Republicans who are betting on voter frustration with ACA are betting on the wrong horse

Thom Tillis has saddled up and is riding hard. In the months ahead, he'll spend millions painting Kay Hagan as a dirty socialist because she voted with Democrats to pass the Affordable Care Act. Next November, he'll regret that move when he loses his bid for US Senate.

Most people agree that the rollout was botched. Big deal. Websites fail all the time, and this one has had the added burden of constant attacks by Republican obstructionists. More important, there's no point in signing up now anyway because you'll be paying for coverage that doesn't start until next year. Just take a deep breath and come back in January. That's what I'm going to do. will still be there, and it'll be running like a well-oiled machine.

Meanwhile, Thom Tillis will be running on his record of raising taxes on working families, trashing public education, and escalating the war on women. Good luck with that, Thom. North Carolina voters may not be the sharpest knives in the drawer, but they're still gonna slice you up and eat you for lunch. Your "Kay Hagan is a socialist" rhetoric is beyond laughable, and it's not going to stick.

Republicans like Thom Tillis are betting on the wrong horse when they attack ACA. The tide is already turning. For every ten horror stories there are a hundred success stories of average American families finally getting decent coverage through ACA. I'll take those odds.



Mark Harris

Lest we forget, there's an outside chance that insurgent candidate Mark Harris, the crusading Tea Bagger candidate, could beat Tillis in a low-turnout primary. If you're not familiar with Harris, check him out. He's one of those Christians who hates gays, hates poor, hates women ... and loves Jesus.

It doesn't really matter whether Harris or Tillis wins in the primary, they're both toast.

Don't wait till January

The website is working, and people need coverage to start in January.

I just received my Blue Cross Blue Shield statement after signing up November 18! Payment due by December 20th for coverage to start January 1st.

Create a new email address and password if you tried earlier and it locked up.

We need the momentum of all the sign-ups we can get, so I would urge people not to wait. Anyone with no insurance now needs to go ahead and sign up. The phone reps are helpful, and it's easy in the Triangle, choice-wise, Blue Cross or Duke, then choose from the many levels of coverage. The more people who sign up, the more they will spread the word.

Totally agreed on "betting on the wrong horse". Those ads are chilling. I'd like to know the name of that actress.


I'm all signed up...All I lack is a little advice on the "intricacies" of my choices, that I'm going to get today. Then I'll call back in with my choice.

I'm getting much better insurance with 50% lower deductible and out of pocket, and "scripts" for 1/2 the cost I'm paying currently with my soon to be ex-plan...

Just did the same

Website works beautifully. I did have to switch to a new email address from the one I originally signed in with, but once I did that, it worked like a charm.

We're still waiting to be verified

My wife finally got in about a month ago, but we hit a snag in verifying our identities. We ended up mailing our info to them. Hopefully one day soon we'll get in. I really need this. We have too many issues in this house to wait any longer than we have to for this. It's long overdue.


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail

I hit that same snag

And kept trying and trying. Today I restarted with a new email address and burned through the whole process in about 20 minutes. Might need to try that.


I had identity issues too, call in and ask for a supervisor.

It worked for me.

I certainly hope Tillis and Harris will be soundly defeated, but

I'm not sure of anything anymore when it comes to politics and the people of NC. The letters to the editor of our paper are mostly from hate-filled conservatives who recite all the standard objections to the ACA with no supporting evidence. Half the people in this state, +/- some small percentage based on the last election, appear to be souless, ignorant, and focused on trashing Obama and any support for their fellow man. I'm always stunned by this because it cannot be possible that many of these people are not themselves being thoroughly screwed by the same policies and politicians they're rooting for.

Stan Bozarth

I have the same fear

based on the noise volume.

But it's just noise. People are waking up and smelling the horseshit.

And though I tend to steer clear of god these days, I have to say that new Pope is a testament to our changing times. If he can't shame the greeders into cleaning up their act, no one can.

The things I hear are so terrible. It's like we're back in pre-JFK times, where Catholics aren't Christians.


This recent column by Jonah Goldberg is enlightening

regarding what "conservatives" are talking about re the ACA.

The real kicker, tho, are the comments. Nauseating.

Read some of this stuff and it makes you wonder if these people had parents or if they just metastasized from one of Rush Limbaugh's hemorrhoids.

The battle still lies ahead. No holds barred.

Stan Bozarth

As an "oh, by the way...."

My previous/retirement employer stopped offering group health insurance to retirees. looking....and I got a medigap plan F that's better than what I had for no more cost. I found dental insurance offered to (eligible) veterans by MetLife and it's better than what's offered on the exchange. If you're enrolled with the VA (whether you get care or not) you...or someone you know may be eligible.

Stan Bozarth

Pandering to the base

Keep in mind that the Republicans aren't interested in a broad swath of voters - they're really focused on turning out the base and stirring up emotions about the ACA is tailor made for that.

The evangelicals hate it because of the birth control mandate, the TeaBaggers hate it because they see it as a "big government" tax, and racists can't stand it because it's being pushed by a Black president and will (supposedly) only benefit "lazy" minorities.

Meanwhile, sane voters see the benefit to their own pocket book of health coverage for the uninsured, even if the system is flawed.

The question is whether the sane voters will turn out in sufficient numbers to offset the blindly raging evangelicals, racists, and Tea Baggers. The Republicans are betting they won't.

If you have a child that

If you have a child that attends a school in the UNC system you might want to check into the student health insurance they offer. It is a great deal at $688 for six months. Benefits are better than what I currently have her on as a dependent with the teachers and state employees BCBS policy.

I'm a moderate Democrat.