Reporter roundtable discussion


Pretty solid reporting

I was a little disappointed when the discussion turned to the Continuing Resolution itself, yet nobody talked about just how deep the cuts would be if it were enacted.

It's a critical piece of information, and it's unfair to the Governor to leave that out. Cutting close to 20% from the previous Budget would result in state employee layoffs like we've never seen before. Tens of thousands sent home with pink slips, regardless of what the Republican propagandists say.

Discharge Petitions?

I don't recall anyone on the panel mentioning those for the unemployment benefit bills being held up by the GOP leaders in the House and Senate. Did I miss it?

Seems a little odd to leave out that info.


I don't think they mentioned

the Discharge Petition per se, but they did talk about how Republicans could separate the two issues if they really wanted the unemployment thing to go through.

If they really wanted to....

The heart of the matter.

They don't want to "reward" lazy, no-account, shiftless (pun intended) bums who want to sit around in their boxers all day.


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