Rev. Barber's opposition to the amendment gets national attention

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If anyone is wondering whether going to marches and rallies makes a difference, I think this week gives you your answer. The rally this week made all the local news stations in a pretty big way, and HKonJ is getting some national attention. This is how you shape the debate!



Kudos to Rev. Barber for taking a principled stand.


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail

Post it every day

Jake, can you post this on Facebook every day until May 8? I will share and hopefully others will share too. Everybody needs to know that Rev. Barber is against this and I'm not sure they know. I went to a birthday party Saturday night and you would be surprised by how many people didn't know that Bob Etheridge voted against the repeal of DADT and 75% of the people there were gay. Somehow we aren't getting the message out. Thank you for all you do for human and civil rights.


Etheridge's May 2010 vote against DADT repeal

Lest anyone forget that Bob Etheridge opposed DADT repeal as recently as May 27, 2010...

Here's the roll call vote.


I'll certainly be posting something

I'll certainly be posting something about the amendment on a regular basis up until May 8, along with several other important issues, like voter suppression and HAVA. But I definitely put this video on facebook, twitter, bluenc, and shared it directly with several individuals. Rev. Barber has been an outspoken ally in defeating this amendment, so I'm sure he'll continue to provide new content to share as the amendment draws near.

If we want our message to keep earning us media coverage, we've got to keep having rallies, marches, and public events. I know of just such an anti-amendment march coming up in about a month on March 15th.

Do we know if Rev. Barber's

Do we know if Rev. Barber's opposition is having an effect on black voters? Are there any polls on that?

It's not like Rev. Barber is the only black leader opposing

... Amendment One.

Rev T. Anthony Spearman of Hickory has spoken often publicly against the amendment.

Of course, there's Rep. Marcus Brandon (D-Guilford), the only openly gay member of the General Assembly who is a young black leader opposing the amendment.

Looking around for other leaders, every black member of the NC Senate opposed the amendment.

It's not just Rev. Barber; many other folks oppose Amendment One.


I know, it is just hard to

I know, it is just hard to unite the Democratic base in NC against the amendment without black voters.