Roger Sharpe & The Environment - A Personal Story

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Roger Sharpe - Democrat For Congress

Guess what? I am packing a "few" extra pounds. I watch what I eat (well, my wife and I both do... it is a two person job!) and I exercise as I can. My day job of an advertising exec does not allow for a lot of "me" time so I got out of the house.

What I started last year was taking a long, up-hill both ways, weekly hike. I used to hike and explore the North Carolina woods constantly. Every weekend, I was off to some other mountain, waterfall or cave to see what was there. My favorite place to hike is North Carolina's Stone Mountain State Park near Traphill (not the one near Atlanta). (photos) Now I have gone back to that and have learned that I have missed it terribly.

Stone Mountain
Leaf made of ice on rhododendron at Stone Mountain State Park

Essentially, Stone Mountain is a 600 foot dome of granite and the area offers many hiking opportunities. Several years ago, there were actually calls to CLEAR CUT this wonderful place for timber and mining. Republicans do love their clear-cutting.

Stone Mountain is nestled in the 5th District and is in danger of destruction. Virginia Foxx has proven herself over and over to be a tool of corporate America, not of the Constitution. At every single opportunity she has consistently voted in favor of environmental destruction. Drilling on the Outer Banks. Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. She voted to de-authorize critical habitat for endangered species. And in America's ultimate natural disaster, she voted against economic aid... for HUMANS.

If you can't lift your finger to help humans... you know, people, then how much of an advocate for the environment can you be, especially when it comes to all the things that are endangered in just the 5th District?

Roger Sharpe understands that we must honor and respect the world we have been given. Mother Nature balances herself for a reason, Republicans disturb that balance for a reason - money.

Here is a partial list of species Roger Sharpe has promised to protect - all in North Carolina's 5th District, many living on Stone Mountain - a previous Republican clear-cutting & mining target.

Dwarf-flowered Heartleaf, Heller's Blazing Star, Roan Mountain Bluet, Rock Gnome Lichen (growing in a little secluded section of Stone Mtn.), Schweinitz's sunflower, Small-anthered Bittercress, Small Whorled Pogonia (also at Stone Mtn.), Smooth Coneflower (member of the Echinacea family and can be seen occasionally at Stone Mtn.), Spreading Avens, Swamp Pink, Virginia Spiraea, Bald Eagles (I saw one, in the wild in Lewisville a few years back), Carolina Northern Flying Squirrel (another endangered species found at Stone Mtn.), Eastern Cougar (My wife spotted one of these off of Healey Drive in Winston-Salem!), and the Gray Bat.

My point is, we need a person who has a heart and can govern logically, who can look ahead a few generations and make decisions based on that, not what their corporate handlers are telling them. Can't for once, we have leaders who are willing to move us forward? Willing to do the right thing FOR THE SAKE OF DOING THE RIGHT THING?

Really, how hard is that?

I think we can do better...
Dick Cheney, Tom DeLay, Virginia Foxx
The war criminal, the scam artist and the corporate stooge.



You'll never find Republicans enjoying the natural beauty of

the North Carolina mountains/forests. They can't get cell coverage.

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Yeah I know!

My cell doesn't become active until I get near Elkin!

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Great entry, Stormbear

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“Don't tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I'll tell you what you value.”
― Joe Biden


While researching the endangered species for the 5th district, I was amazed how many were in this state park I frequent.

No, Repubs just want to bulldoze it down and mine the granite.

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