Riddle me this

On one hand, Dr. John says the department can do all the testing it needs without using $600,000 from the federal government.

Saying they don’t need the money to meet their new mission, state environmental officials recently turned down almost $600,000 in federal grants. The money would have been used to set up a network of sites to begin testing streams in the Piedmont where natural gas production is likely to occur and to establish a long-term planning and monitoring program to protect wetlands.

On the other hand:

Before the reorganization is complete in early 2014, DENR spokesman Drew Elliot said the department expects to cut about 70 positions in the new Division of Water Resources – half of them already vacant.

Yeah. It makes perfect sense to me, too.


The GOP protects its own, not the People of NC.

The money was there, a Federal Grant.

Obviously, the GOP leadership does not WANT to monitor the water quality, and protect the citizens of NC. They want to allow big oil and gas to make money. If the People of NC lose fresh, clean water for fishing and drinking, the GOP wants that to happen UNDETECTED so their friends (and they) can make more money.

The GOP leadership understands one thing only, that regulating clean water will show that water is being poisoned for people, fishing, and farmers. This poisoning is from FRACKING and from the destruction of wetlands.

In both cases, the GOP leadership is protecting the money made by their friends in the gas and oil and land development industry, not the people of NC.

The people of NC should be who the leadership protects, not industry. But big money, their money, is all the GOP cares about.

The People of NC can never recover clean water once it is poisoned by FRACKING.


Destroying the Environment & Natural Resources.

Also blogged in Sep. 23 entry at BackwardNC

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