Skvarla's whiny oped defies logic

Contradicting himself left and right:

In the latter piece, you attacked DENR for designating leadership positions as exempt from the state personnel act and misled residents trying to understand the important changes we are making to the way state government works...

By reviewing rules through the lens of scientific data and regulatory experience, we can make responsible choices that help residents without sacrificing the environment.

How can you review rules "through the lens of scientific data and regulatory experience" when you're turning exactly those same positions into political ones, meaning those scientists and regulators will likely be replaced by political hacks like yourself?


"Many say ... "

Many say that the No. 1 impediment to business growth in North Carolina is environmental regulations that serve no common good and prevent responsible job-creating businesses from moving to our state or expanding. You stated that “North Carolina has a good business climate in large part because it has effective environmental laws and regulations.” I would ask that you look at our state’s recent unemployment figures. In January, North Carolina’s unemployment rate was 9.5 percent. The figure stood at 8.9 percent in July – third worst in the nation.

Many say? The only people I've heard "saying" that are people in the McCrory administration.

Drawing a connection between our state's unemployment rate and environmental policy is like trying to link childhood obesity to rising sea-levels. They're both happening, for sure, but only a fool would say there's a causal relationship.

Oh. I forgot. There are no rising sea-levels in John Skvarla's department.

"Even more say..."

that reckless environmental non-stewardship is going to turn one of the most beautiful states in the union into a toxic shithole that nobody will want to live in, especially angel investors who hold the key to the economic revitalization of whichever area they choose to invest in.

Something we should all never forget, John Skvarla has made a very good living doing projects (that supposedly) mitigate the impact of toxic shitholes.

He thinks we don't understand

"the important changes" that they "are making to the way state government works." We do understand and that is why we are alarmed. But since we aren't the "real people real money"...