Smart ALEC's

Check this out from Politico, Exclusive: The Koch brothers' secret bank. Makes your skin crawl, doesn't it?




Maybe they should just get their own country too. Oh wait. They did that already.

Pope money

I'm sure there's some Art Pope money there.

Short refused to open up about the men and women behind the quarter-billion-dollar fund, beyond saying that Koch-linked entities provided a “minority” of the funds and that the largest single donor gave about $25 million.

Freedom Partners is organized under the same section of the Tax Code as a trade association, a 501(c)6, which allows the group to conceal its donors from public release, although the amounts and recipients of its major grants are public.

When you've got an organization raising a quarter-billion dollars to spend on political ads and lobbying with no indication of where the money is coming from - and the possible conflicts of interests there - then your democracy is dead.

Yes. Your democracy is dead.

I wish I could find another way to think about this, but I can't. When .4% of the population gets to determine who our candidates will be, democracy is dead. When elected officials have to spend more than half of their time groveling for money, democracy is dead. When business lobbyists in the General Assembly call the shots while average citizens get arrested, democracy is dead. When one party gets 51% of the votes but ends up with 30% of the seats in Congress, democracy is dead. When the courts allow blatant discrimination against voters of one political party, democracy is dead.

Democracy is dead.