Republicans continue to ignore fraud and abuse by employers

Apparently they're too busy arresting octogenarians for peaceable assembly to worry about the real lawbreakers:

Last year, a News & Observer series revealed that many employers, even in high-hazard industries, fail to provide workers’ compensation coverage to those they employ. In response, N.C. Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin chaired a bipartisan commission focused on figuring out how this was possible and how the state might stop it. So why has the legislature, when faced with a clear course of action that amounts to simply strengthening enforcement of existing law and protecting residents from those who violate it, suddenly stopped paddling forward?

That's pretty simple, really. When you worship at the Church of the Blessed Dollar, the deacons of said church (business owners) can do no wrong. And the more of them that engage in a certain behavior, the more valid it becomes. I'm surprised they haven't tried to solve this problem by simply doing away with the laws in question. Of course, that would probably lead to other laws that would need to be struck off the books:

The commission found that, “Employers who disobey the law are also likely to cheat the government, their employees and their competitors by failing to pay unemployment insurance taxes, Social Security taxes, and income taxes.” One building contractor testified that his honesty was killing his business because the state permitted others to roam a very competitive marketplace and bid and build free of these costs.

The commission’s first report, which came in February as the General Assembly began its work, suggested that legislators clearly define this practice as fraud for criminal prosecution and increase civil penalties. It also recommended the legislature authorize licensing boards to revoke the licenses of perpetrators, consider mandating workers compensation coverage for all employees, create a statutory definition of employment, provide more funds to the Industrial Commission for enforcement, bar violators or their sub-contractors doing business with state or local government and create a fund for the payment of claims by employees who should have been but were not covered by workers’ compensation.

For the life of me, I'll never understand the mind of a Conservative. Even the most virulent anti-government zealot will say the only "legitimate" function of government is to protect the citizens from harm. Part of that function is requiring employers to shoulder the responsibility for those who do come to harm while working for said employer.

That's not a convoluted line of reasoning, it's glaringly obvious. And would be to a 4th grader. To not recognize it denotes either a terminal level of stupidity or the lack of concern of that basic function of protecting citizens. That's what's called a lose/lose scenario, by the way.


And Still They Can Use This to Attack the Powerless!

Not only do they continue to allow businesses to harm their employees by illegally avoiding required workmens comp, they actually are using this as a feint -- purely an excuse -- to thoroughly invade the privacy of every citizen of North Carolina (you can bet that they will invade our privacy and NOT actually improve workmens comp violation rates).

That's just one of the stink bombs from the Caucus of Hypocrites and Liars.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis