcrowding. So yes, the term, "overwhelming" is not an exaggeration. The property taxes paid by the typical homeowner moving in to Harnett Co. as a result of BRAC will not pay half the local government cost to educate just one child and that's not even considering the other costs the county will incur like public safety, health, recreation etc.

Now when we had a congressman that believed government was part of the solution and worked to find funds to help us, could advocate for us and generally applied some common sense to the situation there was hope that the benefits from BRAC would outweigh the negatives. But with our new congressman elect we have someone that believes that government is the problem, believes that bringing back our federal tax dollars to the district is somehow a bad thing and has no knowledge or leverage to apply, well things look a little hopeless.

I'm a moderate Democrat.