Ridiculous endorsements for Congress by the News and Observer


News and Observer has lost its way....

Over the years I have always looked to see the recommendations of the N and O and valued their independent view which I felt always focused on WHO would best serve our community. The endorsements today stunned me. They should be endorsing the BEST person for the job...regardless of their LAME analysis about their potential to win..this was useless and very very embarrassing for the editorial staff. It felt so cynical. I just hope folks will NOT let this lame information influence their vote. Polls have been wrong--do not vote for who you think will WIN!! Mercy! Vote for the person who upholds our community values.

A brief reply from a candidate, Charles Malone

I contacted the N&O editorial staff twice asking to be interviewed for consideration of its endorsement, but my inquiries were never answered. It is one thing for a trade organization to fail to endorse a preferred candidate, but feel cannot win, for these folks are in it for the money, but it is another thing to see a newspaper "endorse" and say it prefers a candidate whose views it is in less agreement with than the candidate it is rejecting, based on the viability of the candidacies. This is a new and sad demise of the role of the free press as the conscience of a free society.

posted a short time ago on FaceBook by Charles Malone of Raleigh.

Martha Brock

This kind of intellectual vapidness

is emblematic of why I have refused to link to the N&O as a matter of practice for more than a year now. It's also why I cancelled my subscription several years ago and removed their site from my bookmarks toolbar.

On occasions, I find the paper lying around and take a glance through the pages. I am always disappointed.

Have not subscribed to the

Have not subscribed to the N&O for several years because of lame reporting and a growing need of the editorial staff to kiss right wing backside. The N&O was once a great newspaper. Best you can get from the rag now is Sunday coupons.

surprising endorsements

for several reasons...but first I gotta ask...who cares what Josephus Daniels would think? The guy was a vicious racist by his own era's standards. That aside, the Holding endorsement surprised me the most. Ideological positions aside, it isn't clear what he did to deserve an endorsement. Moreover, its the worst kept secret in NC politics that he's only positioning himself for a run at the Senate in 2014. So the 13th district is likely going to be an open seat again in two years time.

Good question about Daniels

There is no denying his racist and strong arm tactics. But he did promote an agenda without being timid. That's the operative word for the current opinion page at today's N&O. Don't you think the News and Observer will follow Newsweek's path in a few years?

I felt the N&O lost its relevance after McClatchy bought out the Daniels family.

Don't know about Holding running for the Senate.

Martha Brock

different biz models perhaps....

Did Newsweek ever have an on-line site? I don't know because I haven't been interested in Newsweek in at least a decade. But the NandO probably gets a fair chunk of revenue from its on-line ads, and someone there apparently is searching for ways to keep the NandO a going concern. The Dan Kane series on UNC corruption, for example, is an example of hard investigative journalism that I thought had gone extinct.

Elmers v. Wilkins

I cannot remember a clearer separation of policy differences in recent NC politics. While NC-2 was redrawn supposedly to make her seat more secure, 70%, or so, of Ms. Ellmers constituents did not know who she was in a recent poll. And, what is worse, she is not doing much about it. Try as I might, I can't find anything of significant value to her district driven by her service in Congress. Nope, not a thing.
STEVE WILKINS is a really smart, highly organized, ethical retired Lt. Col. from Special Operations. He really does know how to get things done, and given his high rank at retirement, he obviously knows how to work with a diverse group of people.
Rather than have our district represented by a well dressed photo op, we should not hesitate to take Steve Wilkins up on his offer to represent the second district of North Carolina. He is a real star on the rise.

Jim Opton
Dunn, N.C.

I am voting for Wilkins

I live in Cary, which now is split up and has part of 13, part of 4, and part of 2, as best I can tell. I am in District 2 myself.

I was writing for Examiner.com in 2010 when Ellmers first ran for Congress.
I tried repeatedly to get an interview with her. Instead of talking with me, she had her campaign manager speak for her. When pressed on the issues, he said that Ellmers would do whatever the "leadership" wanted her to do if elected. Well, that is what happened apparently.

Martha Brock

I'm in 13, but...

...would vote Wilkins if not for the same reasons as you...her party/politics notwithstanding, she's totally establishment, a curse of both parties. By the way, saw your earlier comment about Holding and the Senate in 2014...it's true that if asked, he'll totally deny looking to run against Hagan but there are two indicators that suggest that's exactly what he's planning. One, he's supposedly has his election in the bag and yet he's still fund-raising like crazy and doing very little else. Why does he need all that money at this late date? Second, and this is related to the first indicator, he is totally isolating himself from rank-and-file Republicans including leadership at the precinct/county level who are working on his behalf....some of them are noticing. Not exactly the behavior of a man who wants to build strong grass-roots relationships that will return him to Congress every two years in perpetuity.

The value of newspaper endorsements

I am pretty sure that $ .72 and a newspaper endorsement will get you a senior coffee at many fast food restaurants.

value of endorsements

I wanted the N&O endorsement only as a point of pride, not because it made much difference in my vote total. Newspaper endorsements have a special duty to make these decisions based on the virtue of the positions taken by the candidates, not on the viability of their campaigns.

Frankly, I'm too busy campaigning to worry about it now. Let's move on and do the hard work on the ground to yet surprise the pundits who have written me off.

Anonymous campaigning

I'm not sure how effective that is, compared to other strategies...