Republican attack on Montravias King explodes in their face

That's "Councilman" Montravias King, I should say:

Montravias King, who overcame a challenge to his right to be on the ballot, has handily won election to the Elizabeth City Council.

Unofficial results from Pasquotank County show King winning the 4th Ward councilman’s race with 585 votes. He was the top vote getter in a field of seven.

While it's possible that without the controversy of trying to strong-arm Montravias out of the election, he might still have won, GOP efforts to silence his voice garnered the young man a lot of exposure and sympathy. And it also revealed the darker side of some local Republicans, and that revelation may be hard to shake going down the road. Congratulations, Councilman!


Congratulations Mr. King!

We believe that it is realistic to imagine this conversation at this morning's Elizabeth City GOP caucus breakfast:

Jess: "I just knew it! This is exactly what happens when you let students and minorities vote!"

Bob: "And that's why we've got to stop them from voting. Women too. And most of the old folks"

Jake: "Dagnabbit! This biscuit is hard as a rock! Gol-durn Obama and those consarned Democrats!"

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis