Skip Stam charter school madness: throw the rulebook out the window

Because apparently children are safer and more productive in a no-rules environment:

Charter schools are public schools. They do not charge tuition. They are completely funded by the government. They cannot teach religious doctrine. But they have huge advantages over traditional public schools. They are freed from most, but not all, state-imposed rules that strangle the creativity of schools and teachers.

It would take this entire page to list all the stifling rules charters do not have to follow.

Okay, maybe you can list ten of those "stifling" rules, so parents can get an idea of what not to expect from the school they send their children to. Five? One? Or maybe you don't want to go into detail, because you know most of those creativity-strangling rules were put in place to protect children from idiotic nonsensical demagogues like yourself.


Or even better

Dear Mr. Scam:

How about removing some of those rules you're so worried about from public schools? You'll find thousands of teachers, parents and kids who would be thrilled to work without the weight of state oversight. In particular, you could have small public schools instead of large public schools ... if only you'd change the requirements.

When a school has to have a gym, a cafeteria, extensive athletic fields, etc., you end up with big boxes. These might be fine for some students, but the idea of having them for ALL students is ridiculous.

But instead of working to innovate in public schools, you're siphoning off money to private businesses who are operating for profit. And that, sir, makes you a despicable son of a bitch whose concern about students is nothing but a political vendetta.

And another thing

Dear Skipper:

Some of the "stifling rules" have to do with what we think our kids need to learn. It's not all that helpful to society to have kids learn that climate change is bunk, the earth is 6,000 years old and American history involved only rich white men.

You're just like Washington Republicans who have no interest in improving the Affordable Care Act, instead opting to keep people uninsured. You have no interest in improving education; you opt instead to starve our public education system to line the pockets of your private school profiteer buddies.

Your Stam scam is a sham (and a shame).

"What I see from the folks who are opposing our agenda is whining coming from losers." -- Thom Tillis