Save Asheville by supporting Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith announced here on Saturday that he is running for Asheville City Council. Gordon has been a long time and loyal member of the BlueNC community and a front page writer. Over the past year he has become more interested in local politics and how he can help in his own community.

I'm really proud of Gordon. He's a passionate, compassionate man and even though my opinion doesn't matter one iota, I endorse him for Asheville City Council.

Today, I'm asking you to dig shallow and help Gordon serve the people of Asheville. Dig shallow? That's right, you see, Gordon has it all worked out so we can help even if we only have a few dollars to give.

Your small donations can make a big difference.
$10 pays for 55 door knocks.
$15 pays for mobile internet access for campaign staff for a week.
$20 pays for a field organizer training session.
$25 pays for two-hours of phone banking.

Please help Gordon knock on doors, train field organizers, make phone calls and keep his staffers wired to the web. It only takes a few dollars.

Thank you.


A little money goes a long way

in a campaign for city council. Please, if you have it, send $10 - $20 or more Gordon's way.

Vote Democratic, the ass you save may be your own.

have contacted the campaign

But I would like to state it here, publicly, while I await a response:

I will be happy to host a fundraiser at my(newly solar)home outside Chapel Hill to help Gordon. Please- name the date and I will put together some coffee, snacks, whatever you need.

Gordon, you have a lot of supporters out this way who feel a stake in seeing Asheville thrive. Let me know. I was thinking a nice Sunday brunch, but I am open to suggestions.

Thanks, y'all

You can check out my campaign website here

This campaign is a grassroots, people-powered effort to make Asheville more affordable and more sustainable. Your willingness to learn more and get involved will make a world of difference.

I’m a business owner and home owner who’s been fortunate enough to make a life here in Asheville. I will bring a unique skill set to City Council. As a Child and Family Therapist I’ve been a professional problem solver and change maker. As a community leader, I’ve brought groups together to stand up for the people.

Asheville has an important decision to make this year. Will we protect our priorities, or will we cut away those things which make Asheville better able to weather this recession and recessions to come? I will protect and fortify those affordability and sustainability policies that help make Asheville a great place to live.

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