Roy's first commercial

Well, not really a commercial, but whatever. It's on the web, and lots of people will have an opportunity to see it.

Unless Cooper screws up, he will be the Democratic candidate for governor in 2016. He has the money, the backing, and the name recognition that are so essential in today's electoral environment. But he should also remember this: he won't win without the active support of progressive Democrats, who form the backbone of the party in critical voting districts all across the state.



Moving left?

The way I view it, I'm doing Roy a favor by suggesting the need for him to move left. He can use "liberal criticism" to burnish his mainstream credentials. "Look at BlueNC," he can say. "They're all over my case because they think I'm too conservative."

See how that works? Bob Orr used to say the same thing. Anytime we criticized him, he sent me a thank you note.

I wish I could see a way for another candidate to beat Roy in the primary, but the deck is pretty much stacked. I like Ken Spaulding a lot and I hope he gives Roy a run for his money.

We need good candidates

We don't just need convenient candidates. We need candidates that we can support not just because they are democrats but because they are progressives and are honest about the direction they want to take North Carolina in. We can't just say that we would like someone better but will support him. We need to say that he or she is a solid democrat and we will support him or her because of that. We have not been good at getting good candidates and unless we change that, we will just keep experiencing what we have currently.

Roy could become an attractive candidate

But he needs to:

(1) Start standing up for progressive principles and stop waffling because of his job and/or polls he's reading; and

(2) Fire Mark Isley. It's been way, way too long. Any personnel issues should have been resolved by now, and Isley should no longer be drawing a salary paid by us. I will not actively support Roy (and might or might not vote for him) until he fires Isley.

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis