In the shadow of Voter ID controversy, Charter bill slinks forward

Normal business, or Legislative sleight-of-hand?:

The House Education Committee voted today to allow up to 50 new charter schools each year and to set minimum enrollment and growth standards.

Okay, it's slightly better than the Senate bill, and it's still got Committee work to be done (Finance). But to push this thing forward today, while all eyes were focused on the hugely controversial Voter ID Card bill, smacks of opportunism and a desire to work in the shadows.


More NC House sneakiness

Copied from Twitter, which I've spent way too much time monitoring today:

cltlobbyist 4:13pm via HootSuite RT @jessicabhayes: Woohoo! RT @kswestcott: SB 22 has received Concurrence & will now be sent to the Governor. #ncga

Which is the massive deregulation bill that strips away not only rules that protect our health & welfare, but also much of the Executive's powers in the process.

Veto. Veto. Veto.