Restore North Carolina

Each of us brings a unique perspective to the immoral behavior in the General Assembly today. In my view, there is only one path forward that would restore integrity to the government in our state.


Let the computers do it?

Academics in NC have been very concerned about the shift in NCs government and gerrymandering.

Why not have a conference on the issue?

We have some talented minds in public and private institutions around North Carolina. The use of computer models to draw districts has been debated quite a bit in recent years. Could some mathematicians and computer scientists joining up with some scholars in other disciplines like political science, sociology, history and African-American and Latino Studies, examine some of the computer models that are being proposed by scholars right now and come up with own recommendations for what would be fair and neutral?

The historical aspects of communities in the region is probably something that isn't taken into account very well with current proposed models for automated drawing of districts.

Some articles about attempts at computer redistricting:


The Atlantic

Reddit discussion is one well-known effort to automate the process. This is their proposed rough map of NC.

It's a matter of political will, isn't it?

From my reading, there are scores of non-partisan approaches that would work. The kind of conference you suggest would be a good way to get the ball rolling.

But it won't happen without enormous pressure. Republicans believe they have a ten-year grace period and are in no hurry to remedy the situation they created. For all their happy talk about morals, they are proving every day that power matters more than integrity.

It really is sickening.